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French, Hugh M.

The Periglacial Environment

French, Hugh M. - The Periglacial Environment, e-bok


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ISBN: 9781119132813

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The Periglacial Environment, Fourth Edition, is an authoritative overview of the world’s cold, non-glacial environments. First published in 1976 and subsequently revised in 1996 and 2007, the text has been the international standard for nearly 40 years.

The Fourth Edition continues to be a personal interpretation of the frost-induced conditions, geomorphic processes and landforms that characterize periglacial environments. Part One discusses the periglacial concept and describes the typical climates and ecosystems that are involved. Part Two describes the geocryology (permafrost science) associated with frozen ground. Part Three outlines the weathering and geomorphic processes associated with cold-climate conditions. Part Four provides insight into the periglacial environments of the Quaternary, especially the Late Pleistocene. Part Five describes some of the problems associated with human occupancy in regions that experience frozen ground and cold-climate conditions.

  • Extensively revised and updated
  • Written by an expert with over 50 years of field research
  • Draws upon the author’s personal experience from Northern Canada, Alaska, Siberia, Tibet, Antarctica, Svalbard, Scandinavia, southern South America, Western Europe and eastern North America

This book is an invaluable reference for advanced undergraduates in geography, geology, earth sciences and environmental sciences programs, and to resource managers and geotechnical engineers interested in cold regions.

Nyckelord: periglacial concept; Diagnostic criteria; Periglacial environments; The periglacial domain; the periglacial domain and the cryosphere; Disciplinary considerations of periglacial; The growth of geocryology; The challenge of Quaternary science; Periglacial geomorphology or cold-region geomorphology; Periglacial and Societal considerations; The growth of periglacial knowledge; geomorphology; geocryology; quaternary science; periglacial conditions; global climate change; northern high latitudes and periglacial; Periglacial Boundary conditions; Periglacial and Cold deserts; High Arctic climates; Continental climates; Alpine climates; Montane climates; Climates of low annual temperature range; Antarctica: a special case; Snow and ice; Wind; Ground climates; The thermal offset; The ground thermal regime; Periglacial climates and climate change; Why climate-cryosphere interactions accelerate climate warming; The Periglacial Environment; Hugh M. French, Geology & Geophysics, Physical Geography, Geology & Geophysics, Physical Geography

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