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Marques, Claudia Lima - Consumer Law and Socioeconomic Development, e-kirja

Consumer Law and Socioeconomic Development

Marques, Claudia Lima


Economic Development, Capitalism, and Consumer Law in Brazil: Rejecting the Argument for “Legal Paternalism”
Amanda Flávio Oliveira
18. The Illegal and Abusive: Proposals for a Systematic Interpretation of Abusive Practices in the 25 Years of the Consumer

Bilgin, Mehmet Huseyin - Eurasian Economic Perspectives, e-kirja

Eurasian Economic Perspectives

Bilgin, Mehmet Huseyin


The Mega Capitalism and the Contradictory Perspectives of the European Union
Nikolovska Natalija, Mamucevska Daniela
27. Innovation Catching Up for Developing Countries
Pawel Dobrzanski
28. Assessment of the Sustainable Development by Means of the Human

Chartier, Gary - Social Class and State Power, e-kirja

Social Class and State Power

Chartier, Gary


Grinder and John Hagel, “Toward a Theory of State Capitalism: Ultimate Decision-Making and Class Structure” (1974)
David M. Hart, Gary Chartier, Ross Miller Kenyon, Roderick T. Long
34. Hans-Hermann Hoppe, “Marxist and Austrian Class Analysis” (1990)

Soeffner, Hans-Georg - Unsichere Zeiten, e-kirja

Unsichere Zeiten

Soeffner, Hans-Georg


On the Classification of New Capitalisms in Eastern Europe
Janos Matyas Kovacs
30. Political Elites in the ‘Great Transformation’: Changes and Challenges
Michael Edinger
31. Changing Patterns of Entering Working Life in Central and Eastern Europe: