Solutions to Common Ebook Downloading Problems

This page contains solutions to common problems related to ebook downloading.

Reader Software Not Installed

To be able to read ebooks, your device must have a reader software installed.

Wrong Version of Adobe Software Installed (Adobe DRM)

Ellibs recommends Adobe Digital Editions as your ebook reader. You can download the software from the following link:

Operating Systems and System Requirements (Adobe DRM)

This service requires a compatible operating system for reader software. At present, Adobe Digital Editions is available for the Windows and OSX operating systems. Adobe Digital Editions is not available for Linux.

Unknown File Type (Adobe DRM)

Ebook downloads are accomplished by opening the received URLLink.acsm file in the reader software. In some cases, it is possible that the file type is declared as unknown and reader software is not found for opening the file. In such cases, the file association must be set manually by pointing the file to Adobe Digital Editions. The easiest way to do this is to reinstall the reader software, but it is also possible to associate the file manually.

Firewall or Proxy Limiting Software Access

In some cases, firewall or proxy software can block the download of ebooks or reader software. When using the reader software, the firewall connection to the outside must be allowed when activating ebooks. Previously blocked network access must be allowed manually if there are some problems downloading ebooks or reader software.

Adobe Digital Editions does not turn pages / other incompatibility with your device

On newer computers, some versions of the Intel graphics card drivers have had an impact on ADE. In these cases, the page-turning issue has been resolved by updating the graphics card drivers.

Other reading software can also be used instead of Adobe Digital Editions. For example, Bluefire Reader often works well. You can download Bluefire from here:https://www.bluefirereader.com/bluefire-reader.html

For mobile devices, we recommend the Ellibs app. The app can be downloaded from AppStore (iOS devices), Play Store (Android devices) and AppGallery (Huawei devices). The app includes a built-in reader and screen adjustment features to suit your device.

Other Problems Related to Downloading or Using Ebooks

If your problem is not described here, please contact Ellibs Support at support@ellibs.com