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Kataoka, Kazunori - Non-viral Gene Therapy, e-kirja

Non-viral Gene Therapy

Kataoka, Kazunori


Clinical Trials Using Non-viral Gene Delivery Systems
Hironobu Yanagie
3..Current Protocols of Gene Delivery
22. Evaluation of Size and Zeta Potential of DNA/Carrier Complexes
Yoshiyuki Hattori, Mitsuru Hashida
23. Observation of DNA/Carrier Complexes

Cogswell, A. - Oil Spill Response: A Global Perspective, e-kirja

Oil Spill Response: A Global Perspective

Cogswell, A.


French Sea Trials on Chemical Dispersion: DEPOL 04 & 05
F. -X. Merlin
18. Dispersant Research in a Specialized Wave Tank: Mimicking the Mixing Energy of Natural Sea States
A. D. Venosa, K. Lee, Z. Li, M. C. Boufadel
19. Wave Tank Studies on Chemical

Ceccaldi, Hubert-Jean - Global Change: Mankind-Marine Environment Interactions, e-kirja

Global Change: Mankind-Marine Environment Interactions

Ceccaldi, Hubert-Jean


Table of contents
1. A Few Examples of the Many Approaches to Salmon Resource Creation in Japan
E. Hasegawa, T. Saito, T. Kaga, T. Suzuki
2. Trials on New Methods for Seed Culture in Japanese Abalones
Y. Koike, A. E. Stott, F. Ahmed, T. Takeuchi, C. Strussman, M. Yokota, S. Segawa, S. Watanabe
3. A Multidisciplinary

Buck, H. T. - Wheat Production in Stressed Environments, e-kirja

Wheat Production in Stressed Environments

Buck, H. T.


Table of contents
1. The Global Need for a Sustainable Agricultural Model
R. A. Peiretti
2. The Economics of Wheat
J. Dixon
3. The Fusarium Head Blight Pathosystem
P. Nicholson, N. Gosman, R. Draeger, M. Thomsett, E. Chandler, A. Steed
4. The Status of Resistance to Bacterial Diseases of Wheat