Ellibs Library Infoscreen

The Ellibs Library Infoscreen’s large touchscreen makes the Ellibs e-materials available in the library’s collection visible in the library. The touchscreen allows library customers to easily learn more about the materials, obtain instructions for using them and borrow materials through a mobile device with a QR code.

Why use the Ellibs Library Infoscreen?

  • improves the visibility of ebooks and audiobooks in the library
  • makes it easier for customers to independently learn about ebooks and audiobooks
  • increases the number of e-material service loans in libraries
  • introduces visitors to new or popular e-materials in an appealing way

How does the Ellibs Library Infoscreen work?

The Ellibs Library Infoscreen service is available both as a turn-key service that includes the device and as a software-only service in which the client acquires the appropriate hardware themselves.


For further information, contact: sales@ellibs.com