Help for BeBook Reader

Update the BeBook firmware to a newer version

Updating the BeBook firmware allows you to benefit from BeBook's latest enhancements.

To update your BeBook's firmware, follow the instructions from the BeBook website corresponding to your BeBook model.

Note: during the update, after restarting the reader and holding down the on/off button and the V+ button (Volume up button), you will be asked if you confirm the firmware update or not. If the message does not appear, the update cannot be completed. It usually means that your BeBook is not fully charged. You can retry installing the update when your BeBook is fully charged.

Reset the Flash memory of the BeBook Reader

It is possible that sometimes your BeBook does not respond correctly to actions. For example, when you want to access the folder content via your computer, you cannot read, copy, or create files or folders. In such cases, resetting the Flash memory of your BeBook may help you.

This can be done by placing the SD card with the update file (firmware) into the BeBook, performing the update procedure, and then holding down the V- button (Volume down button), NOT the V+ button (Volume up button). This will perform a firmware reset and will delete all internal memory. After doing this, the BeBook needs to be formatted by using Windows. Right-click on the BeBook volume in Windows File Explorer, format to FAT file system, and keep the basic settings. After this format, you have to install the firmware using the normal update procedure (by holding down the V+ button) as described above.