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Gaist, Paul A.

Igniting the Power of Community

Gaist, Paul A. - Igniting the Power of Community, e-bok


E-bok, PDF, Adobe DRM-skydd
ISBN: 9780387981574

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Table of contents

1. A Brief History of CBOs/NGOs in Health and Public Health
Julie A. Stachowiak

2. From an Idea to a Sustainable Organization: Getting a Grassroots CBO Off the Ground
Danielle German

3. The Importance of Sustainability in International Public Health NGOs
Meaghan Smith

4. Donor Organizations: What You Need to Know
Kandy S. Ferree

5. Philanthropy and the Culture of Giving: Its Beginnings, Current Character, and Future Expectations
Anisha S. Dharshi, Paul A. Gaist

6. The Freedom to Innovate: The Contributions of Social Entrepreneurs to the Field of Global Public Health
Beverly Schwartz

7. Faith-Based Organizations and Public Health
Rolando L. Santiago

8. Disasters and Conflict Zones Around the World: The Roles and Relationships of the Military and Nongovernmental Organizations
Ramey L. Wilson

9. Evidence, Equity, and Economics: Lessons and Challenges of the Environmental Health Movement
Mary C. Sheehan

10. On the Frontline: Community-Based Organizations in Health Research
ManChui Leung, Shobha Srinivasan

11. YEAH: One Story of Inspiration and Success
Alischa Ross

12. The American Red Cross: Delivering Services and Working with Partners in the USA and Around the World
Christy Feig

13. CARE: The Contribution of an International NGO to Global Health
Helene D. Gayle, Sanjay Sinho

14. Health Care for the Homeless: Beyond Repairing the Safety Net
L. Louise Treherne, Jeff Singer

15. Practical and Pragmatic: Strategically Applying Gender Perspectives to Increase the Power of Global Health Policies and Programs
Geeta Rao Gupta, Sarah Degnan Kambou

16. “Happy Healthy Muppets”: A Look at Sesame Workshop’s Health Initiatives Around the World
Charlotte F. Cole, Jennifer Kotler, Seeta Pai

17. Working Across Sectors: Preventing Disease and Promoting Health Through Policy and Practice
John M. Clymer

18. Human Trafficking and Its Public Health Implications
Emily Nykaza

19. Healthy Carolinians Microfinancing: Igniting the Power of the Community
Mary Bobbitt-Cooke

20. Working Across Borders: Transnational NGOs
Saul Levin

21. Players and Pawns: The Current Controversy with and Clampdown on NGOs in Russia
Chris Cavanaugh

22. Community-Based Organizations in the Millennium: Opportunities for Growth, Challenges to Survival
Victoria A. Cargill

23. Global Public Health: Winning the Fight
Paul A. Gaist

Nyckelord: Medicine & Public Health, Public Health/Gesundheitswesen, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

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