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Dawkins, Jim - The Loose Screw, e-kirja

The Loose Screw

Dawkins, Jim


Jim tells his story, which, although peppered with humorous anecdotes of often lager-induced incidents from both his army and prison days, bears witness to the stark reality of what actually goes on behind prison doors, and exposes both the glaring flaws in the prison

Arons, Wendy - Readings in Performance and Ecology, e-kirja

Readings in Performance and Ecology

Arons, Wendy


The Silence of the Polar Bears: Performing (Climate) Change in the Theater of Species
Una Chaudhuri
6. Dancing with Monkeys? On Performance Commons and Scientific Experiments
Baz Kershaw
7. Everything à la Giraffe: Science, Performance, and a Spectacular

Ryan, Richard T - The Druid of Death - A Sherlock Holmes Adventure, e-kirja

The Druid of Death - A Sherlock Holmes Adventure

Ryan, Richard T


Like the first victim, he too has been marked with a druidic symbol and his body bears a message. Aside from the symbol and the message, the only other difference appears to be that his body and organs have been surrounded by willow branches. Realizing full well that

Haley, Janet - Value Investing For Dummies, e-kirja

Value Investing For Dummies

Haley, Janet


You’ll find out why a good deal is a good deal, no matter what the bulls and bears say, get tips in investing during jittery times, and understand how to detect hidden agendas in financial reports. And, you’ll uncover the keys to identifying the truly good

Feldman, David L. - Water, e-kirja


Feldman, David L.


But must the cost of potable water become prohibitively expensive for the poor - especially when supplies are privatized? Do technological advances only expand supply or can they carry hidden risks for

Shane, Scott - Fool's Gold : The Truth Behind Angel Investing in America, e-kirja

Fool's Gold : The Truth Behind Angel Investing in America

Shane, Scott


Unfortunately, Shane observes, this figure bears no relationship to reality. In Fool's Gold, he draws on hard data from the Federal Reserve and other sources to paint the first reliable group portrait of the lionized angel investors. Surprisingly, he finds that they