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Holmes, Sherlock - Practical Handbook of Bee Culture, e-kirja

Practical Handbook of Bee Culture

Holmes, Sherlock


He found a copy of Sherlock Holmes’s Practical Handbook of Bee Culture, and bought it for £2. No other copy of this legendary volume – the only book Holmes wrote – has ever come to light. The Handbook is the journal kept by Holmes from 1904 to 1912. 1904 was

Batchelor, Stephen - Medieval History For Dummies<sup>&#174;</sup>, e-kirja

Medieval History For Dummies®

Batchelor, Stephen


Medieval History for Dummies includes:
Part I: The Early Middle Ages
Chapter 1: The Middle Ages: When, Where, What, Who?
Chapter 2: The end of Rome and the not so ‘Dark Ages'.
Chapter 3: Angles, Saxons and Feudalism.

Christiansen, Thomas - The Palgrave Handbook of EU-Asia Relations, e-kirja

The Palgrave Handbook of EU-Asia Relations

Christiansen, Thomas


The Role of ‘Strategic Partnerships’ in the EU’s Relations with Asia
Michael Reiterer
Section 2. The Comparative Dimension of EU-Asia Relations
7. Regionalism and EU-Asia Relations: Patterns, Trends and Determinants
Douglas Webber
8. Europe-Asia

Turner, Francis J. - Social Work Diagnosis in Contemporary Practice, e-kirja

Social Work Diagnosis in Contemporary Practice

Turner, Francis J.


John Seed 2. Resilient children: What they tell us about coping with maltreatment, Darla L. Henry 3. Five images of maturity in adolescence: What does "grown up" mean?, Lauree C. Tilton-Weaver, Erin T. Vitunski and Nancy L. Galambos 4. Parent-child synchrony and