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Agnoletti, Mauro - Biocultural Diversity in Europe, e-kirja

Biocultural Diversity in Europe

Agnoletti, Mauro


Does the Conservation Status of a Caledonian Forest also Indicate Cultural Ecosystem Value?
David Edwards, Tim Collins, Reiko Goto
21. Linking Biocultural Diversity and Sacred Sites: Evidence and Recommendations in the European Framework
Fabrizio Frascaroli,

Fernández, Helena - Current Advances in Fern Research, e-kirja

Current Advances in Fern Research

Fernández, Helena


Fern Conservation: Spore, Gametophyte, and Sporophyte Ex Situ Storage, In Vitro Culture, and Cryopreservation
Daniel Ballesteros, Valerie C. Pence
12. Azolla and Bougainville’s Voyage Around the World
Francisco Carrapiço
Part III. Ferns as Genetic

Rotherham, Ian D. - Cultural Severance and the Environment, e-kirja

Cultural Severance and the Environment

Rotherham, Ian D.


Biodiversity Conservation and the Traditional Management of Common Land: The Case of the New Forest
Adrian C. Newton
25. Looking Back to the Future: Ancient, Working Pollards and Europe’s Silvo-Pastoral Systems
Jill Butler
26. Promoting Stewardship

Troeva, Elena I. - The Far North:, e-kirja

The Far North:

Troeva, Elena I.


Nature Conservation Status and Its Prospects
B. Z. Borisov, M. M. Cherosov, I. A. Fedorov, P. S. Egorova, P. A. Pavlova