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Bolam, J. Paul

The Basal Ganglia VIII

Bolam, J. Paul - The Basal Ganglia VIII, e-bok


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ISBN: 9780387280660

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Table of contents

Section I.Oscillations in the Basal Ganglia

1. Oscillations in the Basal Ganglia: The good, the bad, and the unexpected
Thomas Boraud, Peter Brown, Joshua A. Goldberg, Ann M. Graybiel, Peter J. Magill

2. Participation of Striatal Neurons in Large-Scale Oscillatory Networks
Joshua D. Berke

3. Do Local Field Potentials Reflect Synchronized Spiking Activity of Neuronal Populations in the Basal Ganglia?
Judith R. Walters, Dan Hu, Christy A. Itoga, Louise C. Parr-Brownlie, Debra A. Bergstrom

4. A Partial Spectra Method for Predicting Spike Correlations from Local Field Potentials
Joshua A. Goldberg, Hagai Bergman

5. Propagation of Cortical Paroxysms in Basal Ganglia Circuits During Absence Seizures
Jeanne T. Paz, Pierre-Olivier Polack, Seán J. Slaght, Jean-Michel Deniau, Stéphane Charpier

6. Limitations of the Isolated GP-STN Network
Ian M. Stanford, Krim C. Loucif, Claire L. Wilson, Diana Cash, Michael G. Lacey

Section II.Cholinergic Mechanisms in the Striatum

7. Convergenve and Plastocity of Inputs to Striatal Cholinergic Interneurons
John N. J. Reynolds

8. Short and Long Term Modulation of Synaptic Activity in Striatal Cholinergic Interneurons
Paola Bonsi, Massimo Tolu, Franco Lavaroni, Giorgio Bernardi, Paolo Calabresi, Antonio Pisani

9. Striatal Acetylcholine Control of Reward-Related Dopamine Signalling
Stephanie J. Cragg, Richard Exley, Michael A. Clements

10. Changes of Glutamatergic Control of Striatal Acetylcholine Release in Experimental Parkinsonism
Flora Mela, Matteo Marti, Clementina Bianchi, Michele Morari

11. Peptidergic Regulation of Cholinergic Transmission in the Dorsal Striatum
Marie-Louise Kemel, Maritza Jabourian, Sylvie Pérez, Jacques Glowinski

Section III.Pharmacological and Receptor Studies of the Basal Ganglia

12. Localization and Functions of Kainate Receptors in the Rat Globus Pallidus
Xiao-Tao Jin, Yoland Smith

13. Oligomerization of Dopamine D1 and Glutamate NMDA Receptors: A New Mechanism Regulating Striatal Function
Chiara Fiorentini, Chiara Busi, Sandra Bontempi, PierFranco Spano, Cristina Missale

14. Modulatory Role of NK1 Receptors in the Basal Ganglia. Studies in NK1-/- Mice
Laura Turpín, Jorge Boronat, Carlos Barcia, María Gómez, Francisco Ros, Virginia García, Stephen P Hunt, Carmen Felipe, María-Trinidad Herrero

15. Trace Amines Cause More than One Effect on Dopaminergic Neurons
Raffaella Geracitano, Mauro Federici, Alessandro Tozzi, Patrizia Longone, Giorgio Bernardi, Nicola B. Mercuri

16. Regulation of Dopamine Release and Dopamine Cell Activity by Endogenous H2O2: Implications for Basal Ganglia Function
Margaret E. Rice, Jyoti Patel, Li Bao, Zsuzsanna S. Pearson, Pullani Shashidharan, Ruth H. Walker, Billy T. Chen, Marat V. Avshalumov

17. Nociceptin/Orphanin FQ Modulates Neurotransmitter Release in the Substantia Nigra: Biochemical and Behavioural Outcome
Matteo Marti, Massimiliano Manzalini, Clementina Bianchi, Christian Heidbreder, Michele Morari, Francesco Crespi

18. Motor Learning-Related Gene Regulation in the Striatum: Effects of Cocaine
Ingo Willuhn, Heinz Steiner

19. Opposing Short-Term and Long-Term Effects of Amphetamine Sensitization on Operant Responding for a Food Reinforcer
Rebecca E. Nordquist, Pieter Voorn, J. G. Mooij-van Malsen, R. N. J. M. A. Joosten, Cyriel M. A. Pennartz, Louk J. M. J. Vanderschuren

20. Anterograde Trophic Mechanisms Participate in Pattern Formation in the Striatum: A Role for BDNF in Glutamatergic Afferents
Abbas F. Sadikot, Kenneth Leung, Sandeep Mittal, Vladimir V. Rymar, Mario Alonso-Vanegas, Kelvin C. Luk

21. Developmental Assembly of GABA Receptors in the Rat Substantia Nigra
Wai K. Lau, Wing H. Yung, Ying-Shing Chan, Ken K. L. Yung

Section IV.Disorders of Basal Ganglia Function I: Studies in Animal Models

22. High Frequency Stimulation of the Subthalamic Nucleus
Nicolas Maurice, Jean-Michel Deniau, Bertrand Degos, François Windels, Carole Carcenac, Annie Poupard, Marc Savasta

23. Downregulation of a Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor in the Parkinsonian Basal Ganglia
Masahiko Takada, Katsuyuki Kaneda, Yoshihisa Tachibana, Michiko Imanishi, Hitoshi Kita, Ryuichi Shigemoto, Atsushi Nambu

24. Pitx3 is Necessary for Survival of Midbrain Dopaminergic Neuron Subsets Relevant to Parkinson’s Disease
Abbas F. Sadikot, Kelvin C. Luk, Pepijn Munckhof, Vladimir V. Rymar, Kenneth Leung, Rina Gandhi, Jacques Drouin

25. D1-Dopamine Receptor Supersensitivity in the Dopamine-Depleted Striatum Involves a Novel Activation of ERK1/2
Charles R. Gerfen

26. Do Systemically Administered Glutamate Antagonists Affect Subthalamic Nucleus Activity?
Kelly A. Allers, Debra A. Bergstrom, Leyla J. Ghazi, Deborah S. Kreiss, Judith R. Walters

27. Striatopallidal Changes in Early Parkinson’s Disease
Anne E. Grissell, Marjorie A. Ariano

28. Dynamic Model of Basal Ganglia Functions and Parkinson’s Disease
Atsushi Nambu, Yoshihisa Tachibana, Katsuyuki Kaneda, Hironobu Tokuno, Masahiko Takada

29. Striatal Grafts and Synaptic Plasticity
David Mazzocchi-Jones, Máté Döbrössy, Stephen Dunnett

30. Spontaneous Formation of Lewy Bodies in a Rodent
J. Nunan, A. Tsiotis-Vais, S. George, C. L. Parish, D. K. Grandy, D. I. Finkelstein, J. Drago, M. K. Horne

31. Intralaminar Thalamic Nuclei are Main Regulators of Basal Ganglia
Lydia Kerkerian-Le Goff, Jean-Jacques Bacci, Pascal Salin, Maria S. Aymerich, Pedro Barroso-Chinea, José A. Obeso, José L. Lanciego

32. Activated Microglia Persist in the Substantia Nigra of a Chronic MPTP Mouse Model of Parkinson’s Disease
Gloria E. Meredith, Adrian G. Dervan, Susan Totterdell

33. Early Behavioral Phenotypes in Mouse Models of Huntington’s and Parkinson’s Diseases
Marie-Francoise Chesselet, Miriam A. Hickey, Sheila M. Fleming, Pierre-Olivier Fernagut

34. Synaptic Alterations in Genetic Mouse Models of Huntington’s and Parkinson’s Diseases: Is there a Common Thread?
Carlos Cepeda, Nanping Wu, Véronique M. André, Michael S. Levine

35. Changes in the Expression of Tonic and Phasic Neurochemical Markers of Activity in a Rat Model of L-DOPA Induced Dyskinesia
Anna R. Carta, Annalisa Pinna, Elisabetta Tronci, Micaela Morelli

Section V.Disorders of Basal Ganglia Function II: Clinical Studies

36. Bilateral Somatosensory Responses of Pallidal Neurons in Humans Studied with Microrecording
Chihiro Ohye, Tohru Shibazaki, Sumito Sato

37. Alterations in Globus Pallidus Internus Firing Patterns are Associated with Different Movement Disorders
Joyce K. H. Tang, Neil Mahant, William D. Hutchison, Elena Moro, Andres M. Lozano, Anthony E. Lang, Jonathan O. Dostrovsky

38. Biochemical Markers of DBS-Induced Transition from “Off” to “On” State in Parkinsonian Patients
Salvatore Galati, Antonio Pisani, Alessandro Stefani, Ernesto Fedele, Maurizio Raiteri, Olimpia Pepicelli, Giuseppe Gattoni, Giorgio Bernardi, Paolo Mazzone, Paolo Stanzione

39. Effect of Deep Brain Stimulation on Tremor
Fusako Yokochi, Ryoichi Okiyama, Makoto Taniguchi, Hiroshi Takahashi, Ikuma Hamada

40. Thalamic and Cortical Changes in Parkinsonian Disorders
Jasmine M. Henderson, Virginia Macdonald, Glenda M. Halliday

41. Neurogenesis in the Basal Ganglia in Huntington’s Disease in the Human Brain and in an Animal Model
Maurice A. Curtis, Andrew S. Tattersfield, Monica Kam, Ellen B. Penney, Ryan J. Croon, Yin Wai Liu, Michael Dragunow, Richard L. M. Faull, Bronwen Connor

Section VI.Physiological and Anatomical Studies of the Functional Organisation of the Basal Ganglia

42. The Ventral/Dorsal Divide: To Integrate or Separate
Suzanne N. Haber, Jean-Michel Deniau, Henk J. Groenewegen, Patricio O’Donnell, Jacqueline F. McGinty, Christelle Baunez

43. Feedforward and Feedback Inhibition in the Neostriatum
James M. Tepper, Tibor Koós, Charles J. Wilson

44. Dopaminergic Modulation of Cortical and Striatal Up States
Kuei Y. Tseng, Patricio O’Donnell

45. Integration of Cortical Activity by Striatal Medium Spiny Neurons
Fernando Kasanetz, M. Gustavo Murer

46. Activation of NOS Interneurones in Striatum after Excitotoxic Lesions of Rat Globus Pallidus
Matilde Lombardero Fernandez, Ann K. Wright, Gordon W. Arbuthnott

47. Electrical Synapses between Output Neurones of the Striatum and between Neurones of the Substantia Nigra Pars Compacta
Marie Vandecasteele, Jean-Michel Deniau, Christian Giaume, Jacques Glowinski, Laurent Venance

48. Nitric Oxide Signaling Modulates the Responsiveness of Striatal Medium Spiny Neurons to Electrical Stimulation of the Substantia Nigra
Danting Liu, Stephen Sammut, Anthony R. West

49. Chandelier Neuron Cartridges in the Rat Prefrontal Cortex Contact Pyramidal Neurons Which Project to the Nucleus Accumbens
Claire Hardwick, Sarah J. French, Susan Totterdell

50. The Pedunculopontine and Reinforcement
Helen L. Alderson, Philip Winn

51. The Pedunculopontine Nucleus
Juan Mena-Segovia, Hana M. Ross, Peter J. Magill, J. Paul Bolam

52. Glutamatergic and Gabaergic Control of Pallidal Activity in Monkeys
Hitoshi Kita, Yoshihisa Tachibana, Atsushi Nambu

53. Combined Modeling and Extracellular Recording Studies of UP and Down Transitions of Neurons in Awake or Behaving Monkeys
Hiroshi Okamoto, Yoshikazu Isomura, Masahiko Takada, Tomoki Fukai

54. Sequential Motor Behavior and the Basal Ganglia
Robert S. Turner, Kevin McCairn, Donn Simmons, Izhar Bar-Gad

55. GABAergic and Dopaminergic Modulation of Basal Ganglia Output in Primates
Adriana Galvan, Michele A. Kliem, Yoland Smith, Thomas Wichmann

56. The Basal Ganglia-Thalamocortical Circuit Originating in the Ventral Premotor area (PMv) of the Macaque Monkey
K. Nakano, T. Kayahara, E. Nagaoka

57. The Subthalamic Region of the Sheep
John S. McKenzie, Michael J. McKinley

58. Differential Localization of Vesicular Glutamate Transporters 1 and 2 in the Rat Striatum
Dinesh V. Raju, Yoland Smith

59. Local Connectivity Between Neurons of the Rat Globus Pallidus
Ahmed-Ramadan Sadek, Peter J. Magill, J. Paul Bolam


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