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Whittington, Lucy

Find Your Thing: How to Discover What You Do Best, Own It and Get Known for It

Whittington, Lucy - Find Your Thing: How to Discover What You Do Best, Own It and Get Known for It, e-bok


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ISBN: 9780857085979

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Finding it, refining it, loving it, and actually getting outthere and doing it

Don't waste your life not doing something you aren't brilliantat, not setting the world on fire with your ideas, your thinking,your inventions, your words — it doesn't matter how you doyour Thing, what matters is that you DO IT! And how about turningthat Thing into your business too? Lucy Whittington is on a mission— she wants everyone in the world to do what they'rebrilliant at and not just what they're 'good' at. Having done whatshe was 'good' at for a long time (marketing), and gettingoverqualified with an MBA, Lucy realized that her 'Thing' wasfinding other people's Thing and helping them turn it into a greatbusiness that they love. In this book, Lucy uses her provenfive-step process to help even more people find what they arebrilliant at.

  • Find out what you should be doing and how to make a living fromit
  • Take advantage of Lucy's expertise and follow her five-stepprocess for success
  • Be inspired and gain real practical advice
  • Receive guidance on taking your new business to the next levelby creating your "Star Plan"
  • Become famous for what you do

Imagine being so gifted that the work you are paid to do comesas naturally as breathing, and is so enjoyable that you would do itfor free. It can happen. You're gifted at something, and thatsomething is marketable. You can put yourself on the path to yourideal life, but first you have to Find Your Thing.

Nyckelord: Business Self-Help, Find Your Thing: How to discover what you do best, own it, and get known for it, Lucy Whittington, finding your calling, building a business, starting a business, finding a career, personal development, self-help, small business startup, do what you love, discovering talents, finding a path, choosing a job, vocations, marketing hobbies, side business, natural abilities, monetising hobbies, self-promotion, building a career, get paid for what you love, hobbies as work

John Wiley and Sons, Inc.
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