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Kaliczyńska, Małgorzata

Challenges in Automation, Robotics and Measurement Techniques

Kaliczyńska, Małgorzata - Challenges in Automation, Robotics and Measurement Techniques, e-bok


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ISBN: 9783319293578

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Table of contents

Part I. Control and Automation

1. Hierarchical Models in Modern Control Theory
Dmitry A. Novikov

2. Neural Modelling of a Yeast Fermentation Process Using Extreme Learning Machines
Maciej ?awry?czuk

3. Project and Simulation of a Portable Device for Measuring Bioelectrical Signals from the Brain for States Consciousness Verification with Visualization on LEDs
Szczepan Paszkiel, Wojciech Hunek, Andrew Shylenko

4. Descriptor Fractional Discrete-Time Linear System and Its Solution—Comparison of Three Different Methods
?ukasz Sajewski

5. Implementation of Dynamic Matrix Control Algorithm Using a Microcontroller withFixed-Point Arithmetic
Patryk Chaber

6. Design of Control System for an Electrohydraulic Drive Based on the Valve with PMSM Motor
Dominik Rybarczyk, Piotr Owczarek, Arkadiusz Kubacki

7. Electrohydraulic Valve with Two Stepping Motors
Andrzej Milecki, Jaros?aw Ortmann

8. Controlling the Direction of Rotation of the Motor Using Brain Waves via Ethernet POWERLINK Protocol
Arkadiusz Kubacki, Arkadiusz Jakubowski, Dominik Rybarczyk, Piotr Owczarek

9. System Responsive to ICT Security Incidents in the LAN
Marian Wrzesie?, Piotr Ryszawa

10. Practical Aspects of Hammerstein Models forNonstationary and Nonlinear Processes
Karol Koniuszewski, Pawe? D. Doma?ski

11. Robust Scheduling Subject to Multi-project Environment Constraints
Grzegorz Bocewicz, Krzysztof Bzdyra, Zbigniew Banaszak

12. Selected Aspects of Automatic Maneuver Control to Avoid Moving Obstacles Resulting from the Simulation Analysis of the Course of Aircraft Movement
Jerzy Graffstein

13. Existence of Metzler Matrices with Given Spectra of Positive Stable Linear Systems and Electrical Circuits
Tadeusz Kaczorek

14. Existence of System Matrices with Given Spectra of Positive Stable Discrete-Time Linear Systems
Tadeusz Kaczorek, Kamil Borawski

15. Two- and Three-Layer Recurrent Elman Neural Networks as Models of Dynamic Processes
Antoni Wysocki, Maciej ?awry?czuk

16. Extension of Model Functionalities for Multi-echelon Distribution Systems Through the Introduction of Logical Constraints
Pawe? Sitek, Jaros?aw Wikarek

17. Shooting Methods to Solve Optimal Control Problems with State and Mixed Control-State Constraints
Andrzej Karbowski

18. Power Factor Correction with ARM ^{circledR } textit{Cortex}^{circledR }



— M4 textit{Processor}



Kristian Gašparini, Wojciech Giernacki, Saša Sladi?

19. Concept and Design of New Type Valve with Helix Type Spool
Dominik Rybarczyk, Czes?aw Jermak

20. Structure and Functionalities of Ship Autopilot Simulator
Marcin Jamro, Dariusz Rzo?ca, Jan Sadolewski, Andrzej Stec, Zbigniew ?wider, Bartosz Trybus, Leszek Trybus

21. Server Power Consumption: Measurements and Modeling with MSRs
Piotr Arabas, Micha? Karpowicz

22. Multi-agent System for On-Line Game Matchmaking
Dan Latocha, Piotr Arabas

23. Evaluation of High Efficiency Operating Rules for Grate-Fired Boilers
Tomasz Janiuk, Pawe? D. Doma?ski

24. Detection of Artefacts from the Motion of the Eyelids Created During EEG Research Using Artificial Neural Network
Arkadiusz Kubacki, Arkadiusz Jakubowski, ?ukasz Sawicki

25. Gradient Approach to Curve Fitting with Incomplete Data
Karol Koniuszewski, Pawe? D. Doma?ski

26. A Non Integer Order Model of Frequency Speed Control in AC Motor
Krzysztof Oprz?dkiewicz, Tomasz Ko?acz

27. An Estimation of Accuracy of Oustaloup Approximation
Krzysztof Oprz?dkiewicz, Wojciech Mitkowski, Edyta Gawin

28. Low-Cost Multifunction Controller Prototype for Sawmill Wood Processing
Bartosz Trybus, Mateusz Wietecha

29. Application of SURF Algorithm for Real-Time Estimation of Angle and Central Point of a Tracked Object
?ukasz Sawicki, Arkadiusz Kubacki, Piotr Owczarek

30. Classes of Digraph Structures Corresponding to Characteristic Polynomials
Krzysztof Hryniów, Konrad Andrzej Markowski

31. Reachability of Standard and Fractional Continuous-Time Systems with Piecewise Constant Inputs
Krzysztof Rogowski

32. Output Constraint Handling in Analytical MPC Algorithms Based on Hammerstein Models with Presumed Trajectory of Future Control Changes
Piotr M. Marusak

33. Realisation of Positive Continuous-Time Linear Systems Consisting of n Subsystems with Different Fractional Order
Konrad Andrzej Markowski

34. Research Study of the Micro Cogeneration System with Automatic Loading Unit
Adrian Chmielewski, Szymon Gontarz, Robert Gumi?ski, J?drzej M?czak, Przemys?aw Szulim

35. Research on a Micro Cogeneration System with an Automatic Load-Applying Entity
Adrian Chmielewski, Szymon Gontarz, Robert Gumi?ski, J?drzej M?czak, Przemys?aw Szulim

Part II. Robotics

36. Performance of Feedback Linearization Based Control of Bicycle Robot inConsideration of Model Inaccuracy
Joanna Zietkiewicz, Adam Owczarkowski, Dariusz Horla

37. Robust Actuator Fault-Tolerant LQR Control of Unmanned Bicycle Robot. AFeedback Linearization Approach
Joanna Zietkiewicz, Dariusz Horla, Adam Owczarkowski

38. Automated Drawing Recognition andReproduction with aMultisensory Robotic Manipulation System
Anna Wujek, Tomasz Winiarski

39. Visual Marker Based Shape Recognition System for Continuum Manipulators
Jan Fra?, Sebastain Tabaka, Jan Czarnowski

40. Survey of Turning Systems Used in Lower Extremity Exoskeletons
Dymitr Osi?ski, Danuta Jasi?ska-Choroma?ska

41. Exposure Control Algorithm for Maker Detection in Robotic Application
Mateusz Macia?, Jakub G?ówka, Artur Kaczmarczyk, Pawe? Solecki, Sebastian Tabaka

42. Evaluating Map-Based RGB-D SLAM on an Autonomous Walking Robot
Dominik Belter, Micha? Nowicki, Piotr Skrzypczy?ski

43. Reasoning with Four-Valued Logic inMulti-robotic Search-and-Rescue Problem
?ukasz Bia?ek, Jacek Szklarski, Marta M. Borkowska, Micha? Gnatowski

44. Modern Sensors in Mobile Robot Teleoperation
Tomasz Pachana, Rados?aw Trzcionkowski, Wojciech Turek

45. Robot System Design Procedure Based on a Formal Specification
Cezary Zieli?ski, Maksym Figat

46. Performance of Coaxial Propulsion in Design of Multi-rotor UAVs
Adam Bondyra, Stanis?aw Gardecki, Przemys?aw Ga?sior, Wojciech Giernacki

47. Concept Analysis and Development of an Innovative Remotely Controlled Portable Tyre Puncturing Device (R-TPD)
Agnieszka Spro?ska, Adam Wo?oszczuk, Pawe? Sa?ek, Mateusz Macia?, Jakub G?ówka

48. Fast Self-collision Detection Method forWalking Robots
Tomasz Augustyn, Dominik Belter

49. Incremental Version Space Merging Approach to 3D Object Model Acquisition for Robot Vision
Jan Figat, W?odzimierz Kasprzak

50. Simulation-Based Design of Mobile Ad Hoc Network for Tracking and Monitoring
Piotr Bazyd?o, Ewa Niewiadomska-Szynkiewicz, Kamil Czerwi?ski, Patryk R?kawek

51. Control of an Electro-Hydraulic Manipulator by Vision System Using Central Point of a Marker Estimated via Kalman Filter
Piotr Owczarek, Jaros?aw Go?li?ski, Dominik Rybarczyk, Arkadiusz Kubacki

52. Perception Subsystem for Object Recognition and Pose Estimation in RGB-D Images
Tomasz Kornuta, Micha? Laszkowski

53. The Comparison of Keypoint Detectors and Descriptors for Registration of RGB-D Data
Aleksander Kostusiak

54. Nao Robot Navigation System Structure Development in an Agent-Based Architecture of the RAPP Platform
Wojciech Dudek, Wojciech Szynkiewicz, Tomasz Winiarski

55. WUT Visual Perception Dataset: A Dataset for Registration and Recognition of Objects
Maciej Stefa?czyk, Micha? Laszkowski, Tomasz Kornuta

56. Navigation for Satellites
Mariusz Jacewicz, Robert G??bocki

57. Detection and Recognition of Compound 3D Models by Hypothesis Generation
Artur Wilkowski, Maciej Stefa?czyk

58. Autonomous Agricultural Robot—Conception of Inertial Navigation System
Marcin Jasi?ski, J?drzej M?czak, Stanis?aw Radkowski, Sebastian Korczak, Roman Rogacki, Jaros?aw Mac, Jan Szczepaniak

59. Fast Grasp Learning for Novel Objects
Dawid Seredy?ski, Wojciech Szynkiewicz

60. Prediction-Based Visual Servo Control
Micha? Wal?cki, Cezary Zieli?ski

61. Low-Cost Canoe Counting System for Application in a Natural Environment
Artur Wilkowski, Marcin Luckner

62. Hypothesis Generation in Generic, Model-Based Object Recognition System
Maciej Stefa?czyk, Rafa? Pietruch

63. New Trends in the Use of Robotic Devices in Motor Rehabilitation of Upper Limbs
Marcin Bonikowski, Mikulas Hajduk, Lucia Koukolova, Wojciech J. Klimasara, Patrycja Mrozek, Zbigniew Pilat

Part III. Measuring Techniques and Systems

64. Multi-camera Vision System for the Inspection of Metal Shafts
Piotr Garbacz, Tomasz Giesko

65. Piezoelectric Gravimeter of the Aviation Gravimetric System
Igor Korobiichuk, Olena Bezvesilna, Andrii Tkachuk, Micha? Nowicki, Roman Szewczyk

66. Methodology of Reduction of the Offset Voltage in Hall-Effect Sensors
Maciej Kachniarz, Oleg Petruk, Roman Szewczyk

67. Propagation of Distributions Versus Law of Uncertainty Propagation
Pawe? Fotowicz

68. Assessment of Graphene Coatings Influence on Tribological Properties of Surfaces
Tadeusz Missala, Roman Szewczyk, Wojciech Winiarski, Marek Hamela, Marcin Kami?ski, Andrzej Ju?, Jan Tomasik, Micha? Nowicki, Iwona Pasternak

69. Setup for Stereovision Simulation for Mutual Navigation of Satellites Formation
Pawe? Nowak, Robert Ugodzi?ski, Roman Szewczyk, Marcin Kami?ski, Micha? Nowicki, Maciej Kachniarz

70. Issues and Problems with Measuring the Temperature in the Hive
Jerzy Niewiatowski, Wojciech Winiarski, Pawe? Nowak, Gra?yna Topolska, Urszula Grz?da, Micha? Ga?ek

71. Research of Metal Film Resistor’s Temperature Stability According to Their Nominal Wattage
Andrzej Ju?, Pawe? Nowak, Roman Szewczyk, Weronika Radzikowska-Ju?

72. Automated System for Testing Ferromagnetic Materials
Micha? Urba?ski, Tomasz Charubin, Pawe? Rozum, Micha? Nowicki, Roman Szewczyk

73. Anisotropic Vector Preisach Model of Domain Rotation and Domain Wall Movement
Piotr Frydrych, Roman Szewczyk, Micha? Nowicki

74. Validation of the Model of Anhysteretic Magnetisation Curve of Isotropic Soft Magnetic Materials
Roman Szewczyk, Micha? Nowicki

75. Test Stand for Measuring Magnetostriction Phenomena Under External Mechanical Stress with Foil Strain Gauges
Oskar Gi?ko, Andrzej Ju?, Roman Szewczyk

76. Method to Improve Accuracy of the Chromatography Mass Spectrometry Analysis
Adam Id?kowski, Eugenij Volodarsky, Zygmunt L. Warsza, Larysa A. Kosheva

77. Primary Standard of Electrolytic Conductivity Based on the AC Four Electrode Cell
Alexander A. Mikhal, Zygmunt L. Warsza, Vladimir G. Gavrylkin

78. Experimental Definition of Compressive Stiffness of Cotton Flock
Vytautas Bucinskas, Nikolaj Sesok, Andzela Sesok, Igor Iljin, Ernestas Sutinys, Rimantas Subacius, Gintautas Bureika, Zygmunt Lech Warsza

79. Method of Improving Accuracy of Measurement of the Acoustic Pulses Time-of-Flight Based on Linear Modulation of Period
Mykhaylo Dorozhovets, Olha Zahurska, Zygmunt L. Warsza

80. Semi-parametric Estimation of the Change-Point of Parameters of Non-gaussian Sequences by Polynomial Maximization Method
Serhii W. Zabolotnii, Zygmunt L. Warsza

Nyckelord: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Robotics and Automation, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Measurement Science and Instrumentation

1st ed. 2016
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
Teknologi, energi, trafik
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