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Borisov, Alexey V.

IUTAM Symposium on Hamiltonian Dynamics, Vortex Structures, Turbulence

Borisov, Alexey V. - IUTAM Symposium on Hamiltonian Dynamics, Vortex Structures, Turbulence, e-bok


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ISBN: 9781402067440

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Table of contents

1. Vortex Dynamics: The Legacy of Helmholtz and Kelvin
Keith Moffatt

2. Vortex Dynamics of Wakes
Hassan Aref

3. Vorticity Equation of 2D-Hydrodynamics, Vlasov Steady-State Kinetic Equation and Developed Turbulence
Valery V. Kozlov

4. A New Integrable Problem of Motion of Point Vortices on The Sphere
Alexey V. Borisov, Alexander A. Kilin, Ivan S. Mamaev

5. Nonintegrability and Fractional Kinetics Along Filamented Surfaces
George M. Zaslavsky

6. Two-Dimensional Turbulence on A Bounded Domain
GertJan Heijst, Herman Clercx

7. Analogy of A Vortex-Jet Filament With The Kirchhoff Elastic Rod and Its Dynamical Extension
Yasuhide Fukumoto

8. Adiabatic Invariance in Volume-Preserving Systems
Anatoly Neishtadt, Dmitri Vainchtein, Alexei Vasiliev

9. Unstable-Periodic-Flow Analysis of Couette Turbulence
Shigeo Kida, Takeshi Watanabe, Takao Taya

10. Motion of an Elliptic Vortex Ring and Particle Transport
Yoshi Kimura

11. Hetonic Quartet: Exploring the Transitions in Baroclinic Modons
Ziv Kizner

12. Dynamics of a Solid Affected by a Pulsating Point Source of Fluid
Andrey Morgulis, Vladimir Vladimirov

13. Phase Transitions to Superrotation in a Coupled Fluid—Rotating Sphere System
Chjan C. Lim

14. Vortex Kelvin Modes with Nonlinear Critical Layers
Sherwin A. Maslowe, Nilima Nigam

15. Non-Divergent 2D Vorticity Dynamics and the Shallow Water Equations on the Rotating Earth
Nathan Paldor

16. High-Dimensional Hamiltonian Dynamical Systems: Theory and Computational Realization for Theoretical Chemistry
Stephen Wiggins

17. On Statistical Mechanics of Vortex Lines
Victor Berdichevsky

18. Numerical Verification of Weakly Turbulent Law of Wind Wave Growth
Sergei I. Badulin, Alexander V. Babanin, Vladimir E. Zakharov, Donald T. Resio

19. The Size Distribution Function For Mixed-Layer Thermals in The Convective Atmosphere
Alexander N. Vul’fson

20. Families Of Translating Neutral Vortex Street Configurations
Kevin A. O’Neil

21. Lagrangian Flow Geometry of Tripolar Vortex
Lorena A. Barba, Oscar U. Velasco Fuentes

22. Clustering and Mixing of Floating Particles by Surface Waves
Sergei Lukaschuk, Petr Denissenko, Gregory Falkovich

23. Resolution of Near-Wall Pressure in Turbulence on the Basis of Functional Approach
Efim Kudashev

24. Triplet of Helical Vortices
Valery L. Okulov, Igor V. Naumov, Wen Z. Shen, Jens N. Sørensen

25. Long-Wave Transition To Instability of Flows in Horizontally Extended Domains of Porous Media
Andrej Il’ichev, George Tsypkin

26. Non-Dissipative and Low-Dissipative Shocks with Regular and Stochastic Structures in Non-Linear Media With Dispersion
Igor B. Bakholdin

27. Hyperchaos in Piezoceramic Systems with Limited Power Supply
Alexandr Yu. Shvets, Tatyana S. Krasnopolskaya

28. About Analytic Solvability of Nonstationary Flow of Ideal Fluid with a Free Surface
Roman V. Shamin

29. Nonintegrable Perturbations of Two Vortex Dynamics
Denis Blackmore

30. Rossby Solitary Waves in the Presence of a Critical Layer
Philippe Caillol, Roger H. Grimshaw

31. Adjustment of Lens-Like Stratified Axisymmetric Vortices to Pulsons
Georgi G. Sutyrin

32. Evolution of an Intense Vortex in a Periodic Sheared Flow
Georgi Sutyrin, Xavier Carton

33. Vortex Interaction in an Unsteady Large-Scale Shear/Strain Flow
Xavier Perrot, Xavier Carton

34. Modified Shallow Water Equations. Simple Waves and Riemann Problem
Kirill V. Karelsky, Aralel S. Petrosyan

35. Estimation of Optimal for Chaotic Transport Frequency of Non-Stationary Flow Oscillation
Yury Izrailsky, Konstantin Koshel, Dmitry Stepanov

36. A Unified Linear Wave Theory of the Shallow Water Equations on a Rotating Plane
Nathan Paldor, Andrey Sigalov

37. Chaotic Advection and Nonlinear Resonances in a Periodic Flow above Submerged Obstacle
Peter A. Davies, Konstantin V. Koshel, Mikhail A. Sokolovskiy

38. Trapped Vortex Cores in Internal Solitary Waves Propagating in a Thin Stratified Layer Embedded in a Deep Homogeneous Fluid
Oleg G. Derzho

39. On the Stability of Stratified Quasi-Geostrophic Currents with Vertical Shear above Isolated Topographic Features
Valery N. Zyryanov

40. Dynamics of Two Rings of Vortices on a Sphere
Alexey V. Borisov, Ivan S. Mamaev

41. On the Motion of Two Mass Vortices in Perfect Fluid
Sergey M. Ramodanov

42. Rubber Rolling: Geometry and Dynamics of 2-3-5 Distributions
Kurt Ehlers, Jair Koiller

43. On the Motion of A + 1 Vortices in a Two-Layer Rotating Fluid
Mikhail A. Sokolovskiy, Jacques Verron

44. Cascades of Period Multiplying in the Planar Hill’s Problem
Alexandr B. Batkhin, Natalia V. Batkhina


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