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Koodli, Rajeev S.

Mobile Inter-networking with IPv6 : Concepts, Principles and Practices

Koodli, Rajeev S. - Mobile Inter-networking with IPv6 : Concepts, Principles and Practices, e-bok


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ISBN: 9780470126479

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A comprehensive reference on understanding, designing, and implementing IP Mobility

This authoritative reference provides readers with a thorough understanding of IP Mobility using Mobile IPv6 and companion advanced mobility protocols including network mobility and fast handovers. It illustrates basic concepts and principles behind the IP Mobility architecture and covers the practices using detailed protocol description. Of particular importance is how mobile networking will support billions of devices without restricting applications or overburdening network infrastructures, and how it will support the movement of users from network to network without compromising security.

Authors Koodli and Perkins investigate how IP mobility is used in practice and the adoption of Mobile IPv6 in CDMA cellular systems. They also cover some experimental work, including performance of VoIP handovers over WLAN, multi-access network handovers, and emerging topics such as location privacy.

In five parts, Mobile Inter-networking with IPv6 covers:

  • Features of IPv6 and IP security
  • Mobility concepts and principles, Mobile IPv6 protocol, packet handling, and network mobility
  • Advanced mobility protocols, including fast handovers, fast handover protocol, context transfers, and hierarchical mobility management
  • Applying IP mobility, including Mobile IPv6 in CDMA packet data networks, enterprise mobile networking, and WLAN fast handovers
  • Emerging topics such as multi-access and mobility, seamless IP handovers, location privacy and IP mobility, and route optimization for Mobile IPv4 using Mobile IPv6 return routability

With chapter exercises and handy references, readers will have plenty of opportunities to pursue topics in further detail. This is a comprehensive reference suitable for practitioners and students with a basic understanding of TCP/IP protocols.

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John Wiley and Sons, Inc.
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