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Sheng, Ping

Nanoscale Phenomena

Sheng, Ping - Nanoscale Phenomena, e-bok


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ISBN: 9780387730486

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Table of contents

Part I. Nano Structured Carbons and their Applications

1. Science and Technology of Nanocarbons
Morinobu Endo

2. Catalytically-Grown Carbon Nanotubes and Their Current Applications
Morinobu Endo

3. Transparent Conducting Films by Using Carbon Nanotubes
Hong-Zhang Geng, Young Hee Lee

4. Raman Spectroscopy on Double-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Wencai Ren, Hui-Ming Cheng

5. Interface Design of Carbon Nano-Materials for Energy Storage
Feng Li, Hong-Li Zhang, Chang Liu, Hui-Ming Cheng

6. Formation Mechanism of 0.4,nm Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes in CoAPO-5 Single Crystals
J. P. Zhai, I. L. Li, Z. M. Li, J. T. Ye, Z. K. Tang

Part II. Quantum Dots and Molecular Spintronics

7. Nanodevices and Maxwell’s Demon
Supriyo Datta

8. Manipulating Electron Spins in an InGaAs/InAlAs Two-Dimensional Electron Gas
C. L. Yang, X. D. Cui, S. Q. Shen, H. T. He, Lu Ding, J. N. Wang, F. C. Zhang, W. K. Ge

9. Continuum Modelling of Nanoscale Hydrodynamics
Ping Sheng, Tiezheng Qian, Xiaoping Wang

10. Defect in Zinc Oxide Nanostructures Synthesized by a Hydrothermal Method
A. B. Djurišic, K. H. Tam, C. K. Cheung, Y. H. Leung, C. C. Ling, C. D. Beling, S. Fung, W. K. Chan

Part III. Nano Materials Design and Synthesis

11. Towards Surface Science Studies of Surfaces Formed by Molecular Assemblies Using Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
Chen Wang, Shengbin Lei

12. Electronic Transport Through Metal Nanowire Contacts
Y. H. Lin, K. J. Lin, F. R. Chen, J. J. Kai, J. J. Lin

13. Synthesis and Properties of Quasi-One-Dimensional Nitride Nanostructures
Yong-Bing Tang, Dai-Ming Tang, Chang Liu, Hong-Tao Cong, Hui-Ming Cheng

14. Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy for Nannomaterials
C.H. Chen, M.W. Chu

15. Fabrication of Photovoltaic Devices by Layer-by-Layer Polyelectrolyte Deposition Method
Wai Kin Chan, Ka Yan Man, Kai Wing Cheng, Chui Wan Tse

16. Optical Properties of Arrays of Iodine Molecular Chains Formed Inside the Channels of AlPO4-5 Zeolite Crystals
J.T. Ye, Z.K. Tang

Part IV. Molecular Electronics

17. Quantum Manipulation at Molecule Scale
J. G. Hou

18. Silicon-Based Nano Devices for Detection of DNA Molecules
M. C. Lin, C. J. Chu, C. J. Liu, Y. P. Wu, C. S. Wu, C. D. Chen, I. C. Cheng, L. C. Tsai, H. Y. Lin, Ya-Na Wu, Dar-Bin Shieh, H. C. Wu, Y. T. Chen

19. From Simple Molecules to Molecular Functional Materials and Nanoscience
Vivian Wing-Wah Yam, Keith Man-Chung Wong

20. First-Principles Method for Open Electronic Systems
Xiao Zheng, GuanHua Chen


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