Lingsoft becomes Ellibs' main owner

Through stock purchase completed in July, Lingsoft, which offers language technology solutions, became the main owner of Ellibs Oy, a supplier of ebooks. The sellers were Innofinance and Teollisuussijoitus, both capital investment trusts.

This merger consolidates Ellibs’ economy, technological foundation and customer service. From the perspective of Lingsoft and its clients, this concerns an improvement in services. The merger significantly complements Lingsoft’s language management solutions directed towards business enterprises.

The change does not affect Ellibs’ business operations strategy. Ellibs Oy will continue its activities independently, nor will the merger have any direct impact on the status of its personnel.

Lingsoft Oy is the leading language technology enterprise in the Nordic countries and one of Europes’s largest actors in the field. The transaction increases the supply of products based on the company’s language technology. The synergy-related benefits are clear. The two sets of clientele and technologies fully complement each other.

“We have long been an important shareholder in Ellibs, so we regard this step as natural in both our marketing and technology strategy. We want to ensure that the Ellibs concept advances positively both in Finland and in the European market. This step is also in keeping with our series of previous company acquisitions,” states Lingsoft’s managing director, Juhani Reiman.

Additional information: Jarmo Heikkilä, Managing Director (jarmo.heikkila@ellibs.com, +358 (0)40 846 4331) or Juhani Reiman (juhani.reiman@lingsoft.fi , +358 (0)45 6706770)

Lingsoft Oy

Lingsoft is an international, full-service language centre, which comprehensively offers products and services connected with the spoken and written word. The company’s solutions are based on its world-renowned sentence and word analysis technologies which have become a de facto standard.
Lingsoft’s broad language-related expertise widely embraces translations and localization, vocabularies, customized language checkers for both writers and readers, text-mining solutions, teaching applications and speech-controlled services.


Ellibs Oy

Ellibs is an international enterprise specialized in the sale and lending functions connected with ebook publications. The company offers its clients extensively automated software program services for both electronic publishing and the management of related materials.
Ellibs’ partners are non-fiction book publishers, library organizations and businesses for whom Ellibs generates purchase, sale and support services related to ebook publications.

The company’s product range now totals over 12,000 non-fiction books, and the selection is growing steadily.