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Klepacki, Laura

Avon: Building The World's Premier Company For Women

Klepacki, Laura - Avon: Building The World's Premier Company For Women, e-bok


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ISBN: 9781118040386

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A Winning Formula for Selling to Women Around the World

Avon has come a long way since handing out its first perfume sample back in 1886. The company, long famous for ringing customer doorbells, is now the world's largest direct sales organization—with almost five million representatives in more than 140 countries.

AVON: Building the World's Premier Company for Women is the first book ever to show how this cosmetics juggernaut achieved such incredible success, while revealing secrets any business can use to effectively market products of all kinds—especially to women.

Through this entertaining journey, you'll not only learn the colorful Avon story, but also see how every company, big or small, can benefit from its unique approach to sales and product development.

"By providing women with an unlimited opportunity for career success, Avon harnessed the power of a committed sales force to win customers and grow the business. The company's success story is testimony to the importance of focusing on your core business while recognizing the changes taking place with your customers and the environment."
Mary Sammons, President and CEO, Rite Aid Corporation

"The book is an excellent primer on how to successfully make alternative forms of distribution work."
Allen Burke, Director of Merchandising, QVC, Inc.

"The author's incisive revelations . . . capture the extraordinary personalities and entrepreneurial strategies of one of America's most spellbinding success stories."
—Annette Green, President Emeritus, The Fragrance Foundation

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