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Boening, Astrid - Global Power Europe - Vol. 2, e-kirja

Global Power Europe - Vol. 2

Boening, Astrid


Table of contents
1. Strong, Independent, and Effective: The European Union’s Promotion of the International Criminal Court
Salla Garský
2. The Fight Against Terrorism: A Key Global Objective for the EU?
Raphael Bossong
3. The EU’s Role in International Climate Change Policy-Making: A Global Leader in

Hanappi, Hardy - Society and Economics in Europe, e-kirja

Society and Economics in Europe

Hanappi, Hardy


The Cyprus Banking Crisis: The Bail-in Strategy as a Game Changer for the Too-Big-to-Fail Mentality of the Fractional Reserve Banking System
Savvas Katsikides, Georgia Yiangou
16. Conclusion—The Birth of Europe
Savvas Katsikides, Hardy Hanappi

Pardo, Italo - The Palgrave Handbook of Urban Ethnography, e-kirja

The Palgrave Handbook of Urban Ethnography

Pardo, Italo


Sport and the City: The Olympic Games and the Reimagining of East London
Iain Lindsay
19. A Revolution of the Urban Lifestyle in China? An Ethnography of a Harbin Neighbourhood
Kamel Labdouni
Part V. Change and Grassroots Dynamics
20. Secondary Cities