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Pinaud, Raphael

Plasticity in the Visual System

Pinaud, Raphael - Plasticity in the Visual System, e-bok


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ISBN: 9780387281902

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Table of contents

1. Introduction to Plasticity in the Visual System: From Genes to Circuits
Peter Weerd, Raphael Pinaud, Liisa A. Tremere

Part I.Retinal and Thalamic Plasticity

2. Synaptic Plasticity and Structural Remodeling of Rod and Cone Cells
Ellen Townes-Anderson, Nan Zhang

3. Retinal Remodeling: Circuitry Revisions Triggered by Photoreceptor Degeneration
Robert E. Marc, Bryan W. Jones, Carl B. Watt

4. Retinal Plasticity and Interactive Cellular Remodeling in Retinal Detachment and Reattachment
Geoffrey P. Lewis, Steven K. Fisher

5. Experience-Dependent Rewiring of Retinal Circuitry: Involvement of Immediate Early Genes
Raphael Pinaud, Liisa A. Tremere

6. Attentional Activation of Cortico-Reticulo-Thalamic Pathways Revealed by Fos Imaging
Vicente Montero

Part II.Cortical Plasticity

7. Neuromodulatory Transmitters in Sensory Processing and Plasticity in the Primary Visual Cortex
Raphael Pinaud, Thomas A. Terleph, Liisa A. Tremere

8. Critical Calcium-Regulated Biochemical and Gene Expression Programs involved in Experience-Dependent Plasticity
Raphael Pinaud

9. The Molecular Biology of Sensory Map Plasticity in Adult Mammals
Lutgarde Arckens

10. Plasticity of Retinotopic Maps in Visual Cortex of Cats and Monkeys After Lesions of the Retina or Primary Visual Cortex
Jon H. Kaas, Christine E. Collins, Yuzo M. Chino

11. Intra-cortical Inhibition in the Regulation of Receptive Field Properties And Neural Plasticity in the Primary Visual Cortex
Liisa A. Tremere, Raphael Pinaud

12. Plasticity in V1 Induced by Perceptual Learning
Peter Weerd, Raphael Pinaud, Giuseppe Bertini

13. Investigating Higher Order Cognitive Functions in the Dorsal (magnocellular) Stream of Visual Processing
Antonio F. Fortes, Hugo Merchant

14. Dopamine-Dependent Associative Learning of Workload-Predicting Cues in the Temporal Lobe of the Monkey
Barry J. Richmond

Part III.Theoretical Considerations

15. Linking Visual Development and Learning to Information Processing: Preattentive and Attentive Brain Dynamics
Stephen Grossberg

16. Conclusion: A Unified Theoretical Framework for Plasticity in Visual Circuitry
Liisa A. Tremere, Peter Weerd, Raphael Pinaud


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