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Alves, Fátima

Handbook of Theory and Practice of Sustainable Development in Higher Education

Alves, Fátima - Handbook of Theory and Practice of Sustainable Development in Higher Education, e-bok


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ISBN: 9783319478777

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Table of contents

Part I. Sustainability Education and Training

1. Achieving Resiliency Through Sustainable Literacy
Vijaya Deshmukh

2. Learning and Teaching for a Sustainable Future
Karola Braun-Wanke

3. Training Sustainability Change Agents: Lessons from International Water Education
Ellen Pfeiffer, Uta Wehn, Lakshmi Charli-Joseph, Amy M. Lerner, Kenneth Irvine

4. Awareness and Attitudes Towards Sustainable Development Amongst Higher Education Students in Penang, Malaysia
Maurice I. Wee, Fatin Nabilla Ariffin, Theam Foo Ng, Ahmad Firdaus Ahmad Shabudin

5. Interdisciplinary Teamwork on Sustainable Development—The Top Ten Strategies Based on Experience of Student Initiated Projects
Mirjam Braßler, Miriam Block

6. The Will and the Skill in Education for Sustainability
Dilys Williams, Katelyn Toth-Fejel

7. Space for Interdisciplinary Collaboration: One Mode of Achieving Social Sustainability at Universities
Kristina Careva, Bojan Baletic

8. Overcoming Traditional Boundaries in Advancing Education for Sustainable Development
Tanya Dahms, Dena W. McMartin, Roger A. Petry

9. Crafting Pedagogical Pathways that Disrupt and Transform Anthropocentric Mindsets of Higher Education Students
Tanja Tillmanns, Charlotte Holland

10. Rethinking Thinking About Sustainable Development Curriculum
Christopher A. Haines

11. Higher Education Strategic Planning for Sustainable Development: A Global Perspective
Zena Harris, Holly Moynahan, Heather Vickery, Heather Henriksen, Eugenio Morello, Bernd Kasemir

12. Establishing Science-Society Networks for Transdisciplinary Teaching in Higher Education: The Case of Albania and Kosovo
Jonas Meyer, Friedrich M. Zimmermann, Audrey O’Grady

13. Sustainability Integration Approaches in Higher Education Institutions. A Case Study
M. O. Bernaldo, G. Fernández-Sánchez

14. What Do We Imagine the Campuses of Tomorrow Will Be like? Universities’ Transition Toward Sustainability in the Light of the Transition Initiatives

Mª Ángeles Murga-Menoyo, Ángela Espinosa, María Novo

Part II. National, Regional and Local Initiatives

15. Working for Sustainability Transformation in an Academic Environment: The Case of itdUPM
Carlos Mataix, Sara Romero, Javier Mazorra, Jaime Moreno, Xosé Ramil, Javier Carrasco, Leda Stott, Julio Lumbreras

16. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Sustainability Plan—EmbeddingSustainability into the DNA of the Campus
Cynthia Shea, Carol Hee, Amelia Aboff, Steve Baumgartner

17. The Contribution of Brazilian Post-graduate Scholarships Abroad to the Environmental Sustainability of Higher Education Institutions
João Filipe Torres Soares, Laise Frizon, Ulisses Miranda Azeiteiro, Luciana Londero Brandli

18. Sustainable Management for a Contaminated Area on Campus
Fernanda Bertaco Bueno, Wanda Maria Risso Günther, Arlindo Philippi

19. Education for Sustainable Development Through Policies and Strategies in the Public Portuguese Higher Education Institutions
C. Farinha, U. M. Azeiteiro, S. Caeiro

20. Three “Gs” for Campus Sustainability Development
Siarhei Zenchanka, Siarhei Malchenka

21. Is There a Place for Resilience Within Sustainable University Transition Management?
Giulia Sonetti, Patrizia Lombardi, Lorenzo Chelleri

22. Definition and Frameworks on a Life-Cycle Negative Growth Rate for Energy and Carbon in an Academic Campus
Somayeh Tabatabaee, Benjamin S. Weil

23. A Systems Approach to Sustainable Development Examination and Research in Russia
Ken Sik To

24. Education for Sustainable Development and Belarusian Higher Education: When the State Dominates
Aliaksandr Novikau

25. Building Climate Change Resilience in East African University Campuses
Denise Galvin, Walter Leal Filho, Cristina Beans, Roberto Escarré

26. Higher Education and Sustainable Development: An Exploratory Study of Indian Management Institutions
Neetu Yadav, Vanita Yadav

Part III. Engaging Different Stakeholders

27. Science, Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Development in the Post-2015 Agenda: The Role of Women: Some Proposals from BAWS & OWSDNC Bangladesh
Shahida Rafique

28. UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development: Perceptions of Higher Education Institution’s Stakeholders
Ana Marta Aleixo, Ulisses Miranda Azeiteiro, Susana Leal

29. The Importance of Incentives and Grants for Green Buildings
Erin A. Hopkins

30. Campus Living Lab Knowledgebase: A Tool for Designing the Future
Bojan Baletic, Rene Lisac, Roberto Vdovic

31. Urban Sustainability Profiling: A Case Study from Far North Queensland, Australia
Colin J. Macgregor

32. Promoting Sustainability in Institutions of Higher Education—The Perspective of University Teachers
Violeta Orlovic Lovren

33. ShowHow: A Flexible, Structured Approach to Commit University Stakeholders to Sustainable Development
Leendert Verhoef, Luuk Graamans, Dean Gioutsos, Ad Wijk, Jo Geraedts, Chris Hellinga

34. University of São Paulo: Sustainability Masterplan for Policies, Plans, Goals and Actions
Marcelo de A. Romero, Roberta C. Kronka Mülfarth

35. Promoting a University Culture of Sustainability: The Role of Conscious Consumption
Madhavi Venkatesan

Nyckelord: Environment, Sustainable Development, Environmental Management, Higher Education, Administration, Organization and Leadership

World Sustainability Series
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