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Henriques, Elsa

Technology and Manufacturing Process Selection

Henriques, Elsa - Technology and Manufacturing Process Selection, e-bok


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ISBN: 9781447155447

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Table of contents

1. Product Architecture Decision Under Lifecycle Uncertainty Consideration: A Case Study in Providing Real-time Support to Automotive Battery System Architecture Design
Qi D. Van Eikema Hommes, Matthew J. Renzi

2. Consideration of Legacy Structures Enabling a Double Helix Development of Production Systems and Products
Magnus Wiktorsson

3. Six Sigma Life Cycle
Pedro A. Marques, Pedro M. Saraiva, José G. Requeijo, Francisco Frazão Guerreiro

4. On the Influence of Material Selection Decisions on Second Order Cost Factors
Marco Leite, Arlindo Silva, Elsa Henriques

5. Aircraft Industrialization Process: A Systematic and Holistic Approach to Ensuring Integrated Management of the Engineering Process
José Manuel Lourenço Saúde, José Miguel Silva

6. Material Flow Cost Accounting: A Tool for Designing Economically and Ecologically Sustainable Production Processes
Ronny Sygulla, Uwe Götze, Annett Bierer

7. Life Cycle Based Evaluation and Interpretation of Technology Chains in Manufacturing
F. Klocke, B. Döbbeler, M. Binder, R. Schlosser, D. Lung

8. Selecting Manufacturing Process Chains in the Early Stage of the Product Engineering Process with Focus on Energy Consumption

Martin Swat, Horst Brünnet, Dirk Bähre

9. Manufacturing with Minimal Energy Consumption: A Product Perspective
Alexandra Pehlken, Alexandra Kirchner, Klaus-Dieter Thoben

10. Integrated Framework for Life Cycle-Oriented Evaluation of Product and Process Technologies: Conceptual Design and Case Study
Uwe Götze, Andrea Hertel, Anja Schmidt, Erik Päßler, Jörg Kaufmann

11. Life Cycle Engineering Framework for Technology and Manufacturing Processes Evaluation
Inês Ribeiro, Paulo Peças, Elsa Henriques

12. Proposal for an Architectural Solution for Economic and Environmental Global Eco-Cost Assessment: Model Combination Analysis
Nicolas Perry, Alain Bernard, Magali Bosch-Mauchand, Julien Le Duigou, Yang Xu

13. The Ecodesign of Complex Electromechanical Systems: Prioritizing and Balancing Performance Fields, Contributors and Solutions
S. Esteves, M. Oliveira, F. Almeida, A. Reis, J. Pereira

14. Composite Fiber Recovery: Integration into a Design for Recycling Approach
Nicolas Perry, Stéphane Pompidou, Olivier Mantaux, Arnaud Gillet

15. A Design for Disassembly Approach to Analyze and Manage End-of-Life Options for Industrial Products in the Early Design Phase
Claudio Favi, Michele Germani

Nyckelord: Engineering, Industrial and Production Engineering, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing, Transportation

Springer Series in Advanced Manufacturing
12 sidor
Teknologi, energi, trafik

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