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Chainey, Spencer

GIS and Crime Mapping

Chainey, Spencer - GIS and Crime Mapping, e-bok


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The growing potential of GIS for supporting policing and crime reduction is now being recognised by a broader community. GIS can be employed at different levels to support operational policing, tactical crime mapping, detection, and wider-ranging strategic analyses. With the use of GIS for crime mapping increasing, this book provides a definitive reference.

GIS and Crime Mapping provides essential information and reference material to support readers in developing and implementing crime mapping. Relevant case studies help demonstrate the key principles, concepts and applications of crime mapping.

This book combines the topics of theoretical principles, GIS, analytical techniques, data processing solutions, information sharing, problem-solving approaches, map design, and organisational structures for using crime mapping for policing and crime reduction. Delivered in an accessible style, topics are covered in a manner that underpins crime mapping use in the three broad areas of operations, tactics and strategy.

  • Provides a complete start-to-finish coverage of crime mapping, including theory, scientific methodologies, analysis techniques and design principles.
  • Includes a comprehensive presentation of crime mapping applications for operational, tactical and strategic purposes.
  • Includes global case studies and examples to demonstrate good practice.
  • Co-authored by Spencer Chainey, a leading researcher and consultant on GIS and crime mapping, and Jerry Ratcliffe, a renowned professor and former police officer.

This book is essential reading for crime analysts and other professionals working in intelligence roles in law enforcement or crime reduction, at the local, regional and national government levels. It is also an excellent reference for undergraduate and Masters students taking courses in GIS, Geomatics, Crime Mapping, Crime Science, Criminal Justice and Criminology.

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John Wiley and Sons, Inc.
Mastering GIS: Technol, Applications & Mgmnt
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