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North, Klaus

Competitive Strategies for Small and Medium Enterprises

North, Klaus - Competitive Strategies for Small and Medium Enterprises, e-bok


E-bok, PDF, Adobe DRM-skydd
ISBN: 9783319273037

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: What Is a “Dynamic SME”
Klaus North, Gregorio Varvakis

2. Dynamic Capabilities and Organizational Resilience in Turbulent Environments
Diego Jacob Kurtz, Gregorio Varvakis

3. Case: XENON Automation Technology: Cutting Edge Competence as Competitive Strategy
Tobias Reissmann, Thomas Hardwig

4. Culture for Organizational Learning in Turbulent Environments
Peter Friedrich, Jaqueline Rossato

5. The Innovation Triple Challenge: A Creativity Check for SMES
Maurício Manhães, Guillermo Antonio Dávila

6. Intellectual Capital as a Strategic Model to Create Innovation in New Technology Based Firms
Eduardo Bueno, Carlos Merino, Cecilia Murcia

7. An Analysis of Micro and Small Enterprises Growth: An Application of the Management Excellence Model (MEG)
Marcondes Silva Cândido, Jackson André Silva

8. Case: KST Turbine Components: “Qualiyspeedservice” as Competitive Strategy
Heiko Dittmer, Thomas Hardwig

9. Argentina: A Chronically Variable Socio-Economic Environment for SMEs
Juan Carlos Hiba

10. Surviving and Competing in Times of Crisis: Cases of Strategies by Argentine SMEs
Ricardo Detarsio, Klaus North, Maialen Ormaetxea

11. Learning to Cope with Turbulent Situations: A Study of Owner—Managers in Argentine SMEs
Peter Friedrich, Juan Carlos Hiba

12. SME Vulnerability Analysis: A Tool for Business Continuity
Iñaki Garagorri

13. Knowledge Risk Management in Turbulent Times
Susanne Durst, Helio Aisenberg Ferenhof

14. Knowledge Management Tools for SMES
Klaus North, Renia Babakhanlou

15. Learning to Grow: A Methodology to Sustain Growth Capabilities of SMES
Klaus North, Manfred Bergstermann, Thomas Hardwig

16. Case: Herradep: A Double and Intelligent Strategy to Grow—Improving Worker Knowledge and Competences Through Self-Managed Short Term Projects
Pilar Abelli, Juan Carlos Hiba

17. How Brazilian Textile Enterprises Learn to Grow
Guillermo Antonio Dávila, Klaus North, Gregorio Varvakis

18. Virtual Enterprises: Strengthening SMES Competitiveness via Flexible Businesses Alliances
Ricardo J. Rabelo, Fabiano Baldo, Omir C. Alves-Junior, Christian Dihlmann

Nyckelord: Business and Management, Entrepreneurship, Innovation/Technology Management, Business Strategy/Leadership

1st ed. 2016
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