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Stannard, Cathy - Evidence-Based Chronic Pain Management, e-kirja

Evidence-Based Chronic Pain Management

Stannard, Cathy


A genuine evidence-based text for optimum pain relief in various chronic conditions Contributes an important advance in the practice of pain management providing the information on which to build more coherent and standardised strategies for relief of patient suffering
Answers questions about which are the most effective

Hilfiker, Rolf - Polymorphism: in the Pharmaceutical Industry, e-kirja

Polymorphism: in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Hilfiker, Rolf


Edited by one of the leading experts in the field, this handbook emphasizes why solid-state issues are important, which approaches should be taken to avoid problems and exploit the opportunities offered by solid state properties in the pharmaceutical and agricultural industries.

Meneghini, Fabio - Clinical Facial Analysis, e-kirja

Clinical Facial Analysis

Meneghini, Fabio


Surround Yourself with Experts (and Other Important Advice for a Constructive and Creative Surgical Practice)
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Gilmore, Ian S. - Surface Analysis: The Principal Techniques, e-kirja

Surface Analysis: The Principal Techniques

Gilmore, Ian S.

Alk. 216,35€

Within this comprehensive text, experts in each analysis area introduce the theory and practice of the principal techniques that have shown themselves to be effective in both basic research and in applied surface analysis.
Examples of analysis are provided to facilitate

Goldstein, Jack - Middle-earth - The Ultimate Quiz Book, e-kirja

Middle-earth - The Ultimate Quiz Book

Goldstein, Jack


Mostly based on Middle-earth’s stories as they appear in the books (but with some great fun film questions thrown in as well), you will have to be a true expert on the One Ring to get all of the answers correct! Prove that you are the one with the ultimate knowledge