Haku "project management"

Zhu, Rongbo - Information Engineering and Applications, e-kirja

Information Engineering and Applications

Zhu, Rongbo


A Study of Product Configuration Management Model and Evaluation for Aviation Subcontract Production
Xilan Feng, Zhiqiang Jiang, Xianzhang Feng, Jinfa Shi
6. Study on Service Scheduling Based on PSO and Market
Wang Gang, Fengxia Yin
7. Research of Audit

Sridhar, Kala Seetharam - Urbanization in Asia, e-kirja

Urbanization in Asia

Sridhar, Kala Seetharam


Hidden Cost in Public Infrastructure Project: A Case Study of Kolkata East–West Metro
Sutapa Das
10. Impact of Urban Policy Reform: A Case Study of the Informal Sector in Solid Waste Management in Delhi
Pooja Ravi
11. Estimating Economic Costs of

Perea, Enrique Castaño - Architectural Draughtsmanship, e-kirja

Architectural Draughtsmanship

Perea, Enrique Castaño


A Teaching Innovation Project to the Architecture
Antonio Álvaro Tordesillas, Noelia Galván Desvaux, Marta Alonso Rodríguez
2. Systems of Representation. A Space for Constructing Knowledge
Leandro Madrazo
3. Photomontage of Images with the Same Point

Asveld, Lotte - Responsible Innovation 3, e-kirja

Responsible Innovation 3

Asveld, Lotte


Mapping the RRI Landscape: An Overview of Organisations, Projects, Persons, Areas and Topics
Job Timmermans
4. “Response-able Practices” or “New Bureaucracies of Virtue”: The Challenges of Making RRI Work in Academic Environments
Ulrike Felt

Bruyas, Anne-Marie - Science Centres and Science Events, e-kirja

Science Centres and Science Events

Bruyas, Anne-Marie


The Cooperation Project for a New Science Centre in Owerri, Nigeria
Anne-Marie Bruyas
7. Lesson 1: Activities and Tools Overview
Guglielmo Maglio
8. Lesson 2: The Role of Exhibitions in Science Museum and Science Centre
Anna Porro, Luigi Cerri