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Sharon, Madhuri

History of Nanotechnology: From Prehistoric to Modern Times

Sharon, Madhuri - History of Nanotechnology: From Prehistoric to Modern Times, e-bok


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ISBN: 9781119460589

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The scientific knowledge of nanoscience and nanotechnology is regarded to be a modern sciencethat evolved after Feynman’s concept was formulated in the 1950s. However, Faraday and other scientists in the 19th century showed the science behind the small and its relation to optical properties. And it is now accepted that knowledge of using nanoparticles prevailed during the medieval period as well.

This book takes the readers on a fascinating journey writing the history of nanotechnology based on the evidence of existence from the prehistoric period right up to the contemporary times. Nature utilized nanotechnology during the origin and expansion of the universe and especially in the evolution of living beings on our planet. Early civilizations in different parts of globe fabricated and used materials without having perception of their actual size.

This unique historical view systematically evaluates the development of various applications of nanotechnology through the ages and the science behind it. Some of the issues covered include:

•How old is nanotechnology?
•Pre-historic evidence of knowledge of nanotechnology
•Nanotechnology in ancient India
•Ayurvedic Bhasma as nanomedicine
•Mayan’s knowledge of nanotechnology
•Nanotechnology during the Roman empire and medieval period
•European knowledge in the 19th century
•Modern and contemporary history of nanotechnology

This book is compilation of existence of scientific knowledge even of the people who existed before there were schools, universities and organized teaching. The author has scoured literature dating back to Mayan … as well as historical observations

A systematic evaluation of development of various applications of nanotechnology and the science behind it is presented in this book under following headings

-How old is Nanotechnology
-Pre-historic Evidence of Knowledge of Nanotechnology
-Nanotechnology in Ancient India
-Ayurvedic Bhasma as Nanomedicine, its use prevails even today
-Mayan’s Knowledge of Nanotechnology
-Nanotechnologists Flourished During Roman Empire and medieval period
-European Nano knowledge That Led to Faraday Understands of Gold Nanoparticles
-Contemporary History of Nanotechnology

Nyckelord: foreword; old; nanotechnology; nanogeosystem; abiotic nanoparticles formation; nanoparticles; composites; mineral; volcanic activities; cosmic sources; dust; surfaces; desert; biotic, History of Science & Medicine, General & Introductory Materials Science, History of Science & Medicine, General & Introductory Materials Science

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