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Cao, Bing-Yuan

Fuzzy Systems & Operations Research and Management

Cao, Bing-Yuan - Fuzzy Systems & Operations Research and Management, e-bok


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ISBN: 9783319191058

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Table of contents

Part I. Fuzzy Systems and Its Applications

1. Analytic Representation Theorem of Fuzzy-Valued Function Based on Methods of Fuzzy Structured Element
Si-Cong Guo, Ying Zhao, Hua-Dong Wang

2. Posynomial Geometric Programming with Intuitionistic Fuzzy Coefficients
Zeinab Kheiri, Bing-yuan Cao

3. Generalized Multi-fuzzy Soft Set and Its Application in Decision Making
Hai-dong Zhang, Shi-long Liao, Wei-yuan Ma

4. Distance Measures for Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Hesitant Fuzzy Sets
Ya-ru Wei, Lin-qing Gao, Chao Wang, Ming-hu Ha

5. Fuzzy Inference Modeling Method Based on T-S Fuzzy System
Ming-zuo Jiang, Chun-ling Zhang, Xue-hai Yuan, Hong-xing Li

6. Extended General Variational Inequalities and General Wiener–Hopf Equations
Xiao-Min Wang, Yan-Yan Zhang, Na Li, Xiu-Yan Fan

7. Econometric Study on the Influencing Factors of China Life Insurance Product Demand Based on Fuzzy Variable Time Series
Xiao-yue Zhou, Kai-qi Zou

Part II. Fuzzy Mathematics and Its Applications

8. Sufficient Conditions of Cut Sets on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets
Yiying Shi, Xuehai Yuan, Yuchun Zhang, Yuhong Zhang

9. On the Fuzzy Fractional Posynomial Geometric Programming Problems
F. Zahmatkesh, Bing-yuan Cao

10. Generalized Fuzzy Imaginary Ideals of Complemented Semirings
Zu-hua Liao, Chan Zhu, Xiao-tang Luo, Shuang Hu, Wei-long Liu

11. Statistical Approximation of the q-Bernstein-Durrmeyer Type Operators
Mei-Ying Ren

12. A New Similarity Measure Between Vague Sets
Bing-Jiang Zhang

13. Distributivity Equations Between Semi-t-operators Over Semi-uninorms
Feng Qin, Xiao-Quan Xu

14. Complex Fuzzy Set-Valued Complex Fuzzy Integral and Its Convergence Theorem
Sheng-quan Ma, Sheng-gang Li

15. Complex Fuzzy Matrix and Its Convergence Problem Research
Zhi-qing Zhao, Sheng-quan Ma

16. Rough Fuzzy Concept Lattice and Its Properties
Chang Shu, Zhi-wen Mo

17. Dual Hesitant Fuzzy Soft Set and Its Properties
Hai-dong Zhang, Lan Shu

18. Three-Valued Random Fuzzy Sets
Bin Yu, Xue-Hai Yuan

Part III. Fuzzy Information and Computer

19. Improved Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Entropy and Its Applications in Multi-attribute Decision Making Problems
Xiang-jun Xie, Xiao-xia Lv

20. ( in , in vee {,q}



)-Fuzzy Filter Theory in FI-algebras
Chun-hui Liu

21. Approach to Group Decision Making Based on Intuitionistic Uncertain Linguistic Aggregation Operators
Xin-Fan Wang, Jian-Qiang Wang

22. Statistical Diagnostic of Center Fuzzy Linear Regression Model Based on Fuzzy Decentring Degree
Jia-wei Xu, Ruo-ning Xu

23. A New Method of Multiple Attributes Evaluation and Selection in Fuzzy Environment
Xiao-yan Zhai

Part IV. Operations Research and Management and Its Applications

24. A Discrete-Time Geo/G/1 Retrial Queue with Balking Customer, Second Optional Service, Bernoulli Vacation and General Retrial Time
Yan Chen, Li Cai, Cai-min Wei

25. Controlled Remote Information Concentration via GHZ-type States
Jin-wei Wang, Lan Shu, Zhi-wen Mo, Zhi-hua Zhang

26. A New Precipitable Water Vapor STARMA Model Based on Newton’s Method
Zhihui Li, Zhihong Miao

27. Comparison of Candidate-Well Selection Mathematical Models for Hydraulic Fracturing
Ting Yu, Xiang-jun Xie, Ling-na Li, Wen-bin Wu

28. Analysis of Graphic Method to Fuzzy Linear Programming and Its Application in Science Diet
Bing-Yuan Cao, Shu-Quan Lu, Pei-Hua Wang, Gen-Tao Zhang

Part V. Others

29. A Fixed-Length Source Coding Theorem onQuasi-Probability Space
Yang Yang, Lin-qing Gao, Chao Wang, Ming-hu Ha

30. The Distribution of Zeros of Solutions of Differential Equations with a Variable Delay
Dong-hai Peng, Liu-wei Zhang

31. An Approach to Dual Hesitant Fuzzy Soft Set Based on Decision Making
Yan-ping He

32. Extremal Trees of Terminal Wiener Index
Dan-fang Chen, Fu-yi Wei, Hong-ying Zhu, Yang Wu, Shan-zhang Nong

33. A Time-Sensitive Targets System Simulation Model Based on Extendsim
Tan Kai-jia, Wang Rui

34. Study of the Solvability of the Fuzzy Error Matrix Set Equation in Equality Form of Type II 4
Kai-zhong Guo, Ran Li, Jian-xin Li

35. Empirical Research on Efficiency Measure of Financial Investment in Education Based on SE-DEA
Yan-yan Yao, Ren-shou Zhang

Nyckelord: Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Operation Research/Decision Theory

1st ed. 2016
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
Teknologi, energi, trafik
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