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Zhu, Rongbo

Information Engineering and Applications

Zhu, Rongbo - Information Engineering and Applications, e-bok


E-bok, PDF, Adobe DRM-skydd
ISBN: 9781447123866

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Table of contents

1. Study on Optimization Technique and Simulation of Supply Chain Based on the Returnable Pattern
Wenqing Sun

2. Research on Latecomer Strategy of Internet Business Model Innovation
Jiao Gao, Zhaoyang Sun, Xiaofei Zhang, Jinxing Liu

3. Construction and Application of Real-Time Monitoring System of Landslide
Hongde Wang, Youlong Gao, Qilang Le, Shangtao Pan

4. Experiment Analysis on the Bubble Sort Algorithm and Its Improved Algorithms
Lin Li, SuJuan Rui

5. A Study of Product Configuration Management Model and Evaluation for Aviation Subcontract Production
Xilan Feng, Zhiqiang Jiang, Xianzhang Feng, Jinfa Shi

6. Study on Service Scheduling Based on PSO and Market
Wang Gang, Fengxia Yin

7. Research of Audit Project Schedule Management Based on Critical Chain
Yi Yang

8. Industry Innovation Cluster Evolution Based on Knowledge Spillover Effects
Wen Yu, Jing Gao, Shuping Cheng

9. Product Positioning Research of P & G Camay
Li Ming, Tang Ke

10. 3-Kn-Residual Graphs
Jiangdong Liao, Ming Luo

11. DBS Analysis on Functor-Argument Structure of Ancient Chinese
Qiuxiang Feng, Roland Hausser, Rongpei Wang

12. Research and Simulation on Immunity to Noise of Duffing Oscillator
Su Liyun, Li Jiaojun, Liu Ruihua, Liu Renbin

13. Experiment Analysis on the Bubble Sort Algorithm and Its Improved Algorithms
Ping Yu, You Yang, Yan Gan

14. Methods of Obtaining Miss distance Based on Image Measurement Technology
Kang Li, Shaoqing Yang, Songtao Liu

15. Semi-Supervised Multi-Class Classification Algorithm Based on Local Learning
Lv Jia

16. Fuzzy Support Vector Machine based on the Posterior Probability Weighting Membership
Yan Wei, Xiao Wu

17. Support Vector Machine Based on Hybrid Kernel Function
Xia Wu, Wanmei Tang, Xiao Wu

18. An Incremental Update Algorithm for Sequential Patterns Mining
Zaiping Tao

19. Study of Three-Dimensional Virtual Simulation System Based on Aerial Photography Image Information
Zhang Yi, Mu Sihui

20. 3D Structural Geological Modeling Based on Morphing Field
Meng Xianhai, Li Jigang, Yang Qin

21. A Classification of Interactive Patterns between Underlying Programs and Aspects
GU Sishan, CAI Shubin, LI Shixian

22. Research on Multicast Routing Based On a New Chaos Genetic Algorithm
Liu Ze-hua, Zou En, Fang Shi-yong

23. Analysis for Competitive Game of Members of Distribution Channel Based on Single Product
Wenqing Sun

24. Research on Warning Methods for the Intrusion of Airport Enclosure Based on Dual M-Z Fiber Optic System
Jiang Lihui, Yang Ruoyu

25. A New Medium Access Control Protocol Application on the Hidden Node Interference
Guobin Chen, Mei Rong, Guangquan Zhang

26. Simulation Research of the Influence of Random Amplitude Disturbance on MVDR Beam former
Yunfeng He, Gaoshun Song, Changming Wang, Junsheng Jiao

27. Usable Speech Reconstruction Based on Wavelet Transform
Yue Fang LI

28. Architecture of the Virtual District Platform in Broadcast Network Foundation Scene
Li Zhang, Qi Shen, Zhen-lian Shi

29. Research on Key Management Scheme for WSN Based on ECC
Ming Lu

30. Study on Education Resource Discovery Based on Mobile Agent in Grid Environment
Li Mingyong, Ma Yan, Liang Yuanyuan, Duan Wenshu

31. Design and Simulation of Routing Algorithm for Mobile Agents in WSNs Based on Genetic Algorithm
Zhenqiu Liang

32. A Fast Peer to Peer Network Routing Model
Aiming HUANG, Maoling PEN

33. Reliability Modeling and Analysis of SCI Rings in Avionics System
Xu hongzhe, Huang Jun, Zhou Yaoming

34. Global Stability for Stochastic Interval Neural Networks with Mixed Time Delays
Junxiang Lu, Hong Xue, Shanshan Wang

35. Optimization of Phase-Locked Loop Circuit Parameters Based On Genetic Algorithm
Wang Dazhi, Chen Renyi, Li Jun, Ge Shuai, Wang Xuming

36. Application Research on Intelligent Control Strategy in Mine Sewage Processing
Wei Huang, Jianchao Bi, Chi Zhang

37. A New Embedded-Based Relay Protection System of Transformer Substation
Lichao Huang, Jianchao Bi

38. Automatic Identification of Shaft Orbits of Hydraulic Power Sets
Yanyan Li, Chenhui Hua

39. Adaptive Fuzzy Wavelet Neural Networks Control for Nonlinear MIMO Missile Autopilot
Gang Liu, Wen-da Zheng, Jie Yang, Hong-qing Hou, Ming-hao Wang

40. An Artificial Endocrine-Emotion Model Based on Fuzzy Logic
Jianwei Liang, Dayuan Dong, Xufa Wang

41. Research on the Line of Laser Tailor Welded Blanks
Guo Li-li, Fang Ling-shen, Zhao Ming-yang

42. Application of Local Mean Mode Decomposition in Bearing Fault Diagnosis
ZHANG Yunpeng, GAI Qiang, ZHOU Yang

43. An Improved Adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
Taibai Li, Wanmei Tang

44. Spiral MRI Reconstruction Based on Table-Lookup Gridding
Yanni Peng, Qing Huo Liu

45. A least Squares Support Vector Machine Sparseness Algorithm
Yang Li, Wanmei Tang

46. Efficient Dynamic Management of Distributed Metadata
Wei Xue, Ming Zhu

47. Automatic K-Means Clustering Algorithm for Outlier Detection
Dajiang Lei, Qingsheng Zhu, Jun Chen, Hai Lin, Peng Yang

48. Improved K-Means Clustering Center Selecting Algorithm
Min Huang, Lei Yu, Ying Chen

49. Implementation of an Improved Real-time Image Contrast Enhancement Technique Based on FPGA
Jieling Tang, Xiaoqing Du, Xiangkun Dong

50. Multi-Objective Memetic Algorithm for Monitoring Resources Allocation in Service Composition
Pan He, Junhao Wen, Haijun Ren, Kaigui Wu, Peng Li

51. Applied Study of Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm in Invasion Detection
Lina Fei, Jijun Zhang, Qingshui Li

52. Traveling Salesman Problems on a Cuboid using Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization
Shoubao Su, Xibin Cao, Xukun Zuo

53. Quantum Genetic Algorithm Using a Mixed Update Strategy
Guisheng Yin, Jia Li, Hongbin Dong, Jijie Wei

54. A Trust Model Under Grid Computing Environment
Wang Li-juan, Zhang Guang-hui, Chen Shan

55. Darboux Transformation and Explicit Solutions of a Couple Lattice Equation Including the Discrete Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation
Wen Xiaoyong

56. Effects of Scaffolding on Students’ Self-Regulation in Hypermedia English Learning
Haiyan Li

57. The Design and Implementation of Distance Teaching System Based on Linux
Yuanyuan Liang, Yan Ma, Wenshu Duan

58. The Design and Implementation of Engineering Training Center Website in Colleges and Universities
Shi Shuo, Yan Gang, Kang Junguang, Zhou Shuntong, Ai Yueqiao

59. Research on the Construction and Improvement to the Emergency Response Mechanism in Public Emergencies
Huang Hongchun, Song Yinghua

60. The Research on Finger Vein Image Preprocessing Based on Mathematical Morphology
Liu Caixia

61. Formation Conditions for Transported Charges of Multineedle-to-cylinder Dielectric Barrier Discharge Based on the Orthogonal Design and Lissajous Figures
Xiaojing WANG, Caixin SUN

62. Study of Interoperability Testing Between Operating Systems Based on MDT and TTCN-3
Yu Bin, Tian Yang, Yan Haihua

63. Research on the Incentive Compensation of Agent Based on Principal-agent Theory
Bingnan Liu, Yu Li

64. Towards a New Method for Interpolating of Triangular Fuzzy Numbers
Yongchao Hou, Yun Qian, Haiquan Qiu

65. Research on Application of Knowledge Management in Public Sectors
Puyun Bi, Wei Jiang

66. Approximation of Common Fixed Points for Families of Mappings
Zhiming Ching

67. Design and Implement of BCI System Based on Android Platform
Jinghai Yin, Jianfeng Hu, Zhengdong Mu

68. A New Method of Version Management for Test Case
Jian-ping Cai, Wen-liang Lu, Wen-ying Xu

69. Design and Research of Earthquake Auxiliary Rescue
Qingjun Wang, Chengliang Guo

70. High-Temperature FBG Sensor and Interrogation System for Aluminum Smelter Cell
Meng Ling, Jiang Mingshun, Sui Qingmei, Jia Lei

71. Sensitivity-Tunable FBG Interrogation System Utilizing a Mechanically Induced Long Period Fiber Grating
Jiang Mingshun, Meng Ling, Sui Qingmei, Jia Lei

72. Identification of Deep Web Entries by Using Neural Network
Chunming Wu, Xianchun Zou, Baohua Qiang

73. The Research of Outdoor Security Management System Based on NHibernate
Yan Ye, Chuanbo Zhou

74. Semantic Based Spreading Activation for S-SLN Service Automatic Recommendation
Anping Zhao, Yu Yu

75. Network Video Surveillance System based on FPGA
Bai-shen Wei, Ya-nan Luo, Ming Tang

76. The Model Construction of Grid Environment for Community Cluster
Yan Ma, Mingyong Li, Jinghua Tian, Wenshu Duan, wei Gong

77. The Parameter Auto-Tuning Method Based on Selflearning Algorithm
Chaohua Ao, Jianchao Bi

78. Intelligence Based Fusion Control Strategy for City Rubbish Incineration System Based on DCS
Hui Huang, Jianchao Bi

79. Research of Development Workflow and Comparison of Development Trend Based on Open Source Ecommerce Platform
Xinshi Chen, Tiewei Fu, Xiaozhe Fan

80. Supply Chain Operational Risk Management Based on Multi-agent
Zhang Daohai, Zhang Yanan, Wang Wei

81. Research on the Correlation of R&D Human Resources with the Growth of Regional Economy
Lei Xiao, Han Botang

82. Linear Transfer Payment Contract of Closed-Loop Supply Chain with Multi Retailers
Wen-jun Gao, Ju-hong Chen

83. Economic Growth Model of Endogenous Institutions: Construction and Deduction
Lin Yi, Chen Xiaoman

84. Summary of Domestic Tax Incentives Based on Independent Innovation
Yu Zhang, Wei Dong Meng, Jing Shi

85. Study on the Control of Line Balancing for Infant’s Costume Production
Weixin Yao

86. Research on Organizational Innovation Mode in Coal Logistics Enterprise
Yang Yang, Li-jie Wang, Wen-sheng Wang, Hao-Yu Wang

87. Research of Customer Relationship Management Solutions Based on Data Mining
Feng Feng

88. Research on the Construction of Regional Property Rights Exchange Markets
Yu-qiang Zhai

89. A Context-based Method for Petroleum Exploration Domain Ontology Construction
Jike Ge, Zushu Li, Taifu Li

90. The Installation and Runtime Dependency of Application in Linux
Li Li, Yuqing Lan, Wenbin Zhou, Guanxing Zhang

91. A Spectral Clustering-Based Dataset Structure Analysis and OutlierDetection Progress
Lin Hai, Zhu Qingsheng

92. Probabilistic Model Based Image Retrieval Using Hypothesis Testing
Bo Li, Guoping Liu

93. Feature Extraction of Radar Emitter Signal Based on Empirical Mode Decomposition
ZHU Bin, JIN Wei-dong

94. Evaluation of Talent Training Ecological Environment Sustainable Development Based on Relational Database
Hu LinRong

95. From Textual Use Cases to Message Sequence Charts
Mingyue Jiang, Zuohua Ding

96. A Quick-look Algorithm for Squint Mode SAR
Fang Li-li, Wang Xue-tian

97. Visualization System of Massive 2D Seismic Data
Wen-qin li, Da-qing wang

98. The Study on Recommended Algorithm Based on User Behavior Interest Modeling
Daiyun Weng, Li Yang

99. Improved Double Memberships of Fuzzy Support Vector Machine
Xiao Wu, Yan Wei, Xia Wu

100. Research on Cluster-Based Routing Algorithm for Improved Wireless Sensor
Li Yang, DaiYun Weng

101. Nonlinear System Identification Based on Adaptive Cloud C-means Clustering Algorithm
Junlin Chang, Wei Zhang, Xiaoping Ma

102. Design of Short Message Query System for Time Service Data Based on GSM
Cuimin Zhao, Longxia Xu, Xiaohui Li

103. Indoor Environmental Real-Time Monitoring System Based on 6LoWPAN Network
Henan An, Bing Hu, Hui Fan

104. Research of Complex Network Dynamics Evolution
Fangfeng Zhang, Jun Liu, Chunling Zuo

105. Design of High Precision Positioning System Based on ZigBee
Chengdong Wu, Quancheng Han, Yunzhou Zhang, Long Cheng

106. Snort-based Campus Network Security Intrusion Detection System
Li Yang, Daiyun Weng

107. Application and Research in DSSS Based on Chaotic Sequence
Wei Wang, Pingxian Yang, Peng Guo

108. Research of Jamming Signal’s Feature Extraction of LFM Pulse-Compression Radar
Yuqing Huang, Zaiying Yao, Fanrong Shi

109. The Influence of the Carrier Frequency Inaccuracy and Multipath Effects on Radio Interferometric Positioning System
Guizhou Xu, Lei Zhang, Yuanfei Wang, Yi-Hua Hu

110. Research on the Denoising Algorithm of Speech Signal
Caixia Liu, Jinyong Cheng

111. Design of Control Software in IC forming and Separation System
Yue Song, Chi-Ye Yu, Shan-Feng Li, Bing-Wu Hu, Jun Li

112. Optimal PMU Placement of the Power Systems Based on Incidence Matrix for Direct Solution of Power Flow
J. L. Wang, L. Xia

113. Solving Solitary Wave Solutions of Whitham-Broer-Kaup Equation with Homotopy Analysis Method
Xiurong Chen, Xiaoyang Zhou

114. Management and Maintenance of Video Surveillance and Control System
Lianqin Jia

115. Fault Diagnosis of Diesel Engine based on BP Neural Network
Kexin Yuan, Xuebing Guo

116. Robotic Dynamical Systems Design Using Combined Adaptive Fuzzy Method
Wen-da Zheng, Gang Liu, Jie Yang, Hou Hong-qing, Wang Ming-hao

117. Essence of Information and Mathematical Model of Information Measurement
Liu Liefeng, Zhou Yahong, Chen Ling

118. Numerical Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations with Two Parameters
Jiabo Tan

119. Summation of Reciprocals and Alternating Related to l- th Power of Generalized Fibonacci Sequences
Gaowen Xi, Shuyu Wang

120. Comparison of Digital Logic Circuits in Sub-Threshold
Guoyan Ren

121. Improved Multi-Scale Retinex Algorithm for Medical Image Enhancement
Qingyuan Meng, Deqian Bian, Mengfan Guo, Fengmei Lu, Dongpu Liu

122. The Application of Cloud Computing in Universities’ Education Information Resources Management
Tianping Dong, Yan Ma, Lunpeng Liu

123. A Particle Swarm Optimization for Data Placement Strategy in Cloud Computing
Lizheng Guo, Shuguang Zhao, Shigen Shen, Changyuan Jiang

124. On Diophantine Equation X(X+1)(X+2)(X+3) = 15Y(Y+1)(Y+2)(Y+3)s
Duan Huiming, Yu Jimin

125. Method of License Plate Location based on License Plate Texture and HSV Color Space
Qing Yan

126. Some New Bounds for the Eigenvalues of Hadamard Product of Two Irreducible M-matrices
Jiaozhen Zhao

127. A Research into the Mechanism of Coupling Interaction Knowledge Innovation of Universityindustry Collaboration
LI Chenglong, LIU Zhiyue

128. Image Denoising Method Applying PCA based on Integer Wavelet Transform
Jing Peng

129. Practice Research on Computer-aiding Chinese Dialects Field Sampling
Lan Jiang, Dalu Yin

130. Study on Facial Character Recognition Under Complex Illumination
Xiaoyi Yang, Jianwei Li

131. Unsupervised Intrusion Feature Selection based on Genetic Algorithm and FCM
Wu Jian

132. Research of Network Planning and Optimization Model
Lihong Li, Shaohong Yan, Hong Wang, Xiaodan Ma

133. The Professional Education of English-teaching Majors and the Management of Students’ Workshop
Yuhua Li

134. Some Factors Affecting Nursing Curriculum Implementation
Haihong Zhang, Wenxue Zhang

135. Teaching Quality Evaluation Based on Covariance Analysis Method
Qing-qiong Jiang

136. Magnanimous Educational Resources Sharing Model based on MAS
Zhong Guoxiang

137. Evaluation Research of Cultural Soft Power Among Newly-promoted Colleges and Universities
Zhao Xiaojun

138. Bionic Design and Simulation of Flexible Pectoral Fin of Labriform Fish
Qiang Liu

139. A Modified Alternating Direction Method for Positive Definite Systems
Qian Xiang, Songping Wu

140. Modeling Recommender Systems from Preference and Set-Oriented Perspectives
Jia-jin Huang

141. Association of Attack Factors Based on Fuzzy Information Fusion
Ning Sun, Xiangdong Fu, Shengcai Zhang, Jizong Jiao

142. A Kind of Botnet Detection Method Based on State Transition of Zombie
Li hua Jiang, Wan gang Wang

143. On System Changes, Plight and Institutional Innovation of Rural Land
Weibai Liu, Zhong Li

144. A New Equivalent Condition of the Reverse Order Law for Reflexive Generalized Inverses of two Matrix Products
Zhiping Xiong, Yingying Qin

145. Design and Implementation of Multi-soundcard Acquisition and Playback System
Jie Li, Changyun Miao, Zhigang Wu, Cuijuan Guo

146. The Research on the Technology of Sleep Wake-up Mode based on S3C6410 and Windows CE6.0
Lihua Song, Yang Jian, Ke Xiao

147. Application of Hybrid Genetic Algorithm in Aerial Defense Target Assignment
Zhao Jian-jun, Wang Yi, Yao Yue-ting

148. Classification Algorithm based on Improved ID3 in Bank Loan Application
Yi He, Jian-chao Han, Shao-hua Zeng

149. Exploring the Construction of Engineering Project Management Information
Yuan Hailin, Zhang Shengnan

150. The Application of Queuing Theory in Colleague Student’s Registration
Xiaojun Liu, Beibei Chen

151. Establishment of WMO Information System in Beijing
Fudi Wang, Yan Yao, Xiang Li, Lipeng Jiang, Ting Zhu

152. Building the Relationship Between Web Entities Incrementally
Yanhui Ding, Hongguo Wang

153. Application of Fuzzy Optimization Theory to Ancient Ceramics Classification
Wenzhi Yu

154. Design and Implementation on Teaching Information Management System of Adult Education Based on Service-oriented Architecture
Guolin Li, Zhimei Xue, Yulian Zhu, Qiang Li, Jiping Liu

155. The Design of Monitoring System for City Intelligent Street Lamp Based on GPRS-Internet Technology
Ke Chen, Lijun Zhang, Sansi Li, Wende Ke

156. Towards Description Logics Based Cloud Service for UML Verification
Ren Li, Dan Yang, Haibo Hu, Jianhua Luo

157. An Algorithm of Training SVR Based on its Approximate Hyper-plane
Shaohua Zeng, Hanshu Qin, Yan Wei, Yi He

158. Design and Implementation of Barcode Management Information System
Daiyun Weng, Li Yang

159. E-Commerce Information Processing Based on Dynamic Fuzzy Logic
Qiong Hong, Hao Zhang

160. Method to Recognize the Key Factors Impact the Customer Equity Value
Zhong Xie, Bin Dan

161. On the Tourism Competitiveness of Scenic Spots Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method
Yanhong Zhang, Lijun Lu

162. Simulating Analysis of Complex Supply Chain Networks Invulnerability
Hui-huang Chen

163. Global Existence and Blow-up for the Quasi-Linear Parabolic Equation with Nonlinear Boundary Condition
Botao Chen, Yongsheng Mi

164. An Energy-saving Industry Chain of Computer Games in Trend of Mobilization and Sport-virtualization
Huizi Wangchen, Huixin Tan

165. A Study of the Influencing Factors of Consumption Per Capita in Jiangxi Province Based on Multiple Regression Analysis
ZHANG Faming, YE Zhaoqing

166. Research on the Customer Expectation Goal of BTOT Model
Chen Daijiang, Huang Hua

167. Study on the Profit Distribution of Enterprises’ Technological Innovation Alliances
Wenbin Ma, Lihua Yang

168. Design and Implementation of Software Testing Cases Management System Based on J2EE
Jianjun Lu, Ning Su, Anxin Zhao

169. Quaternion in DirectX
Tianbiao Yang

170. Trapezoidal Variational Integration of Hamiltonian Systems
Jiabo Tan

171. Application on Mining Association Rules with Attributes Reduction Based on Fractal Dimension
Qixin Chen

172. Study of ADOX Application in SQL Server Skill Assessment
Yaofei Chen

173. Cost Estimation of Equipment Software in Earlier Period Based on Wideband Delphi and Function Resolve
Zhang Minfang, Liu Woye, Chen Jiansi

174. Performance Evaluation of Embedded Computer through Combining Grey Trend Relational Degree with G1 Method
Zhou Yan-nian, Zhu Yi’an

175. Tentative Discussion on Network Security based on Data Encryption
Jinhua Wang, Xiaodong Liu

176. Exploration of Write-Ahead Logging
Haiyu Li

177. The Discussion and Application of Computer Boot Technology
Lin Chen, Ming Li

178. A Method of Image Enhancement Based on Least Squares Support Vector Machine
Hui Wan

179. Transponder Landing System Antenna Array Design
Xiubin Zhao, Yihuan Yang, Jian’an Zhang

180. New Delay-Dependent Synchronization Criterion for Complex Dynamical Networks with Coupling Delay
Degang Yang, Chunyan Hu

181. Communication Test Based on MFG for Agent System
Junyi Li, Hongbo Yan

182. Research of Rights Management Protocol for Mobile Devices
Zeng Rui, Wang Ying-yan

183. Application Analysis on EPON Technology Applied in Communication System of Smart Substation
Wei Yong, Xu Wei-guo, Zhang Yong-li, Chen Zhi-hong

184. Design and Implementation for MY-FUN Mobile Client Software
ZiLi Chen, YanXia Wang, ZuXue Wei

185. A Research Model of Packet Forwarding in Programmable Network
Xianchun Zou, Yan Ma, Yuanyuan Liang

186. Research and Design on a New Operational Type of Campus Network
Zheng Zeng, Lin Chen

187. Research of Network Management System Based on Active Network
Li Ming, Ma Yan

188. Feature Extraction of Radar Emitter Signal Based on Wavelet Packet and EMD
Zhu Bin, Jin Wei-dong

189. Power Allocation for Cooperative Communication of Gaussian Channel Gains
Yuan Zhang, Shexiang Ma

190. A Practical Filter of Varying Rate Measurement of Multiple Airborne and Ground-based Radars
Fan XiongHua, Jiang Jing, Gao Lan

191. Study of Brushless DC Motor Control System with Current Hysteresis Loop
Li Zheng-zhong, Gao Guo-fang

192. ADRC Algorithm of Furnace Temperature Control System
Gao Guofang, Li Zhengzhong

193. A Method Research on Nonlinear System Identification Based on Neural Network
Xinghua Liu, Jiang Meng, Jike Ge

194. Parallelized Monte Carlo Illumination Implementation in Ray Tracing by Using CUDA
Wang Wei, Liu Fuyan

195. Fuzzy Operation Forensics Research Based on Mathematical Morphology
Linhua Zhang, Wanyu Duan, Hongli Guo

196. Design of Heating Furnace Temperature Control System Based on Fuzzy-PID Controller
Gao Guofang, Li Zhengzhong

197. Characteristics of Rustling Sounds Created by the Cotton Fabrics with Variable-Rubbing Speeds
Wang Hongshan, Zhang pan

198. Construction and Application of Fuzzy Evaluation Model in Laboratory Project Based on AHP
TongKe CUI, BenGui LI

199. Feature Variable Selection based on Variable Contributions in Artificial Neural
Jibin Chang, Li Yan, Yubin Liu, Yucheng Liu

200. Generalized Least Square Estimation of Error-in-Variable Models and its Statistical Property
Haoqi Li

201. User Interest Data Discovery Mode
Qiong Hong, Hao Zhang

202. Method for Image Edge Detection Based on UGM Model
Ya-hui Zhu, Guo-hua Peng

203. Study on Fusion Based FNN Algorithm for Sign Language Recognition
Ming Li

204. An Improved Ant Colony Clustering Algorithm
Weian Tao, Yan Ma, Jinghua Tian, Mingyong Li, Wenshu Duan, Yuanyuan Liang

205. Video Face Recognition and Pose Discrimination Based on Neural Network
Xiaoping Wang

206. Edge Detection of Color Image Based on HI*S* Color Space
Linhua Zhang, Xiuli Mao, Chuanbin Zhou

207. Cross-Platform Video Segmentation System Based on Color Histogram
Yin Jian, Wang Wei, Wang Suhuan

208. Generation and Applications of DEM Based on ArcGIS
Fang Liang, Jianxiong Zhang, Wenjuan Lian, Weiling Lv

209. Effects of L1 Proficiency on L2 Self-Embedded Complex Sentence Processing
Ren Hulin

210. A New Method for Line Matching
Yanxia Wang, Ma Yan, Qixin Chen

211. Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Based on Neighborhood Search
Wenxue Zhang

212. Research on Structural Similarity for Image Quality Assessment
Hui Dong, Xiuhua Ji, Yuting Song

213. Probe into E-Education of “Algorithm and Data Structure”
Yanqin Tang, Zhe Xu, Qing Li

214. Design of High-Performance Network Learning Platform
Ma Handa

215. The Value Orientation of Curriculum Implementation in Vocational Nursing Education
Haihong Zhang, Wenxue Zhang

216. Deeply Research on Diversity Evaluation Mode of “Fundamentals of Programming”
Lu Ling, Liu Hengyang, Huang XianYing

217. Study of Constructing a Flash-Based Practical Integrableware System
Chen Yaofei, Ni Yinghua

218. Design of Technology Innovation Based on Triz
Pei Xiaomin, Zhang Jun

219. Evolutionary Game Analysis of the Problem in Occupational-Disease Appraisal
Xueping Zuo, Guangle Yan

220. Study on the Critical Side of Transportation Network for the Emergency Material Base on the Condition of Minimum Cost & Maximum Flow
Xiong Ying, Huang Xiang

221. LD Factorization and Orthogonal Diagonal Factorization of Row (Column) Skew Symmetric Matrices
Yuan Hui-ping

222. Ejecting Interior Ballistic Design and Computation for Carrier Plane
Qinggui Chen, Qiang Qi, Haiyang Wang, Ruyan Zhao, Bin Wang

223. Control Smoke Animations Through Variational Guiding
Chen Yecheng, Liu Fuyan

224. Design and Implementation of Intelligent Recommendation System Platform Based on MVC
Hao Zhang, Qiong Hong

225. On the Security Issues of E-Government System of Public Sectors
Jinhua Wang, Zhiyong Li

226. A Low Complexity Parallel Iterative Decoding Algorithm for Turbo Product Codes
Xueping Wang, Wen Luo

227. MVC Design and Application for Online Employment
Huang Hanyan

228. The Relationship Between North Pacific Oscillation and Summer Floods/Drougts over North China
Zheng Qiuyue, Hu Jingguo, Shen Baizhu, Gong Zhiqiang, Feng Guolin

229. Study on Embedded and Integrated Navigation System Based on ARM and DSP
Aijun Zhang, Xiaolin Cheng, Yunfeng He

230. Design and Research on Information Services Management System
Li Yang, Daiyun Weng

231. Research on Urban Public Traffic Network of Chongqing Based on PAJEK
Zhonghua Zhu, Degang Yang

232. Design of the Third-Party Knowledge Service Platform Oriented to Full Lifecycle of Virtual Enterprise
Yong Feng, Yan Yang, Yong-fang Guo, Hong-yan Xu

233. Empirical Analysis of Wuhan Weighted Bus-Stop Network Characteristics
Man Zhao, Degang Yang

234. Opinion Mining by Generating the Summaries of Users’ Reviews
Zhu Deli

235. The 3D Visual Research of Virtual Forest Based on OpenGL
Bo Peng, Chuanwen Luo, Wangyang Jiang

236. Non-Greedy Heuristic Web Spiders Search Algorithm
Weiming Yang

Nyckelord: Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks, Information Systems and Communication Service, Innovation/Technology Management

Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
Teknologi, energi, trafik

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