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Marker, Brian

Geology and Ecosystems

Marker, Brian - Geology and Ecosystems, e-bok


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ISBN: 9780387292939

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Table of contents

Part I:.Geological Environment as a Basement for the Formation of Ecosystems

1. Contemporary Conceptions of the Geological Environment: Basic Features, Structure and System of Links
G. Vartanyan

2. The Geological Environment and Ecosystems
G. Vartanyan

3. Influence of Modern Geological Processes on Evolution of Ecosystems
G. Vartanyan

4. Geological and Geochemical Influences on Estuarine Ecosystems
W. Langston, J. Ridgway

5. The Role of Tectonic Processes in the Interaction Between Geology and Ecosystems
Roy J. Shlemon, Richard E. Riefner

6. Karst and Ecosystems
Julius Taminskas, Ricardas Paskauskas, Audrius Zvikas, Jonas Satkunas

Part II:.Environmental Impacts of the Extractive Industries

7. Geoenvironmental Problems of Mineral Resources Development
A. I. Krivtsov

8. Groundwater as a Component of the Environment
Igor S. Zektser

9. Groundwater Use and Public Health
Leonid I. Elpiner, Andrey Ye. Shapovalov

10. Methods of Groundwater Pollution Risk Estimation for Ecosystem Sustainability
Anna P. Belousova

Part III:.Anthropogenic Development, Geology and Ecosystems

11. Urbanisation and the Geoenvironment
Brian Marker

12. Assessment of Effects of Discharged Waters Upon Ecosystems
Zhanna V. Kuz’mina, S.Y. Treshkin

13. Impact of Technogenic Disasters on Ecogeological Processes
L.M. Rogachevskaya

14. Exogenic Geological Processes As a Landform-Shaping Factor
Marek Graniczny

15. Environmental Aspects of Groundwater Pollution
Roald G. Dzhamalov

Part IV:.Medical Problems Related to Geology and Ecosystem Interaction

16. Human Health and Ecosystems
Olle Selinus, Robert B. Finkelman, Jose A. Centeno

17. Medical and Ecological Significance of the Water Factor
Leonid I. Elpiner

Part V:.Prediction of the Geoenvironmental Evolution of Ecosystems

18. Prediction of Exogenic Geological Processes
Arkady I. Sheko, Vladimir S. Krupoderov

19. Prediction of Endogenic Geological Processes
G. Vartanyan

20. Mathematical Models of the Interaction Between the Geological and Ecological Environment
He Qingcheng

21. The Influence of Climate Change on Geology and Ecosystems Interaction
Jonas Satkunas, Julius Taminskas, Naum G. Oberman

Part VI:.Newest Ecogeological Processes Within River Basins

22. Ecosystem Monitoring under Desertification within Interior Sea-Lakes and Deltas
Nina M. Novikova, Olga A. Aldyakova

23. Ecosystems Forming on the Fresh River Deposition
T. Balyuk, J.H. Berg

Part VII:.Main Directions for Ecogeological Studies

24. Ecogeological Mapping
G. Vartanyan

25. Monitoring Geological Processes as Part of General Environment Monitoring
Marek Graniczny

26. Geology and High-Level Nuclear Waste Disposal - a Brief Overview
Alan Geoffrey Milnes

27. Monitoring Endogenic Geological Processes
G. Vartanyan

28. Permafrost Monitoring
Naum G. Oberman

29. Ecological Education of Geology Students
Viktor T. Trofimov, Vladimir M. Shvets


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Nyckelord: SCIENCE / Environmental Science SCI026000


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