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Molinaro, Vince

Accountable Leaders: Inspire a Culture Where Everyone Steps Up, Takes Ownership, and Delivers Results

Molinaro, Vince - Accountable Leaders: Inspire a Culture Where Everyone Steps Up, Takes Ownership, and Delivers Results, e-bok


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ISBN: 9781119550136

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Proven methods to push your organization to its maximum potential with responsible leadership

Accountable Leaders is the real-world guide to propelling your business to extraordinary levels of performance and achievement. Leadership accountability is a major issue in organizations around the globe. Research has shown that teams and individual employees are overwhelmingly dissatisfied with the degree of accountability demonstrated by their leaders. Effective teams need responsible and accountable leaders—the solution seems simple. Yet, thousands of businesses are struggling with mediocre performance and widening gaps in leadership. This essential resource provides practical and no-nonsense strategies to transform any organization into a cohesive, highly motivated culture of accountable leaders and fully committed teams.

Bestselling author Dr. Vince Molinaro shares his proven methods of optimal leadership accountability, providing a step-by-step blueprint for leaders in any organization. Developed from years of experience helping Fortune 500 companies build strong leaders and effective teams, this book will enable you to:

  • Build strong leadership accountability to leverage competitive advantage, increase team performance, and close the leadership gap in your organization
  • Understand why gaps in leadership occur and recognize accountability issues in your own organization
  • Develop an effective strategy to instill a culture of accountability and responsibility in your business
  • Identify and implement organizational practices that encourage accountable leadership throughout your management structure

Accountable Leadersis a vital guide for anyone who leads a team: from managers and supervisors, to CEOs and CHROs. This invaluable guide will provide the tools and knowledge to take you and your organization to incredible levels of performance and achievement.

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John Wiley and Sons, Inc.
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