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Zhong, Shaobo

Proceedings of the 2012 International Conference on Cybernetics and Informatics

Zhong, Shaobo - Proceedings of the 2012 International Conference on Cybernetics and Informatics, e-bok


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ISBN: 9781461438724

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Table of contents

Part I. Communication Technologies and Applications

1. Research on the Performances of Ad Hoc Routing Protocol
Qingyun Luo, Jinguo Zhao

2. The Research on Wireless Positioning Base on ZigBee
Hong Li, Lian-he Cui

3. Analysis and Design of a New Digital Radio
Yuxin Zhao

4. The Research and Application of Sensor Network Data Management Based on SQLITE
Hongjuan Li

5. Acoustic Target Localization Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks
Shuo Xiao, Qiuyan Yan

6. A Distributed Cognition and Project Practice Based Teaching Method for LAN Technology Course
Jun Wang

7. Applying .NET Remoting Technology in the Remote Broadcast System
Jing Zhao, Jianbo Liu, Jin Yang

8. Security Risks in the Internet of Things
Xueping Liu

9. Ethernet Firewall Intrusion Detection Research and Application
Xia Wang

Part II. Computer Technologies and Engineering

10. Application of Security Evaluation for Building Disaster Protection Based on Fuzzy AHP
Yizhou Jiang, Jun Li, Shifan Zhu

11. The Research of Construction Project Green Evaluation
Zuxu Zou, Yanbing Deng

12. A Novel Approach for Intrinsic Dimension Estimation Based on Maximum Likelihood Estimation
Baowei Fu, Xibin Wang, Bo Yang, Zhenwei Han, Xiumin Zhao

13. Application of Nonparametric Projection Pursuit Regression in Prediction of the Fault Diagnose of Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle Fan Pump
Gehua Fan, Yucai Dong, Lianghai Yi, Ling Zhang, Min Lin

14. Green Supply Chain Management in Construction Enterprise
Jing Jing Qin, Xiaofeng Peng

15. The Application in Research on Sports Performance Prediction Based on Improved Markov Chain
Shoumu Pu

16. Fitness Landscape Analysis for Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem
Lin Tian

17. Operation Mechanism of Industrial Cluster: Based on the Synergetios Theory
Tao Zhou

18. A Study on Effectiveness of ESP Training in VR Environment
Xun Zhang, Yan Zhang

19. The Design Constraints of Kung Fu Tea Set
Ai Hong Wang, Hui Ma

20. The Study on Sport Teaching Theory Based on PIN-Bonding Mode
Li Chuang, Wang Zhen

Part III. Information Management

21. Discussion on Enterprise Culture Based on ISO26000 Social Responsibility Manual
Ruokui Su, Yueshuang Zhu

22. The Incentive System of Human Capital Innovation in Science and Technology Enterprise
Lianghong Zhuang, Hao Ren

23. A Comparative Review of Research on Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting in Domestic and Abroad
Meichen Wang

24. The Strategy of Improving the Quality of Undergraduate Graduation Design (Thesis)
Lei Liu, Chao Zhang

25. The Research on Psychological Obstacles Elimination in Hurdle for Students of University
Jing Xu

26. PE Student Performance Evaluation Model of Professional in University
Wei Wei

27. The Scientific Research Team Management Based on Life Cycle
Zhang Lina, Zhang Yunbang

28. The Stereo Analysis on Cultural Industry
Xiaoyan Jia, Jichuan Rong

29. Research on Development Strategy of Cultural Industry Based on the Innovation Mechanism
Xiaoyan Jia, Jichuan Rong

30. Feeling of Academic Success, Learning Adaptability and Academic Procrastination of the College Students Major in P.E.
Da-Peng Zhu

31. On the Improvement of Further Education for Accountants
Li Zhiyuan, Quan Jingjing

Part IV. Multimedia Technology and Application

32. Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Teeth CT Images
Taifa Zhang, Chaoyang Gao

33. On Organic Combination of Multi-media Information Technology and College Physical Education Teaching
Zhen Feng Zhang

34. Efficient Physical Education Method Based on Multimedia Technology
Zhihong Deng, Qinglan Hu

35. The Application of Psychology in the Production of Multimedia Courseware
Haihong Li, Guangtao Zhang

36. Research on Virtual Reality Technology Based on Sports
Kelei Li, Fengling Li, Guangmin Song

37. An Approach for Image Retrieval Using SVM
Hui Liu, Ke Xu

38. Efficient English Learning Scheme Based on PowerPoint Software
Lin Li

39. The Application of Computer-Aided Teaching in Semiconductor Physics
Fengxiang Chen, Lisheng Wang, Wenying Xu

40. Non-rigid Registration of Ultrasonic Image Based on Matching Corresponding Landmarks
Xuan Wang

41. Efficient Graded Teaching Scheme Based on Multimedia Environment
Ronggen Zhang

42. Studies of Mode on the Effective Application of the Multimedia in Foreign Language Teaching
Yan Wu

Part V. Network Systems and Applications

43. The Design and Implementation of Campus Web Search Engine
Peixue Wang, Minjie Xia

44. A New Detecting Technology of the Spontaneous Fire Position in Oil Tank
Kai Shao, Hui Liu, Jie Liang, Yunzhu Zhou

45. The Application Research on Library Management Based on Knowledge Management
Bo Xia

46. Site Classification and Site Quality Evaluation of the Land for Coal Gangue Dump in Fushun Mining Area
Chen Wang

47. Research on the Evolution of Development Mode of Trade Network Based on the Economic Globalization
Zhonghui Jia, Xuemei Sun

48. Study of Virtual Learning Community on Foreign Language Teaching
Xiaohua Zhu

49. Study and Application of BP Neural Network in Intrusion Detection
Zhiwei Zhao

50. The Study on Network Intrusion Detection Based on Improved K-means Algorithm
Zheng Yanjun

51. Research on the Application of Construction Project Management Based on Internet Technology
Feiyue Wang, Shuping Zhao

52. Study on Model and Operational Mechanism of University Library Knowledge Management
Xiaowen Chen

Part VI. Software Engineering and Application

53. IDS Method Based on Improved SVM Algorithm Under Unbalanced Data Sets
Jing Xu

54. Comprehensive Evaluation of Torpedo Tactical Performance Indices Based on the TOPSIS Method
Qi Jin, Mingfu Song, Yucai Dong, Ying Liu

55. Using Improved Genetic Algorithm to Solve Game Problem
Qiujie Zhang

56. Research of Modern Physical Education Technology Based on Artificial Intelligence
Xin Zhang

57. Design on Management System of University Degree Based on Modern Information Technology
Juxing Xu

58. Research on the Construction of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Performance Evaluation Indicator System
Yaowu Wei

59. The Research of the High-Grade Complex Software Talent Training Mode Combining Universities with Enterprises
Liang Xu, Huang Ming, Dong Chang Hong

60. Research on Cultivation Mode of Complex Software Talents
Huang Ming, Dong Chang Hong, Liang Xu

61. Empirical Analysis of Financial Fraud Identification in Chinese Listed Companies
Aijun Yi, Huajiang Dai

62. The Study on Neural Network Feedback based on Learning Algorithm
Chen Xiang, Pi Huihuang

63. Efficient Innovative Teaching Scheme of Internet of Things Based on Practice
Liu Xi, Zhang Yuzhi

Part VII. Education Information

64. Analysis on the Application of Information Technology in College Physical Education Course
Yun long Du

65. Guide and Enhancement of Eco-Design in Modern Art Design Education
Xiao dong Xie, Changan Tang

66. Research on Education in Humanities Accomplishment of College Students
Zhao Wenjing, Yang Qing, Rui Du, Dou Lili

67. Research on Physical Education Reform Based on Expanding Movement
Xiao Lin Xiao

68. Reform Practice of English Teaching Based on Level Theory
Chun rong Liu

69. Efficient Innovative Scheme for Construction of Off-Campus Practice Base
Hao Zou

70. Research on Art Education During the Campus Cultural Construction
Hui zi Cao

71. Analysis on the Characteristics of Cultural Industry Based on Network Technology
Yun chun Chen

72. College-English-Teaching Reform Under the Perspective of General Education
Zhang Yan, Wu Ping

73. Research on the Cultural Popularization of Taichiquan Based on the Network Environment
Li Zhang, Qilun Cai

74. The Correlative Study of Work-Family Conflict and Job Burnout in Chinese University Teachers
Li hua Yang, Shu jun Tang

75. The Exploration for Computer Teaching Reform of College Based on CDIO Education Concept
Zhu lin Li, Wen fa Wang, Chun Xu

Part VIII. Control and Automation Technologies

76. Research on Majiagou Landslide Stability Analysis and Control Design
Xu Zhang, Juhong Tan

77. Reform of the Two-Side Teaching Mode in Information Management and Information System Discipline
Lin Jing

78. Design and Implementation of Project Management Information System Based on .Net
Lifeng Wang

79. Research on Personalized Mathematics Intelligent Tutoring System
Peitao Cheng, Ke Zhao, Wei Xu, Yatao Li

80. Research and Design on Remote Control of Home Furnishing Automation Based on the Switch Socket
Guanghong Gao

81. Design and Implementation of Intelligent Laboratory Open Management System
Zhu Ye

82. An Improved Method for MRAC System of Indirectly Designed
Han Huishan, Liu Yan, Cheng Defang, Gao Xue

83. Research on Maturity of Informationization and Industrialization Integration in Enterprise Based on Fuzzy DEA
Jingmin Wang, Bo Dong

84. Research on Restricted Nussbaum Gain Control Method
Junwei Lei, Hongchao Zhao, Guoqiang Liang

Part IX. Information Computing

85. Efficient Application Teaching Method Based on Higher Mathematics Theory
Xiufang Zhao, Xibin Wang, Xiaohong Zhai, Zhenwei Han

86. Analysis on Campus Culture Based on Grey Evaluation Method
Li Zhang, Qilun Cai, Jingxiang Ma

87. A Study on Building Up the Interactive Teaching Mode for Higher Education
Haiyan Hao

88. The Study on Financial Risk Identification Based on Matrix Model
Xing Xiaowen

89. Application of Materials Technology in Advanced Mathematics Course
Huaping Li, Jiang Huang

90. Efficient Interest-Oriented Innovative Learning Method for Mathematics
Junna Jiang, Zhiyuan Xu, Bing Han

91. Efficient Mathematics Teaching Scheme for Multi-Disciplinary Students
Yan Yan, Chunfeng Liu, Dongmei Li, Yanjuan Zhang, Yanhong Cui

92. The Exploration and Practice of the Level Teaching of the Advanced Mathematics Courses for Arts
Shujuan Yuan, Yankun Li, Yafeng Yang

Part X. Web Service and Data Mining

93. Medical Research Based on SQL Server Database
Jinguo Zhao, Qingyun Luo

94. A Study of Data Mining Technology in Customer Relations Management
Jin Li

95. The Resarch of Appling the Fuzzy Clustering Means to Analyse the Stratum
Junwei Fu, Xiaohong Zhai, Xibin Wang, Zhenwei Han

96. Construction of Pick-Up Points in China E-commerce Logistics
Junjie Xu, Ling Jiang, Shizhen Wang

97. The Application of Data Mining Algorithm in Grain Output Prediction
Yu Fan

98. Studies on the Key Technologies of the Intelligent Database in the Distance Education System
Haibo Xu

99. Research on the Design of Dynamic Browsing of Air-Cushion Belt Conveyor Transport Monitoring System Based on Web
Yuefeng Fang, Xiaoyong Wang

100. Research on the Method Information Extraction Based on Database Technology
Yuanjun Zou

101. Research on Regional Sustainable Development Based on Support Vector Machine
Yunzhong Liu

102. The Application in Sports Statistics Research Based on the SPSS Data Processing Technology
Huan Nan Cao, Bin Gao, Zhi long Zhao

103. Data Security in Cloud Computing
Xueping Liu

104. Research on Subject Text Extraction from Web Pages
Hong sheng Wang, Jing yu Gao

Part XI. Communication Technologies and Applications

105. Research on Secure Mode of E-business
Huang Y. Hanyan

106. Qos Based Data Access Control Method in the Campus Cloud Storage System
Yanming M. Ye, Zhilin L. Feng, Hong Ding

107. The Research and Application of Multiple-Export Strategy Routing of Campus Network
Yujun J. Ma, Shengbin B. Liang

108. QOS Technique Research in the IP Switching Network
Feifei Fang

109. The Construction and Study on Wireless Digital Campus Network
Pei Zhang

110. Detecting DOS/DDOS Attacks Under Ipv6
Jian Gao, Yingjun Chen

111. On Feasibility of Three-Networks Convergence
Yajun J. Liu

112. Contention Window Adjustment Strategy for IEEE 802.11 WLAN
Shujun J. Bi

113. Improvement on QoS Routing for IEEE 802.11 Wireless Network
Shujun J. Bi

Part XII. Computer Technologies and Engineering

114. The State Estimation for Falling Objects Based on Unscented Kalman Filter
Ding Weifu

115. Research on the Project Management Mode of Real Estate Based on the Partnering Model
Shuping Zhao, Feiyue Wang

116. Study on Enterprise Microblog Marketing SWOT Analysis and Marketing Strategy
Yangyang Li, Ting Wang

117. Principle Component Cloud and Its Application
Tundong Liu, Jing Chen, Hao Jiang

118. The Study of the Emotional Thinking in the Product Design
Chunxiao Cao

119. Research on Key Technology of PDM Based on STEP
Qiuhong Fan, Qun Wei, Baoxiang Liu, Wensheng Shi

120. EuP Order and Eco-Design
Hongbing Xin, Qiang Huang

121. Sleep EEG Staging Studies Based on Relief Algorithm
Huaping Jia

122. The Application in the Sports Teaching of Evaluation Based on Improved Markov Chain
Xiangqi Wang, Xianfeng Wang

123. The Composite Application of RFID and Two-Dimensional Bar Code in the Cigarette Counterfeiting
Yuan Ya, Cao Le

124. On the Knowledge Construction from the Perspective of Symbolic Learning
Aiqun Zhang

Part XIII. Information Management

125. A Way for Forecast Occasion of Artificial Precipitation
Guodong Li, Wenxia Xu, Youxin Wang

126. Analysis on Coupling Model of the Affecting Factors in Culture Industry
Xiuyan Wang

127. The Linkage Logic and Development of Information Technology and Culture Industry
Ying Zhao

128. Analysis on the Formation Cause and Characteristic of Yunnan Minority National Tradition Sports Based on the Influence Model and Dynamic Process Analysis
Xuedong Li

129. Research on the Least Square Method in Project Management
Deqiang Zhou

130. Consumptive Innovation Oriented R&D Strategy for Jewelry Industry’s Product Design Techniques
Jianjun Ren

131. Value Paradox of Creative Industry and Its Management Strategy Planning
Yan Sun, Xiaojian Liu, Wanliang Wang

132. Game Analysis of the WTO Dispute Settlement
Shihui Yang, Ran Xu

133. Research on Matter-Element Comprehensive Evaluation Method for Quality on Construction Project
Qili Su

134. Chinese-Western Difference in Ethnological Characters’ Order Pattern and Its Inspiration to Human Centered Management
Yan Sun

135. The Structure and Application of Huge Closed-Loop System of Resources-Environment-Ecology
Lei Yan, Bo-Ren Luo, Yu-Zhong Ma, Hui-Li Liu

Part XIV. Multimedia Technology and Application

136. Experiment Teaching of Remote Sensing Digital Image Processing with Visual C++ Programming
Y. D. Zhao, J. H. Dong, B. Wu

137. The Game of the Teaching in the Application of Information Technology Strategy
Hong Yan Wang, Qu Yong

138. Design of Cooking Teaching Based on Multimedia Technology
Jifu Zhu

139. Multimedia Information Technology Application in Image Retrieval
Lingyan Gao, Shumei Wang, Jie Chen

140. Image Processing Technology Based on LabVIEW Simulation System
Shumei Wang, Lingyan Gao, Cuixuan Zhang

141. On Formative Assessment System of Multimedia-Based College English Teaching
Lingyan Xiong, Jing Chen

142. Research and Design on Information System of Project Management in Education Training
Tao Chen, Qingqing Wu

143. Combination and Application of Multimedia Materials in the Teaching of Psychology
Yan Teng, Haiying Yu

144. Application of Digital Video Materials During Production of English Multimedia Courseware
Yuqing Wang

145. Investigation and Analysis of Network Learning Efficiency in Modern Multimedia Classroom
Ye Zhao, Wei Liu

146. The Design of a High-Speed Image Acquisition System
Jie Chen, Ru Xue, Qi Wang

Part XV. Network Systems and Applications

147. Design and Implementation of Digital Campus Platform
Huitao Zhang, Bo Feng, Lijiuan Zhang

148. Efficient Abnormality Diagnosis Scheme on Network Security
Yunhong Guo

149. Study on the Application of the Electronic Archives Management Technology Based on Virtualization Technology
Songchun Gong, Songyin Fu, Zheng Chen

150. Research on Contract Net Model Based on Role Collaboration
Kunqiong Li, Huali Tang, Yuan Fang, Xiao Liu, Jishen Liang

151. The Application of ASP.NET in Developing E-commerce Intelligent Ordering System
Feng Pan, Ping Lv

152. A Reliable Braided Multi-path Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
Jian-Jun Lei

153. Dynamic Test System for Real-Time Software Based on Multi-core Network Processor
Li Ting, Zhang Wu, Chen Xiao

154. Design and Application of Continuing Education Network Training Platform Based on Cloud Computing
Tao Zhang

155. Research on Hopfield Neural Network in Associative Memory Storage
Li Tu, Chi Zhang

156. Performance Analysis of Target Tracking for Radar Network in the Presence of Stand off Jamming
Shizhong Li, Guohong Wang, Jing Bai, Wei Wu

Part XVI. Software Engineering and Application

157. Customs Risk Identification and Application Based on Set Pair Analysis
Guangce Ruan

158. SOA Based Decision Support System in Locomotive Lean-MRO Practice
Minglun Ren, Huan Zhang

159. Synchronization Between Two Novel Different Chaotic Systems with Unknown Parameters
Hui Wang, Jinyong Yu, Junwei Lei

160. Complexity of Full-Newton Step Algorithm for Linear Complementarity Problem
Xiaoyu Gong, Zhenpeng Hu, Xianjia Wang

161. Improved Hierarchical Topic Detection
Wei Wang, Mingyan Jiang, Dongfeng Yuan

162. Research on the Key Technologies of Storage Virtualization
Songchun Gong, Songyin Fu, Zheng Chen

163. Storage and Analysis of Simulation Data Based on ADO and Visual C++
Wei Wang

164. An Algorithm for Maximum Transfer Times in Urban Public Transport System
Feng Zhao, Yundong Gu

165. Research and Design of Flexible Job Shop Scheduling System
Jingmin Zhang, Xia Li

166. The Effect of Expression Recognition on Facial Identity Recognition
Wangyang Hu

167. Research on the Combination Rule Properties of Belief Function Theory
Jin Hongbin, Li Hongfei, Lan Jiangqiao, Shao Yinbo

Part XVII. Education Information

168. Research on the Driving Force of Reform and CCDIO Engineering Education Mode
Zhen Hua Liu

169. Research on the Basketball Teaching Mode Based on Self-Organizing Theory
Yao Fan, Lijia Jiang, Lili Zhang

170. Research on Education and Teaching Reform Based on Social Needs
Jun Dan

171. Modes of Sports Management in Higher School
Yurong Wang, Yingjie Song

172. The Research on Optimization Strategy of Sports Environment in University Under Cultural Construction Perspective
Renjie Song

173. Vocational School Physical Education Reform Based on Professional Physical Demand
Xingfu Zhou, Yan Huang

174. Application of the Subjectivity Teaching Method to the Tennis Teaching in College
Feng Zhao

175. The Research on Lack of Faith of Credit Education Under the Popularization of Higher Education in Industrial Technology Condition
Xiaolin Xia

176. To Lay More Emphasis on the Computerized Technology in College English Training in the Light of Vocational Ability
Li-Li Jin

177. Researches on the Rationality of the Integration of the Pre-school Education and Compulsory Education System
Li Li

178. Discuss to the Training Model of Excellent Engineer of Materials Specialty in the Local Colleges
Song Zhang, Yingpeng Li, Chunhua Zhang, Fang Hu, Sanxi Li

179. Research of Teacher Salary Incentive System in High School
Xiaoqing Lu, Wenyi Zhang, Shuming Guan, Ruyu Tian

Part XVIII. Control and Automation Technologies

180. Robust Passive Analysis and Control for Uncertain Descriptor System
Xueqin Zhou, Chunyan Ding

181. Non-fragile Passive Control for Descriptor System
Cunyan Ding, Qin Li

182. Impulse Radio Demodulation Scheme for Impulse Radio UWB Receiver
Xiangrong Zhang, Bo Wang, Xiaole Cui, Weibo Hu, Chung Len Lee

183. A Multi-modal Automatic Monitoring System Oriented Speech Service Quality of Call Center
Dongliang Dai, Xiaojun Li, Bo Xie

184. Design and Realization of OQPSK Modulation Circuit Based on FPGA
HongLi Zhu, Xia Sun

185. The Design and Realization of Dynamic Vehicle Scheduling Management System
Yuan Yuan, Li Xiaoling

186. Non-fragile Stable Control for Linear Systems
Haiyan Wang

187. Chaos Control of a New Chaotic Dynamical System and Its Application
Qiuhui Zhong, Chunrui Zhang

188. Attribute-Based Access Control Security Model in Service-Oriented Computing
Yongsheng S. Zhang, Mingfeng F. Wu, Lei Wu, Yuanyuan Y. Li

189. Study on Intelligent Vehicle Steering Control Algorithm Using SVM
Yuan Zhu, Xinxi X. Xu, Youchun C. Xu

Part XIX. Information Computing

190. Bilingual Teaching Practice of Original Teaching Materials Application
Zhiying Liu, Yuegang Fu, Xu Di, Hua Miao

191. The Practice of Advanced Mathematics Teaching Quality Evaluation System
Wei Liu, Shixin Zhao, Xianghong Li

192. Discussion the Teaching Methods Reform on “Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics” of Independent College
Xiaohong Liu, Qilei Feng, Yongli Zhang, Yankun Li

193. Study on Teaching Methods of Operations Research
Yanmei Yang, Yali He, Shiqiu Zheng, Lijun Wang

194. The Cultivation to the Ability of Teaching Math of Students in Primary Education Program in China
Xitao Feng

R–Fuzzy Subsemigroups
Xiao-Ying Zhu, Zu-Hua Liao, Cui-Yun Hao

R–Generalized Fuzzy Completely Prime Ideals of a Ring
Zu-Hua Liao, Cui-Yun Hao, Yun-Sheng Chen

197. Boundedness Estimates to a Steady State Nonlinear Fourth Order Elliptic Equation
Bo Liang, Xiaoming Dai, Meishan Wang

Part XX. Electrical Engineering and Mechatronics

198. The Aerodynamics Analysis on Sports Ball Under the Influence of the Speed, Rotation and Surface Roughness
Chunlan Li, Fei Wang, Yuzhen Liu

199. Research and Design of FPGA-Based Virtual Testing Instruments
Guili Han, Zhongxian Li, Mingge Zhai

200. The Teaching Reform and Practice of Thermal Energy and Power Engineering Specialty
Chao Zhang, Lei Liu

201. Research of Major Basic Courses of Mechanical Engineering
Xuedi Hao, Qin Zhang

202. Research on the Practice Teaching System for Electronic Information Innovative Talent Training
Xiaolong Zhu

203. Studies on the Issues and Strategies of E-Commence Teaching in University at Present
DongXia Wang

204. On Reform the Training Model Based on Electronic Design Competition
Xiao Luo

205. Design a New Manufacturing Model: Cloud Manufacturing
Juan Yang, Gang Guo

206. Efficient Training Mode of Thermal Energy Power Engineering Based on Practice Evaluation
Chao Zhang, Lei Liu

207. Research on Electric and Electronic Technology Teaching Reform for Non-Electric Professional
Xiaolong Zhu

Part XXI. Communication Technologies and Applications

208. Primary Synchronization Channel Design for OFDM Based Mobile Communication Systems
Changyin Sun, Jing Jiang, Guangyue Lu

209. The Concept of Free-Flow Information to the Regulation of Internet Activities in the United States
Fa-Chang Cheng, Wen-Hsing Lai

210. The Risk Assessment Quantitative Research of WAMS Communications Network
Xiaorong Cheng, Ying Wang

211. Synchronization of Super Chaotic System with Uncertain Functions and Input Nonlinearity
Hui Wang, Jinyong Yu, Junwei Lei

212. Mobile Internet Computing Architecture Based on Cloud Computing
Guoyong Wang, Wen Cui

213. Study on Features and Imaging Technology of Mobile Internet
Songyin Fu, Songchun Gong, Zheng Chen

214. Efficient Block Retransmission for Reliable Data Delivery in Wireless Sensor Networks
Jian-Jun Lei

215. The Research and Implementation of JavaEE in Telecom’s CRM System
Zhang Li

Part XXII. Computer Technologies and Engineering

216. Performance Analysis and Comparison on Chinese Word Segmentation
Guowei Chen, Chi Zhang

217. Modeling and Algorithm of Optimal Traveling Route
Yanmei Yang, Jianyong Di, Feifei Li

218. A Game Analysis on Stakeholder Theory in Forestry Industry
Hai-ling Guan, Yu-jun Sun, Wei Huang

219. Application-Oriented Sensitive Data Publishing Architectural Framework in Digital Libraries
Yongcheng Luo, Shaomei Chen, Yaqian Jiang

220. Improved DEA Evaluation Models of IRTU Knowledge Innovation
Lin-hua Bu, Xiao-feng Ju, Xiao-hong Wang

221. Research on the Relationship Between IRTU and Disciplines, Bases and Platforms
Linhua Bu, Xiaofeng Ju, Xiaohong Wang

222. Research on Dynamic Reaction of Gaseous Formaldehyde Detector Using Empirical Mode Decomposition
Ye Yuan, Yongzhong Wang, Zheng Wu

223. Research and Design of the Clustering System Based on the Column-Store
Lijun Shen, Tao Zhang, Jinyu Song, Ping Chen, Jinshuang Wang

224. Study on the Application of Second-Order Cone Programming in HRTF Synthesis
Tielin Liu, Cheng Zhang, Yibo Wang

225. Research on Teaching Methods of Operating System in Local University
Xuemin Zhang, Zenggang Xiong

226. Discontinuous K-Exponential Stabilization of Underactuated Nosymmetry Surface Vessel
Xin Yuan, Xiaoxu Rong, Yan Wang, Zhilin Liu

Part XXIII. Information Management

227. Application of Case Teaching in Management Class
Zhiyuan Li, Jingjing Quan

228. The Research on Reconfiguration of Theory and Practice of PE Curriculum
Hong Gao

229. Research on the Declining Honesty of Chinese Professional Athletes
Bo Jian, Qi Ying

230. Research on University Students’ Subhealth and Time Management Disposition
Shuai Chen, Gang Chen, Lu Chen, Quanzhong Zhao

231. Analysis of Factors Affecting Launching Sports in Sun in Colleges and Universities
Quanzhong Zhao, Hongjie Zhang

232. Research on Social Value of Leisure Sports
Quanzhong Zhao

233. The Management of Scientific Inquiry Teaching Process
Anrong Wang, Haiyan Huang, Yueshan Wang, Chunjun Shu

234. Research on Allocation Issues of Mass Sports Resources in Post-Olympic Period in China
Ping Sun, Rongfang Cao, Xinyu Wu

235. Research on Utilization and Development of Sports Equipments and Fields in Physical Education
Fang Huo

236. Study of Performance Management in Medium-Sized and Small Enterprises
Guohua Chen

237. Research on the Application of Polar Heart Rate Meter in the Football Training
Zhengyu Li

Part XXIV. Multimedia Technology and Application

238. The Function of Extreme Color Contrast in the Visual Image
ZhenZhen Wei

239. Algorithmic Research Based on Image Segmentation
Ning Li

240. Analysis on Poetry Meaning and of Music Style Based on Multimedia Technology
Jing Zhou

241. Study on Experiment Methods of English Based on Multimedia Network
Fengxia Cong

242. Research and Implementation of SIP-Based Video Conference System
Yujiao Wang, Haiyun Lin, WanJun Yang

243. A Novel Algorithm Based on SIFT and Graph Transformation for Mammogram Registration
Yang-jun Zhong, Lan-Zhen Chen

244. Medical Fusion Image Quality Assessment Based on SSIM
Baohua Zhang

245. The Research of an Image Retrieval Engine for Non-Standard Commodity Shopping
Hao Chen, Xiaojun Li, Peiyou Han

246. 2D Texture Library Based Fast 3D Ink Style Rendering
Yubin Wang, Meijun Sun, Zheng Wang, Shiyao Wang

247. A Novel Low Illumination Image Enhancement Algorithm
Lijuan Wang, Jiansheng Qian

248. An Image Encryption Algorithm Based on Josephus Traversing and Position Disordering
Jianjun Wu, Li Tu

Part XXV. Network Systems and Applications

249. Research and Development of Centrlized Log Management System Based on Syslog Protocol
Hu Hui, Linfeng Bai

250. Integration of Digital Campus Resources Based on Cloud Computing
Nan Ma, Mei Yuan, Guoliang Cao

251. Study of Credit Risk Management in Consumer Credit Based on Network Organization
Shi Qiao

252. Research of Intrusion Detection Based on Clustering Analysis
Mingjun Wei, Lichun Xia, Jianguo Jin, Chen Chen

253. Personalized Information Recommendation Based on Network Bookmarks
Xingyuan Li

254. Study on Events Composition Network Based Agent Perception Model
Jing Wang, Dawei Chu

255. Selective Quality Routing Algorithm Based on Dynamic Programming in Wireless Mesh Networks
Yingying Qin, Qianqian Zhang, Shaofeng Wang, Jinfeng Li

256. One Kind of Remote Monitoring Network Design Based on Open CNC System
Changzhong Wu, Shukun Cao, Yu Meng

257. Study on the Application of Wireless Application Protocol in the Electronic Commerce Secure Payment
Weixi Sun

258. Research on Identification Scheme in Digital Campus Construction
Lijuan Zhang, Xiaojing Liu, Bo Feng

Part XXVI. Software Engineering and Application

259. Stock Prices Prediction Research of BP Algorithm
Ying Yang, Gengyuan Chen

260. The Design and Implementation of Digital Signature System Based on Elliptic Curve
Bin Chen, Wenliang Wu, Yao Zhang

261. Knowledge Representation of Nature Language Understanding System Based on Concept Model for Intelligent Tutoring System
Yatao Li, Ke Zhao, Kai Li, Peitao Cheng

262. Study of Blind Adaptive Beamforming Method for Multiple Sources Based on Genetic Algorithm
Yanwu Liu

263. A Quantitative Study of English Learning Motivation of Vocational College Students
Ronggen Zhang

264. The Logarithmic Utility of Transaction Costs and the Selection of Dynamic Investment Portfolio
Zhengang Lu

265. An Approach to Anomaly Detection for Data of Uncertainty
Bo Liu, Yanshan Xiao, Yun Zhang, Zhifeng Hao

266. Efficient Balance Scheme of Effectiveness and Efficiency of Information Retrieval
Wen Cui, Guoyong Wang

267. Codeword Search Based on Genetic Algorithm
Shuang Xu, Yanqiu Cui, Jifeng Ding

268. License Plate Location Algorithm Based on Multiresolution Edge Detection
Zhang Baohua, Gu Yu

Part XXVII. Education Information

269. Study on Higher Education Quality Evaluation System of Local Universities
Peixin Zhao

270. Research on Quality Enhancement of Talents Cultivation
Lei Zhang, Jiake Wang

271. Sports Club-Based Teaching Reform
Jianyong Di, Kailei Xi, Xiaofeng Xu

272. Research of Modern Higher Education Based on Practice and Development Evaluation
Tingyan Bi

273. On Information Literacy for the University Foreign Language Teachers in China
Xiaochi Zhang

274. Innovative Talents Training Strategies Based on Off-Campus Practice Environments
Jianli Dong

275. Multimedia Approach: Its Effectiveness in Improving the English Language Proficiency of College Students
Peilong Li

276. Analysis on the Evolution Mode of Social and Cultural in Network Era
Xiaoyan Jia, Jichuan Rong

277. Research on Role Change of University Library in Information Era
Shimin Xing

278. Analysis on the Sports Cultural Industry Based on the Analysis Technology of SWOT
Xuedong Li, Junheng Li

279. Research on Ideological and Political Education in Colleges Based on the Network Environment
Caixia Zhang

280. The Construction of Campus Safety Culture Based on the Information Technology
Shenggui Liu

281. Efficient Interscholastic Collaborative Scheme Based on Information Technology
Bo Shu

Part XXVIII. Information Computing

282. Long Time Behavior for Some Higher Order Partial Differential Equations
Bo Liang, Xiaoming Dai, Jinghua Gao

283. Positive Steady State Solutions to a Nonlinear Fourth Order Elliptic Equation
Bo Liang, Linghua Kong, Fuming Huang

284. Data Mining in Local Government Performance Evaluation: A Way to Get Out of the Action Plights and Deadlocks in China
Shang Huping, Yin Yanhong

285. An Efficient Approach to Boost Support Vector Data Description
Bo Liu, Yanshan Xiao, Yun Zhang, Zhifeng Hao

286. A New Interpretation on the Limit of a Sequence
Fangjie Cheng

287. An Effective Variable Step Method Based on Implicit Tuned Taylor Series Method
Huankun Zheng, Xianrong Chang, Yaoqin Sun

288. Teaching Reform of Discrete Mathematics in Local University
Xuemin Zhang, Zenggang Xiong

Part XXIX. Electrical Engineering and Mechatronics

289. Analysis on Realizational Phenomenon of Electronic Sports
Yanhua He, Feng Tai, Guowen Cui

290. Study on Factors of Business Decision in Thermal Power Enterprise Based on Principal Component Analysis
Shuliang Liu, Pengliang Hao

291. The Application BP Neural Network Improved and Fuzzy Quality Synthetic on Thermal Power Company Simulation Decision
Shuliang Liu, Pengliang Hao

292. Research on the Practice Teaching for Architectural Environment and Equipment Engineering
Lei Cui

293. Application of Materials Technology in E-Commerce Operation Course
Chen Ming

294. Study of “Logistics” Course Reform for Applied Talents Training
Zaiqiu Gu, Qingwei Zhu

295. Study on Relationship Between the History of Physics and Physics Teaching
Yao Zhang, Delan Wu, Wenliang Wu

296. The Application of Sports Biomechanics in Teaching
Zhengwei Zhou

297. Research on the Demand Side Management Under Smart Grid
Litong Dong, Jun Xu, Haibo Liu, Ying Guo

298. Research on Development Trends of Power Load Forecasting Methods
Litong Dong, Jun Xu, Haibo Liu, Ying Guo

Part XXX. Web Service and Data Mining

299. Improved TZsearch Fast Search Algorithm for JMVC
Fuwang Li, Chun Yuan, Qingming Liao

300. Study on Financial Data Hybrid Clustering Based on Stock Trading Rule
Jian Huang

301. Analysis on Competitive Sports Based on the Data Mining Technology
Wei Li

302. The Psychology Analysis on the Page Design of Shopping Website
Haihong Li, Guangtao Zhang

303. Data Mining in Mobile Social Network from SMS Messages
Xiaobo Gao, Xianmei Fang

304. Decision Rules Extraction for Decision Support System with Support Vector Machine
Bo Liu, Yanshan Xiao, Zhifeng Hao, Yun Zhang

305. Crowd Evacuation Simulation in Multi-Agent Based Virtual Environment
Linqin Cai, Zhenhua Zhang, Yuyou Pan, Na Wang

306. Research on Intelligent Recommendation System of Teaching Based on Web
Jixun Gao, Zhang Lishuo

307. Query Planning with Source Descriptions for Deep Web
Guanwen Zhu, Nianbin Wang, Hongbin Wang, Zhijun Wang

308. A Faithful Translation from Relational Databases to Description Logic
Huali Tang, Xiao Liu, Jishen Liang, Yuxia Lei

309. Web Data Mining Based on Cloud Computing
Liangfei Xue, Dongfeng Yuan, Mingyan Jiang

310. Construction of Personalized Network Learning Resource Service System Based on Semantic Web Services
Zhujuan Li

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