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Koocher, Gerald P.

Forensic Mental Health Assessment of Children and Adolescents

Koocher, Gerald P. - Forensic Mental Health Assessment of Children and Adolescents, e-bok


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ISBN: 9780198033363

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Foreword by Thomas Grisso
Part I An Introduction and Overview of Forensic Mental Health Assessment of Children and Adolescents
1. Introduction to Forensic Assessment of Children
Part II Forensic Assessment Issues: Ethics, Lawyers, Courts, Cultural Considerations, Professional Liability
2. The Legal Contexts of Forensic Assessment of Children and Adolescents: An Overview, Lois A. Weithorn
3. Integrating Assessment, Treatment, and Justice: Pipe Dream or Possibility?, Gary B. Melton and Robin J. Kimbrough-Melton
4. Ethical Issues in Forensic Assessment of Children and Adolescents, Gerald P. Koocher
5. Ten Rules: How to Get Along Better with Lawyers and the Legal System, William E. Foote
6. Avoiding Malpractice in Child Forensic Assessment Brandt Caudill, Jr.
7. Working with Courts, Judges and Lawyers: What Forensic Mental Health Professionals Should Know About Being an Expert Witness, Steven R. Smith
8. Interpreting Forensic Interview and Test Data of Latino Children: Recommendations for Culturally Competent Evaluations, Roberto J. Velasquez, Ph.D., Jeanett Castellanos, Ph.D., Maria Garrido, Psy.D., Paula Maness, Ulla Anderson, and Shirley Amanda Gabazon
Part III Forensic Mental Health Applications
9. Forensic Interviewing of Children and Adolescents, Linda Sayler Gudas, Ph.D. and Jerome M. Sattler, Ph.D.
10. Assessing Child Sexual Abuse Allegations in a Legal Context, Kathryn Kuehnle and Steven N. Sparta
11. Evaluating the Effects of Domestic Violence on Children, Lois Oberlander Condie
12. Child Physical Abuse and Neglect: Medical and Other Considerations in Forensic Psychological Assessment, Amy C. Tishelman, Alice W. Newton, Jennifer E. Denton and Andrea M. Vandeven
13. Assessing Risk for Violence Among Juvenile Offenders, Randy Borum
14. Psychological Evaluation for Child Custody, Steven N. Sparta and Phillip M. Stahl
15. Assessing Eligibility for and Appropriateness of Special Education Services, Stephen T. DeMers and Leah Nellis
16. Examining Children in Personal Injury Claims, Michael A. Goldberg
17. Neuropsychological Considerations in Forensic Child Assessment, Karen E. Wills and Jerry J. Sweet
18. A Pediatric Lead Litigation Primer: Foundations for Mental Health Assessment, Steven B. Bisbing
19. Bullying and Stalking in Children and Adolescents: Assessing Osessional Harassment, Joseph T. McCann
20. Forensic Assessment of Amenability to Rehabilitation in Juvenile Delinquency, Robert Kinscherff
21. Forensic Assessment of Parenting in Child Abuse and Neglect Cases, Catherine Ayoub and Robert Kinscherff
22. Forensic Evaluation of Juvenile Sexual Offenders, David Medoff and Robert T. Kinscherff
23. Assessing Childhood Trauma and Developmental Factors as Mitigation in Capital Cases, Alan M. Goldstein, Naomi E. Goldstein, and Rachel Kalbeitzer
24. Assessing Firesetting Behavior in Children and Adolescents, David K. Wilcox
Part IV Selected Measurement Issues
25. The MMPI-A in Forensic Assessment, James N. Butcher and Kenneth S. Pope
26. Measures for Evaluating Child Sexual Abuse, William N. Friedrich
27. Measuring Adolescent Personality and Psychopathology with the Millon Adolescent Clinical Inventory (MACI) Joseph T. McCann

Nyckelord: PSYCHOLOGY / Forensic Psychology PSY014000

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