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Busch, Gillian

Constructing Methodology for Qualitative Research

Busch, Gillian - Constructing Methodology for Qualitative Research, e-bok


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ISBN: 9781137599438

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Bobby Harreveld, Mike Danaher, Celeste Lawson, Bruce Allen Knight, Gillian Busch

2. A Non-binary Methodological Manoeuvre: Expert Quantitative and Novice Qualitative Researcher
Gemma Mann

3. Dipping Qualitative Toes into a Quantitative Worldview: Methodological Manoeuvres in a Multicultural Context
Cynthia Cowling, Celeste Lawson

4. Navigating the Path Between Positivism and Interpretivism for the Technology Academic Completing Education Research
Michael A. Cowling

5. A Bricoleur Approach to Navigating the Methodological Maze
Reyna Zipf

6. Manoeuvring Through the Maze of Methodology: Constructing the Research-Ready Embodied RHD Student
Teresa Moore

7. Elements of a Fusionist Ontology: Paradigmatic Choices in Understanding the Reasons for Career Change
Rickie Fisher

8. We Cannot Do This Work Without Being Who We Are: Researching and Experiencing Academic Selves
Sarah Loch, Alison L. Black

9. Show and Tell: A Practice-Led Methodological Solution for Researchers in Creative Writing
Leanne Dodd

10. Articulating the Fact Behind the Fiction: Narrative Inquiry as a Research Methodology for Historical Novelists
Alison Owens

11. On Manoeuvre: Navigating Practice-Led Methodology in a Creative Writing PhD for the First Time
Mike Danaher, Margaret Jamieson

12. Methodological and Other Research Strategies to Manoeuvre from Single to Multi- and Interdisciplinary Project Partnerships
Donna Lee Brien, Margaret McAllister

13. Contested Concepts: Negotiating Debates About Qualitative Research Methods Such as Grounded Theory and Autoethnography
Steven Pace

14. Discursive Manoeuvring in the Borderlands of Career Transition: From Trade to Teacher
Bill Blayney, Bobby Harreveld

15. Understanding and Influencing Research with Children
Alison L. Black, Gillian Busch

16. From Fledgling Manoeuvres to Methodological Confidence: Conversations Between a Doctoral Student and Supervisor on Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis to Explore the Everyday Worlds of Children and Families
Gillian Busch, Susan Danby

17. Reimagining Rooms for Methodological Manoeuvres: Distilled Dilemmas, Proposed Principles and Synthesised Strategies in Research Education and Social Practices Qualitatively
P. A. Danaher

Nyckelord: Education, International and Comparative Education, Research Methodology, Sociology of Education, Sociology of Education, Higher Education

Palgrave Studies in Education Research Methods
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