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Dolenz, Trina

Retool Your Relationship: Fix the One You're With

Dolenz, Trina - Retool Your Relationship: Fix the One You're With, e-bok


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ISBN: 9780470880494

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The resident therapist of VH1's hit show Tool Academy shows you how to transform your man and your relationship

Millions of people have seen Trina Dolenz inspire couples with surprising ways to improve their troubled relationships on the popular television show Tool Academy. Now Dolenz gives women the tools they need to take charge of the men in their lives and change them for the better-with or without the men's full knowledge or consent. In this groundbreaking guide, she shows you how to change your own perspectives, attitudes, and actions in order to pave the way for dramatic change in his behavior toward you.

Trina Dolenz includes a powerful ten-session plan for change that you can implement in your daily life-no special trips to Tool Academy necessary. You'll learn how everyday activities can be transformed into dynamic exercises in communication, positive arguing, and redefining roles, turning Toolish men into great partners.

  • Targets the key relationship problem areas such as arguments, sex, and cheating and shows how to address these issues to retool your relationship for the better
  • Contains a practical ten-session plan you can use to improve your man-without him even knowing it!
  • Features dramatic personal stories of couples Trina Dolenz has worked with both on Tool Academy and off the show
  • Includes interactive exercises to help you change harmful relationship patterns

Are Toolish problems driving you crazy? Take charge now with Retool Your Relationship and get him to love you the way you want-and deserve.

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