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UNKNOWN - Building Partnerships for Service-Learning, e-kirja

Building Partnerships for Service-Learning



It is clear that service-learning has the potential to yield tremendous benefits to students, communities, and institutions of higher education. Increased student learning has been well documented. As communities gain new energy to meet their needs and

Macrine, Sheila L. - Critical Pedagogy in Uncertain Times, e-kirja

Critical Pedagogy in Uncertain Times

Macrine, Sheila L.


The Attack on Higher Education and the Necessity of Critical Pedagogy
Henry A. Giroux
3. Schooling in Disaster Capitalism: How the Political Right Is Using Disaster to Privatize Public Schooling
Kenneth J. Saltman

Gibbs, Donna - Comparative Information Technology, e-kirja

Comparative Information Technology

Gibbs, Donna


Table of contents
2. Information Technologies and Global Learning Introduction
Joseph Zajda, Donna Gibbs
3. Abstract Tools and Technologies of Learning An Evolving
David Butt, Ichiro Kobayashi, Makoto Sasaki
4. E-Learning in Schools: Making Successful Connections
Jennifer Fergusson, Donna Gibbs, Maree

Gornitzka, Åse - Borderless Knowledge, e-kirja

Borderless Knowledge

Gornitzka, Åse


Table of contents
1. The Internationalisation of Research and Higher Education
Åse Gornitzka
2. The Many Ways of Internationalisation
Stig Slipersæter, Dag W. Aksnes
3. All Cosmopolitans Now?
Jens-Christian Smeby, Åse Gornitzka
4. Internationalisation of Industrial R&D
Magnus Gulbrandsen