Ellibs Library Infoscreen

The Ellibs Library Infoscreen operates on a large touchscreen and provides visibility for Ellibs Library e materials in a library collection. The solution includes an application and compatible touchscreen. The touchscreen allows library customers to easily learn more about the materials, obtain instructions in their use and borrow materials directly via mobile device with a QR code.

The Ellibs Library Infoscreen service for use with an Ellibs Library collection

  • Improves the visibility of e-books and audiobooks in a physical space
  • Provides customers with better opportunities to independently learn about e-books and audiobooks
  • Increases the number of e-material service loans in libraries
  • Introduces visitors to new or popular e-materials in an appealing way
  • Makes it easier to display e-materials

Ellibs Library Infoscreen

The Ellibs Library Infoscreen service is available in two forms: you can order only the software or both software and equipment.

Ask us more!

Ellibs Library Infoscreen provides an easy and impressive real-time view of your Ellibs Library collection. Ask for more information by sending an e-mail to myynti@ellibs.com.

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