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Němeček, Zdeněk

Multiscale Processes in the Earth’s Magnetosphere: From Interball to Cluster

Němeček, Zdeněk - Multiscale Processes in the Earth’s Magnetosphere: From Interball to Cluster, e-bok


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ISBN: 9781402027680

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Table of contents

1. Propagation and Evolution of ICMES in the Solar Wind
John D. Richardson, Ying Liu, John W. Belcher

2. The Solar Wind Interaction with Planetary Magnetospheres
C. T. Russell, X. Blanco-Cano, N. Omidi, J. Raeder, Y. L. Wang

3. An Overview of New Concepts Deduced from Interball Solar Wind Investigations
G. N. Zastenker

4. Interplanetary Discontinuities and Shocks in the Earth’s Magnetosheath
Adam Szabo

5. Magnetosheath Investigations: Interball Contribution to the Topic
Jana Šfránková, Mykhaylo Hayosh, Zdenék Némecek, Lubomír Prech

6. Pressure Pulses and Cavity Mode Resonances
David G. Sibeck

7. Two-Point Interball Observations of the LLBL
Zdenek Nemecek, Jana Šafránková, Lubomír Prrech, Jirí Šimunek

8. Cluster: New Measurements of Plasma Structures in 3D
C. P. Escoubet, H. Laakso, M. Goldstein

9. CUSP Properties for By Domainant IMF
Simon Wing, Patrick T. Newell, Ching-I Meng

10. CEP as a Source of Upstream Energetic Ions
Jiasheng Chen, Theodore A. Fritz

11. Magnetic Cloud and Magnetosphere—Ionosphere Response to the 6 November 1997 CME
Alexander Z. Bochev, Iren Ivanova A. Dimitrova

12. Multipoint Observations of Transient Event Motion Through the Ionosphere and Magnetosphere
G. I. Korotova, D. G. Sibeck, H. J. Singer, T. J. Rosenberg

13. A Model for the MHD Turbulence in the Earth’s Plasma Sheet: Building Computer Simulations
Joseph E. Borovsky

14. Cold Ionospheric Ions in the External Dayside Magnetosphere
Jean-André Sauvaud, Pierrette Décréau

15. Role of Electrostatic Effects in Thin Current Sheets
Lev M. Zelenyi, Helmi V. Malova, Victor Popov, Dominique C. Delcourt, A. Surjalal Sharma

16. Bursty Bulk Flows and Their Ionospheric Footprints
Victor A. Sergeev

17. Multi-Point Cluster Observations of VLF Risers, Fallers and Hooks at and Near the Plasmapause
J. S. Pickett, O. Santolík, S. W. Kahler, A. Masson, M. L. Adrian, D. A. Gurnett, T. F. Bell, H. Laakso, M. Parrot, P. Décréau, A. Fazakerley, N. Cornilleau-Wehrlin, A. Balogh, M. André


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Nyckelord: SCIENCE / Physics SCI055000


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