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Xu, Peng-Fei

Catalytic Cascade Reactions

Xu, Peng-Fei - Catalytic Cascade Reactions, e-bok


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ISBN: 9781118356647

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Demonstrates the advantages of catalytic cascade reactions for synthesizing natural products and pharmaceuticals

Riding the wave of green chemistry, catalytic cascade reactions have become one of the most active research areas in organic synthesis. During a cascade reaction, just one reaction solvent, one workup procedure, and one purification step are needed, thus significantly increasing synthetic efficiency.

Featuring contributions from an international team of pioneers in the field, Catalytic Cascade Reactions demonstrates the versatility and application of these reactions for synthesizing valuable compounds. The book examines both organocatalysis and transition-metal catalysis reactions, bringing readers up to date with the latest discoveries and activities in all major areas of catalytic cascade reaction research.

Catalytic Cascade Reactions begins with three chapters dedicated to organocatalytic cascade reactions, exploring amines, Brønsted acids, and the application of organocatalytic cascade reactions in natural product synthesis and drug discovery. Next, the book covers:

  • Gold-catalyzed cascade reactions
  • Cascade reactions catalyzed by ruthenium, iron, iridium, rhodium, and copper
  • Palladium-catalyzed cascade reactions of alkenes, alkynes, and allenes
  • Application of transition-metal catalyzed cascade reactions in natural product synthesis and drug discovery
  • Engineering mono- and multifunctional nanocatalysts for cascade reactions
  • Multiple-catalyst-promoted cascade reactions

All chapters are thoroughly referenced, providing quick access to important original research findings and reviews so that readers can explore individual topics in greater depth.

Drawing together and analyzing published findings scattered across the literature, this book provides a single source that encapsulates our current understanding of catalytic cascade processes. Moreover, it sets the stage for the development of new catalytic cascade reactions and their applications.

Nyckelord: Organic Chemistry, Catalytic Cascade Reactions, Peng-Fei Xu, Wei Wang, organocatalysis and transition-metal catalysis reactions, green chemistry, asymmetric organocatalytic, transition metal-catalytic, engineering functional nanocatalysts, multiple-catalyst-promoted cascade reactions

John Wiley and Sons, Inc.
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