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Anderson, Laurie M.

Health Promotion Evaluation Practices in the Americas

Anderson, Laurie M. - Health Promotion Evaluation Practices in the Americas, e-bok


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ISBN: 9780387797335

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Table of contents

1. Introduction. Aligning Evaluation Research and Health Promotion Values: Practices from the Americas
Louise Potvin, David V. Mcqueen, Mary Hall

2. Health Promotion in the Americas: Divergent and Common Ground
Ligia Salazar, Laurie M. Anderson

3. Practical Dilemmas for Health Promotion Evaluation
Louise Potvin, David V. McQueen

4. Developing Evaluation Questions: Beyond the Technical Issues
Ligia Salazar, Mary Hall

5. There Is More to Methodology than Method
Louise Potvin, Sherri Bisset

6. A Realist Approach to the Systematic Review
Geneviève Mercille

7. From Knowledge to Action: Challenges and Opportunities for Increasing the Use of Evaluation in Health Promotion Policies and Practices
Zulmira M.A. Hartz, Jean-Louis Denis, Elizabeth Moreira, Alvaro Matida

8. Figurative Thinking and Models: Tools for Participatory Evaluation
Denis Allard, Angèle Bilodeau, Sylvie Gendron

9. Dilemmas in Health Promotion Evaluation: Participation and Empowerment
Marjorie MacDonald, Jennifer Mullett

10. Formative Evaluation and Community Empowerment Among American Indian/Alaska Natives
C. June Strickland, Felicia Hodge, Lillian Tom-Orme

11. Intersectoral Approaches to Health Promotion in Cities
Nicholas Freudenberg

12. The Participatory Evaluation of Healthy Municipalities, Cities and Communities Initiatives in the Americas
Marilyn Rice, Maria Cristina Franceschini

13. Evaluating Health Promotion in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: An Integrated Local Development Project
R. Bodstein

14. Multi-strategy in the Evaluation of Health Promotion Community Interventions: An Indicator of Quality
Zulmira Hartz, Carmelle Goldberg, Ana Claudia Figueiro, Louise Potvin

15. The Contribution of A Systematization Evaluative Approach to Implement A Health Promotion Project in Capela do Socorro, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Marcia Faria Westphal, Juan Carlos Aneiros Fernandez

16. Issues in Evaluating Equity
Mita Giacomini, Jeremiah Hurley

17. Context as a Fundamental Dimension of Health Promotion Program Evaluation
Blake Poland, Katherine L. Frohlich, Margaret Cargo

18. Conclusion
David V. McQueen, Louise Potvin

Nyckelord: MEDICAL / Public Health MED078000

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