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Huddleston, Rob

ActionScript: Your visual blueprint for creating interactive projects in Flash CS4 Professional

Huddleston, Rob - ActionScript: Your visual blueprint for creating interactive projects in Flash CS4 Professional, e-bok


E-bok, PDF, Adobe DRM-skydd
ISBN: 9780470541753

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Visual learners can get up and running quickly on ActionScript programming skills for Flash CS4

If you're a programmer who learns best when you see how something is done, this book will have you up and running with ActionScipt in no time. Step-by-step, two-page lessons show you the core programming foundations you must master to create rich Internet content using the preferred language for work with Flash. The visual approach breaks big topics into bite-sized modules, with high-resolution screen shots to illustrate each task.

You'll learn such skills as how to add interactivity, animate in code, and work with external content to create Flash projects with pizzazz.

  • Designed for visual learners, with two-page lessons and step-by-step, fully illustrated instructions

  • Covers foundation ActionScript, animating, interactivity, and working with external content

  • Demonstrates using the Actions panel, syntax rules, and essential language foundations Shows how to use variables and arrays; write functions, classes, if/else statements, and loops; and work with static classes such as Math

  • Explores essential techniques such as loading visual aspects at runtime, text from delimited text files and XML, and server-based assets using Flash Remoting

  • Companion Web site features all the code that appears in the text, ready to plug into your Web pages

ActionScript: Your visual blueprint to creating interactive projects in Flash CS4 Professional is the visual learner's way to master ActionScript quickly and easily.

Nyckelord: ActionScript programming, learn ActionScript 3.0, programming for Flash CS4, Flash programming languages, learn programming visually, visual instruction, object-oriented programming, ActionScript visual blueprint

John Wiley and Sons, Inc.
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