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Bonnet, R. -M.

Solar Variability and Planetary Climates

Bonnet, R. -M. - Solar Variability and Planetary Climates, e-bok


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ISBN: 9780387483412

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
J. D. Haigh

Section I:. Solar Output Variability

2. Assessing Solar Variability
R. -M. Bonnet

3. Solar Variability of Possible Relevance for Planetary Climates
S. K. Solanki, N. A. Krivova

4. Measurement of Total and Spectral Solar Irradiance
G. Rottman

5. Solar Irradiance Variability Since 1978
C. Fröhlich

6. Solar Variability Over the Past Several Millennia
J. Beer, M. Vonmoos, R. Muscheler

7. Solar and Heliospheric Modulation of Galactic Cosmic Rays
B. Heber, H. Fichtner, K. Scherer

8. What Do Cosmogenic Isotopes Tell Us about Past Solar Forcing of Climate?
M. Lockwood

Section II:. Tropospheric Aerosols, Radiation Budget, and Changes

9. Observed Long-Term Variations of Solar Irradiance at the Earth’s Surface
A. Ohmura

10. Aerosol Effects on Clouds and Climate
U. Lohmann

11. Satellite Observations of Natural and Anthropogenic Aerosol Effects on Clouds and Climate
Y. J. Kaufman

12. Aerosol-Cloud Interactions Control of Earth Radiation and Latent Heat Release Budgets
D. Rosenfeld

13. Atmospheric Ion-Induced Aerosol Nucleation
J. Curtius, E. R. Lovejoy, K. D. Froyd

14. Atmospheric Aerosol and Cloud Condensation Nuclei Formation: A Possible Influence of Cosmic Rays?
F. Arnold

Section III:. Climate Change: Detection and Attribution

15. On the Response of the Climate System to Solar Forcing
L. Bengtsson

16. Detection and Attribution of Climate Change, and Understanding Solar Influence on Climate
W. J. Ingram

17. The Climate Response to the Astronomical Forcing
M. Crucifix, M. F. Loutre, A. Berger

18. Regional Response of the Climate System to Solar Forcing: The Role of the Ocean
H. Goosse, H. Renssen

Section IV:. Middle Atmospheric Response to Solar Variability

19. Discussion of the Solar UV/Planetary Wave Mechanism
M. A. Geller

20. Solar Variation and Stratospheric Response
K. Labitzke

21. Signature of the 11-Year Cycle in the Upper Atmosphere
M. -L. Chanin

22. The Middle Atmospheric Ozone Response to the 11-Year Solar Cycle
Y. Calisesi, K. Matthes

23. Influence of the Solar Cycle on the General Circulation of the Stratosphere and Upper Troposphere
M. L. Salby, P. F. Callaghan

24. Multidecadal Signal of Solar Variability in the Upper Troposphere During The 20th Century
S. Brönnimann, T. Ewen, T. Griesser, R. Jenne

25. The Role of Dynamics in Solar Forcing
K. Kodera

26. Solar Influences on Dynamical Coupling Between the Stratosphere and Troposphere
J. D. Haigh, M. Blackburn

27. The Response of the Middle Atmosphere to Solar Cycle Forcing in the Hamburg Model of the Neutral and Ionized Atmosphere
H. Schmidt, G. P. Brasseur

28. A Possible Transfer Mechanism for the 11-Year Solar Cycle to the Lower Stratosphere
L. J. Gray, S. A. Crooks, M. A. Palmer, C. L. Pascoe, S. Sparrow

Section V:. Recent Space Data

29. Recent Space Data
J. Langen

30. Satellite Measurements of Middle Atmospheric Impacts by Solar Proton Events in Solar Cycle 23
C. H. Jackman, M. T. Deland, G. J. Labow, E. L. Fleming, M. López-Puertas

31. Impact of Solar Activity on Stratospheric Ozone and No2 Observed by GOMOS/ENVISAT
A. Hauchecorne, J. -L. Bertaux, R. Lallement

32. The Stratospheric and Mesospheric NOy in the 2002–2004 Polar Winters as Measured by MIPAS/ENVISAT
M. López-Puertas, B. Funke, T. Clarmann, H. Fischer, G. P. Stiller

33. Early Data from Aura and Continuity from UARS and Toms
E. Hilsenrath, M. R. Schoeber, A. R. Douglass, P. K. Bhartia, J. Barnett, R. Beer, J. Waters, M. Gunson, L. Froidevaux, J. Gille, P. F. Levelt

Section VI:. Planetary Science

34. What Do We Know about the Climate of Terrestrial Planets?
R. -M. Bonnet

35. Solar Variability and Climate Impact on Terrestrial Planets
J. -L. Bertaux

36. Climate Variability on Venus and Titan
F. W. Taylor

37. The Orbital Forcing of Climate Changes on Mars
F. Montmessin


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