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Chochia, Archil

Political and Legal Perspectives of the EU Eastern Partnership Policy

Chochia, Archil - Political and Legal Perspectives of the EU Eastern Partnership Policy, e-bok


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ISBN: 9783319273839

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Table of contents

1. Dimensions and Implications of Eastern Partnership Policy: Introduction
Tanel Kerikmäe

2. The Eastern Partnership Programme: Is Pragmatic Regional Functionalism Working for a Contemporary Political Empire?
Vlad Vernygora, David Ramiro Troitiño, Sigrid Västra

3. Towards a New European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP): What Benefits of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreements (DCFTAs) for Shared Prosperity and Security?
Tatjana Muravska, Alexandre Berlin

4. Information Society Goes East: ICT Policy in the EU’s Eastern Partnership Cooperation Framework
Olga Batura, Tatjana Evas

5. Democratisating the Eastern Partnership in the Digital Age: Challenges and Opportunities of Political Association Beyond the Language of Official Texts
Yuri Misnikov

6. Exporting Good Governance Via e-Governance: Estonian e-Governance Support to Eastern Partnership Countries
Katrin Nyman-Metcalf, Taras Repytskyi

7. Eastern Partnership and Family Law
Kristi Joamets

8. Mapping the Migration Issues: EaP Policy as a Tool for Regulation
Lehte Roots

9. The European Union and Protection of Environment in Eastern Partnership Countries
Hamed Alavi

10. Implementation of Association Agreements Between the EU and Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia: Legal and Constitutional Challenges
Roman Petrov

11. The Ukrainian Crisis as a Challenge for the Eastern Partnership
Evhen Tsybulenko, Sergey Pakhomenko

12. Europeanisation of Private Law in Ukraine: Comparisons in the Field of Law of Obligations
Thomas Hoffmann

13. Change of Power and Its Influence on Country’s Europeanization Process. Case Study: Georgia
Archil Chochia, Johanna Popjanevski

14. Georgia’s Right to ‘European Dream’
Dali Gabelaia

15. European Self-Regulations Mechanism: The Case Study for Georgia
Mamuka Andguladze

16. Europe on Romanian-Speaking TV in the Republic of Moldova
Onoriu Colăcel

17. Baltic–Russian Innovation Cooperation in the Context of EU Eastern Partnership
Eunice Omolola Olaniyi, Gunnar Klaus Prause

Nyckelord: Law, European Law, International Relations, European Integration, Human Rights

1st ed. 2016
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