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Hoyningen-Huene, Paul

Rethinking Scientific Change and Theory Comparison

Hoyningen-Huene, Paul - Rethinking Scientific Change and Theory Comparison, e-bok


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ISBN: 9781402062797

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Table of contents

1. Incommensurability, As Differences in Quasi-Intuitive Cognitive Capacities: A Task for Psychology?

1. Introduction
Léna Soler

2. Incommensurability Naturalized
Alexander Bird

3. Commentary on Bird’s Paper
Paul Hoyningen-Huene

2. Incommensurability in a Wittgensteinian Perspective: How to Make Sense of Nonsense

4. Nonsense and Paradigm Change
Aristides Baltas

5. Commentary on “Nonsense and Paradigm Change”, by Aristides Baltas
Eric Oberheim

3. Intra-Theoretical Change, as a Subjective Creative Elucidation of an Objective Formerly Present Content

6. From One Version to the Other: Intra-Theoretical Change
Anouk Barberousse

7. Commentary on “From One Version to the Other: Intra-Theoretical Change”, by Anouk Barberousse
Igor Ly

4. Investigating the Continuities of Scientific Theorizing: A Task for the Bayesian?

8. Modeling High-Temperature Superconductivity: Correspondence at Bay?
Stephan Hartmann

9. An Instrumental Bayesianism Meets the History of Science
Edward Jurkowitz

5. From the Cumulativity of Physical Predictions to the Cumulativity of Physics

10. Is Science Cumulative? a Physicist Viewpoint
Bernard d’Espagnat

11. Commentary on “is Science Cumulative? a Physicist Viewpoint”, by Bernard d’Espagnat
Marcel Weber

6. From Denotational Continuity to Entity Realism

12. The Optimistic Meta-Induction and Ontological Continuity: the Case of the Electron
Robert Nola

13. Some Optimism for the Pessimist
Steve Clarke

7. Is a Realist Interpretation of Quantum Physics Possible?

14. Can We Consider Quantum Mechanics to Be a Description of Reality?
Hervé Zwirn

15. Commentary on “Can We Consider Quantum Mechanics to Be a Description of Reality?”, by Herve Zwirn
Soazig Bihan

8. Ontological Continuity: A Policy for Model Building or an Argument in Favour of Scientific Realism?

16. Reasons for Choosing Among Readings of Equipollent Theories
Rom Harré

17. Harré Needs No Realism
Mauricio Suárez

9. A Change of Perspective: Dissolving the Incommensurability Problem in the Framework of a Theoretical Pluralism Incorporating an Instrumental Rationality

18. Of Course Idealizations Are Incommensurable!
Paul Teller

19. Incommensurability from a Modelling Perspective
Ronald N. Giere

10. What Can Philosophical Theories of Scientific Method Do?

20. The Aim And Structure Of Methodological Theory
Martin Carrier

21. Method and Objectivity
Michel Bitbol

11. A New Kind of Incommensurability at the Level of Experimental Practices?

22. The Incommensurability of Experimental Practices: An Incommensurability of What? An Incommensurability of A Third Type?
Léna Soler

23. Some Reflections on Experimental Incommensurability
Howard Sankey

12. Pragmatic Breakdowns: A New Kind of Scientific Revolution?

24. Disruptive Scientific Change
Thomas Nickles

25. Scientific Revolutions: the View from Inside and the View from Outside
Emiliano Trizio


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