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Aplin, K. L.

Planetary Atmospheric Electricity

Aplin, K. L. - Planetary Atmospheric Electricity, e-bok


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ISBN: 9780387876641

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Table of contents

1. Foreword
Roger-Maurice Bonnet, Michel Blanc

2. Planetary Atmospheric Electricity
R. G. Harrison, K. L. Aplin, F. Leblanc, Y. Yair

3. Investigating Earth’s Atmospheric Electricity: aRole Model for Planetary Studies
K. L. Aplin, R. G. Harrison, M. J. Rycroft

4. Updated Review of Planetary Atmospheric Electricity
Y. Yair, G. Fischer, F. Simões, N. Renno, P. Zarka

5. Physical Processes Related to Discharges in Planetary Atmospheres
R. Roussel-Dupré, J. J. Colman, E. Symbalisty, D. Sentman, V. P. Pasko

6. An Overview of Earth’s Global Electric Circuit andAtmospheric Conductivity
Michael J. Rycroft, R. Giles Harrison, Keri A. Nicoll, Evgeny A. Mareev

7. Ions in the Terrestrial Atmosphere and Other Solar System Atmospheres
R. Giles Harrison, Hannes Tammet

8. Charge Generation and Separation Processes
Y. Yair

9. Physics of Electric Discharges in Atmospheric Gases: AnInformal Introduction
Rudolf A. Treumann, Zbigniew Klos, Michel Parrot

10. Cosmic Ray Induced Ion Production in the Atmosphere
G. A. Bazilevskaya, I. G. Usoskin, E. O. Flückiger, R. G. Harrison, L. Desorgher, R. Bütikofer, M. B. Krainev, V. S. Makhmutov, Y. I. Stozhkov, A. K. Svirzhevskaya, N. S. Svirzhevsky, G. A. Kovaltsov

11. Meteoric Layers in Planetary Atmospheres
J. G. Molina-Cuberos, J. J. López-Moreno, F. Arnold

12. Profiles of Ion and Aerosol Interactions in Planetary Atmospheres
S. N. Tripathi, M. Michael, R. G. Harrison

13. Composition and Measurement of Charged Atmospheric Clusters
K. L. Aplin

14. Atmospheric Ions and Aerosol Formation
Frank Arnold

15. Tropospheric New Particle Formation and the Role ofIons
Jan Kazil, R. Giles Harrison, Edward R. Lovejoy

16. Ground-Based and Space-Based Radio Observations ofPlanetary Lightning
P. Zarka, W. Farrell, G. Fischer, A. Konovalenko

17. Atmospheric Electricity at Saturn
Georg Fischer, Donald A. Gurnett, William S. Kurth, Ferzan Akalin, Philippe Zarka, Ulyana A. Dyudina, William M. Farrell, Michael L. Kaiser

18. Atmospheric Electricity Hazards
Ralph D. Lorenz

19. Electrical Effects on Atmospheric Chemistry
Ralph D. Lorenz

20. TARANIS—A Satellite Project Dedicated to the Physics of TLEs and TGFs
Francois Lefeuvre, Elisabeth Blanc, Jean-Louis Pinçon, Robert Roussel-Dupré, David Lawrence, Jean-André Sauvaud, Jean-Louis Rauch, Hervé Feraudy, Dominique Lagoutte

21. Lightning Detection by LAC Onboard the Japanese Venus Climate Orbiter, Planet-C
Y. Takahashi, J. Yoshida, Y. Yair, T. Imamura, M. Nakamura

22. Charge Separation Mechanisms in Clouds
Clive Saunders

23. Charge Structure and Dynamics in Thunderstorms
Maribeth Stolzenburg, Thomas C. Marshall

24. Formation of Charge Layers in the Planetary Atmospheres
Evgeny A. Mareev

25. Electrical Charging of Volcanic Plumes
M. R. James, L. Wilson, S. J. Lane, J. S. Gilbert, T. A. Mather, R. G. Harrison, R. S. Martin

26. Electrical Activity and Dust Lifting on Earth, Mars, andBeyond
Nilton O. Renno, Jasper F. Kok

27. The Charging of Planetary Rings
A. L. Graps, G. H. Jones, A. Juhász, M. Horányi, O. Havnes

28. Schumann Resonances as a Means of Investigating theElectromagnetic Environment inthe SolarSystem
F. Simões, M. Rycroft, N. Renno, Y. Yair, K. L. Aplin, Y. Takahashi

29. Blue Jets: Upward Lightning
Evgeny V. Mishin, Gennady M. Milikh

30. VLF Studies During TLE Occurrences in Europe: ASummary of New Findings
Á. Mika, C. Haldoupis

31. DEMETER Observations of EM Emissions Related toThunderstorms
M. Parrot, J. J. Berthelier, J. P. Lebreton, R. Treumann, J. L. Rauch

32. On ULF Signatures of Lightning Discharges
T. Bösinger, S. L. Shalimov


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