How does the Ellibs Library work?

Ellibs Library is an Internet-based service which allows you to borrow electronic books online. For example, the Ellibs system looks after the acquisition and storage of ebooks, upkeep of collections, technology linked with the loan transaction itself, loan period control and visitor tracking - in other words, for everything that is needed.

The system is linked to the library's home page. The borrower provides the number of his/her library card and password, after which s/he searches for the desired ebook in the wide selection provided and downloads it. According to demand, the book can be assigned various loan periods - for example, 1 to 30 days. At the end of the loan period, the electronic book file closes automatically, and the client can no longer read it.


Library users are authenticated by means of the library's own system. The registration system operates behind the library's own protective functions: borrowers are authenticated immediately and data is not at risk. Books can be linked to the library system through its own content search or through a separate link which does not require any changes to IT systems.

Ordering books

Books can be bought by ordering the desired copies directly from Ellibs. Ellibs supplies new materials according to order.

Reporting and statistical compilation services

Control and tracking system: the library obtains statistically compiled information about book loans and visits to the web site.

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