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Luckhurst, Mary - Theatre and Ghosts, e-kirja

Theatre and Ghosts

Luckhurst, Mary


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Theatre and Spectrality
Mary Luckhurst, Emilie Morin
Part I. Ghosts, Stage Adaptation and Technology
2. Charles Dickens and the Invention of the Modern Stage Ghost
Marvin Carlson
3. Gothic Adaptation and the Stage Ghost
Nathalie Wolfram
Part II. Spectral Economies

Broadbent, Peter - Felix Wild and the Blockade Runners, e-kirja

Felix Wild and the Blockade Runners

Broadbent, Peter


In this witty and engaging novel, Peter Broadbent creates characters worthy of Charles Dickens, including Pearly Yardstick, a carriage driver who – to the astonishment of the Kettle household – is not only a woman but one with

Wasson, Ellis - A History of Modern Britain: 1714 to the Present, e-kirja

A History of Modern Britain: 1714 to the Present

Wasson, Ellis


Places Britain in a global context, charting the rise and fall of the British empire and the influence of imperialism on the social, economic, and political developments of the home country Includes revised sections on imperialism and the industrial revolution that have been updated to reflect

Collins, K. K. - George Eliot, e-kirja

George Eliot

Collins, K. K.


Wakeman, Robert Evans, Charles Bray, Mary Sibree Cash, Moncure Daniel Conway, Louis Wuarin, Lord Acton, Bessie Rayner Parkes Belloc
2. An Anonymous London Journalist 1850–53
Eliza Lynn Linton, Elsie Draper, Susanna Chapman, George Combe, Herbert Spencer,

Kaikki isäni hotellit

Kaikki isäni hotellit

Irving, John


Nykyajan Charles Dickensinä pidetty Irving kirjoittaa eeppisiä, mukaansatempaavia ja koskettavia romaaneja. Irving on saanut romaaneistaan ja muista teoksistaan lukuisia palkintoja, mm. O. Henry -palkinnon ja National Book Awardin

Planet, Lonely - Curiosities and Splendour, e-kirja

Curiosities and Splendour

Planet, Lonely


Features extracts from: The Worst Journey in the World - Apsley Cherry-Garrard The Road to Oxiana - Robert Byron Sea and Sardinia - DH Lawrence Cruise of the Snark - Jack London American Notes - Charles Dickens Through

Ihmeiden tie

Ihmeiden tie

Irving, John


Nykyajan Charles Dickensinä pidetty Irving kirjoittaa eeppisiä, mukaansatempaavia ja koskettavia romaaneja. Näihin kuuluvat muun muassa Kaikki isäni hotellit, Oman elämänsä sankari ja Ystäväni Owen Meany. Irving on saanut

Dong, XinQi - Elder Abuse, e-kirja

Elder Abuse

Dong, XinQi


Shades of Charles Dickens: Elder Abuse Policy Past, Present, and Yet to Be
Brian W. Lindberg, Pamela B. Teaster
30. The Elder Justice Act: Bridging the Gap Between Health and Public Policy
Kathy Greenlee
31. Department