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Huang, Yi

Anechoic and Reverberation Chambers: Theory, Design, and Measurements

Huang, Yi - Anechoic and Reverberation Chambers: Theory, Design, and Measurements, e-bok


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ISBN: 9781119362043

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A comprehensive review of the recent advances in anechoic chamberand reverberation chamber designs and measurements

Anechoic and Reverberation Chambers is a guide to the latest systematic solutions for designing anechoic chambers that rely on state-of-the-art computational electromagnetic algorithms. This essential resource contains a theoretical and practical understanding forelectromagnetic compatibility and antenna testing. The solutions outlined optimise chamber performance in the structure, absorber layout and antenna positions whilst minimising the overall cost. The anechoic chamber designs are verified by measurement results from Microwave Vision Group that validate the accuracy of the solution.

Anechoic and Reverberation Chambers fills this gap in the literature by providing a comprehensive reference to electromagnetic measurements, applications and over-the-air tests inside chambers. The expert contributors offer a summary of the latest developments in anechoic and reverberation chambers to help scientists and engineers apply the most recent technologies in the field. In addition, the book contains a comparison between reverberation and anechoic chambers and identifies their strengths and weaknesses.This important resource:

• Provides a systematic solution for anechoic chamber design by using state-of-the-art computational electromagnetic algorithms

• Examines both types of chamber in use: comparing and contrasting the advantages and disadvantages of each

• Reviews typical over-the-air measurements and new applications in reverberation chambers

• Offers a timely and complete reference written by authors working at the cutting edge of the technology

• Contains helpful illustrations, photographs, practical examples and comparison between measurements and simulations

Written for both academics and industrial engineers and designers, Anechoic and Reverberation Chambers explores the most recent advances in anechoic chamberand reverberation chamber designs and measurements.


Guide to anechoic and reverberation chambers; text on anechoic and reverberation chambers; understanding anechoic and reverberation chambers; resource to anechoic and reverberation chambers; over-the-air test; average absorption coefficient; anechoic chamber; auto-correlation function; absorption cross section; antenna efficiency; axial ratio; antenna under test; antenna validation factor; boundary element method; bit error rate; breadth-first search; base station emulator; computer aided design; cumulative distribution function; computational electromagnetics; statistical electromagnetics; chamber loading factor; central limit theorem; chamber validation factor; multi-input multi-output; diversity gain; electromagnetic compatibility

, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Antennas & Propagation, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Antennas & Propagation
John Wiley and Sons, Inc.
Wiley - IEEE
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