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Amirkhizi, Alireza

Challenges in Mechanics of Time Dependent Materials, Volume 2

Amirkhizi, Alireza - Challenges in Mechanics of Time Dependent Materials, Volume 2, e-bok


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ISBN: 9783319415437

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Table of contents

1. Cracking and Durability of Composites in a Marine Environment
Malick Diakhate, Nicolas Tual, Nicolas Carrere, Peter Davies

2. Analyses of Nanoscale to Microscale Strength and Crack-Tip Stresses Using Nanomechanical Raman Spectroscopy in IN-617
Yang Zhang, Debapriya Pinaki Mohanty, Vikas Tomar

3. High Creep Resistance of Titanium Aluminides Sintered by SPS
Thomas Voisin, Jean-Philippe Monchoux, Marc Thomas, Alain Couret

4. An Investigation of the Temperature and Strain-Rate Effects on Strain-to-Failure of UHMWPE Fibers
Donald R. Jenket, Amanda M. Forster, Nick G. Paulter, Tusit Weerasooriya, Carey A. Gunnarsson, Mohamad Al-Sheikhly

5. Life Prediction of CFRP Laminates Based on Accelerated Testing Methodology
Yasushi Miyano, Masayuki Nakada

6. Rate Dependent Interfacial Properties Using the JKR Experimental Technique
D. M. Williamson, N. R. Hamilton, A. P. Jardine

7. Bio-based Composites as Thermorheologically Complex Materials
Ali Amiri, Chad Ulven

8. Viscoelastic Properties of Longitudinal Waves in a Hollow Cylinder
T. Tamaogi, Y. Sogabe

9. Evaluation of Viscoelastic Characteristics Under High Strain Rate by Impact Test
K. Tsuchihashi, S. Yoneyama

10. Phase Changes in Embedded HMX in Response to Periodic Mechanical Excitation
Z. A. Roberts, J. O. Mares, J. K. Miller, I. E. Gunduz, S. F. Son, J. F. Rhoads

11. Effect of Crystal Density on Dynamic Deformation Behavior of PBX
Suraj Ravindran, Addis Tessema, Addis Kidane

12. Strain Rate Dependent Failure of Interfaces Examined via Nanoimpact Experiments
Chandra Prakash, Devendra Verma, Matthias Exner, Emre Gunduz, Vikas Tomar

13. A Theory of Coupled Anisothermal Chemomechanical Degradation for Finitely-Deforming Composite Materials with Higher-Gradient Interactive Forces
R. B. Hall

14. Effect of Temperature and Moisture on the Mechanical Properties of Fiber Reinforced Nylon 6 Composites
Asha-Dee N. Celestine, S. Sherry Zhu

15. Using Hydrostatic Pressure to Maximize Frequency Dependent Damping Properties of Thermoplastic Polyurethane
M. Bek, I. Emri

16. Impact of Hydro-Mechanical Loadings on Rupture Process in Wood Material
Seif Eddine Hamdi, Rostand Moutou Pitti, Frédéric Dubois, Bernard Bangagoye

17. 2D Transient Viscoplastic Model for Dislocation Generation of SiC by PVT Method
Maohua Lin, Qingde Chen, Yunqing Kang, Chi-Tay Tsai

18. Temperature-Dependent Small Strain Plasticity Behavior of 304L Stainless Steel
Bonnie R. Antoun, Robert S. Chambers, John M. Emery, Arthur A. Brown

19. Time and Temperature Creep Behaviour Measurement of Al and Al-Mg Alloy Thin Films Using Pressure Bulge Tests
C.-H. Lu, S.-C. Wu, A.-W. Huang, M.-T. Lin

20. Multifunctional Wings with Flexible Batteries and Solar Cells for Robotic Birds
Alex E. Holness, Ariel Perez-Rosado, Hugh A. Bruck, Martin Peckerar, Satyandra K. Gupta

21. Rate-Dependent Constitutive Model Development of PC/ABS Material
Satish Chaparala, Josh Jacobs

22. Comprehensive Viscoelastic Properties Characterization of EMC Using FBG Sensor
Yong Sun, Hyun-Seop Lee, Bongtae Han

23. Back Stress in Modeling the Response of PEEK and PC
Wenlong Li, George Gazonas, Eric N. Brown, Philip J. Rae, Mehrdad Negahban

24. Dynamic Testing and Constitutive Modelling of NBR Rubbers
M. G. Antonelli, B. Lonzi, E. Mancini, M. Martarelli, M. Sasso

25. A New Temperature-Dependent Storage Modulus Model of Epoxy Resin
Jiemin Feng, Zhansheng Guo

26. Identification of Plastic Behaviour of Sheet Metals in High Strain Rate Tests
D. Amodio, E. Mancini, M. Rossi, M. Sasso

27. Characterization of Fiber Composites at Lower Strain Rates
Dahsin Liu, Guojing Li, Jianxiao Zheng, Wei Huang

Nyckelord: Engineering, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials, Building Materials, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Structural Materials

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