BeBook / Digital Editions installation instructions

Installing in Digital Editions:

  • Launch Digital Editions
  • Connect device
  • Will show up as "V3 device" in menu to the left
  • Will show dialog box, asking whether to authorise device
  • Press continue, and it will authorise the device
  • Now it is possible to drag and drop books from the library to the device


  • The device can only be authorised for one account at a time
    • When the device is connected to a Digital Editions which has been authorised for a different account, DE will ask whether to re-authorise the device with the other account
  • If DE is not authorised, the application must be authorised first (DE will automatically detect and guide the process)
  • Books which are added from a different account will not be readable with the device (but, if the device is re-authorised with the right account, the books will become readable again)

In the device:

  • books will appear in the "Digital Editions" folder
  • PDF and ePub
  • Works with loaned books and purchased e-books