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Waller, Michel T.


Waller, Michel T. - Ethnoprimatology, e-bok


E-bok, PDF, Adobe DRM-skydd
ISBN: 9783319304694

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Table of contents

1. Ethnoprimatology and Conservation: Applying Insights and Developing Practice
Agustín Fuentes, Amanda D. Cortez, Jeffrey V. Peterson

2. The Threat of Industrial Oil Palm Expansion to Primates and Their Habitats
Joshua M. Linder, Rachel E. Palkovitz

3. Monkeys on the Menu? Reconciling Patterns of Primate Hunting and Consumption in a Central African Village
Carolyn Jost Robinson, Lesley L. Daspit, Melissa J. Remis

4. Conservation Medicine: A Solution-Based Approach for Saving Nonhuman Primates
Sharon L. Deem

5. How Do Primates Survive Among Humans? Mechanisms Employed by Vervet Monkeys at Lake Nabugabo, Uganda
Colin A. Chapman, Dennis Twinomugisha, Julie A. Teichroeb, Kim Valenta, Raja Sengupta, Dipto Sarkar, Jessica M. Rothman

6. Indigenous Peoples, Primates, and Conservation Evidence: A Case Study Focussing on the Waorani of the Maxus Road
Sarah Papworth

7. The Role of Nonhuman Primates in Religious and Folk Medicine Beliefs
Rômulo Romeu Nóbrega Alves, Wedson Medeiros Silva Souto, Raynner Rilke Duarte Barboza

8. Problematic Primate Behaviour in Agricultural Landscapes: Chimpanzees as ‘Pests’ and ‘Predators’
Kimberley J. Hockings, Matthew R. McLennan

9. Competition Between Chimpanzees and Humans: The Effects of Harvesting Non-timber Forest Products
Michel T. Waller, Jill Pruetz

10. The Effects of War on Bonobos and Other Nonhuman Primates in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Michel T. Waller, Frances J. White

11. Primate Taxonomy and Conservation
Dietmar Zinner, Christian Roos

12. Government and Community Based Primate Conservation Initiatives in Peru
Noga Shanee

13. Managing Human–Orangutan Relationships in Rehabilitation
Anne E. Russon, Joshua J. Smith, Laura Adams

14. The Little Fireface Project: Community Conservation of Asia’s Slow Lorises via Ecology, Education, and Empowerment
K. A. I. Nekaris

15. The Many Facets of Human Disturbances at the Tonkolili Chimpanzee Site
Andrew R. Halloran

16. How Living Near Humans Affects Singapore’s Urban Macaques
Crystal M. Riley, Alexander S. DuVall-Lash, Srikantan L. Jayasri, Bryan L. Koenig, Amy R. Klegarth, Michael D. Gumert

17. Risk-Taking in Samango Monkeys in Relation to Humans at Two Sites in South Africa
Katarzyna Nowak, Russell A. Hill, Kirsten Wimberger, Aliza Roux

18. Predicting Future Effects of Multiple Drivers of Extinction Risk in Peru’s Endemic Primate Fauna
Sam Shanee

19. Protecting Nonhuman Primates in Peri-Urban Environments: A Case Study of Neotropical Monkeys, Corridor Ecology, and Coastal Economy in the Caribe Sur of Costa Rica
Stacy M. Lindshield

20. Primates and People in the Zoo: Implications of Human–Animal Interactions and Relationships
Joshua J. Smith

21. Conservation: New Potential for Stable Isotope Analysis?
James E. Loudon, Matt Sponheimer

Nyckelord: Life Sciences, Animal Ecology, Anthropology, Community & Population Ecology, Urban Ecology, Zoology

Developments in Primatology: Progress and Prospects
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